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The first season finale of Star Trek: Discovery was full of twists and surprises and, along the way, it seems to have confirmed one long-standing fan theory about Klingon anatomy.

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Well, after a few decades of speculation about a certain bit of Klingon anatomyit would seem that the season finale of Star Trek: Discovery has finally solved the question of whether or not the men of that warrior race are packing double heat. Now, it looks like Klingon men, do, in fact, have double the dong. How do we know this? Well, I'm so glad you asked, because the answer is pretty clever. Some spoilers of the episode in question follow, so know that you've been warned.

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So does this mean that Klingon ladies have two vaginas?

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Or is the second Klingon penis only a backup in case of injury or removal? In humans the penis is homologous with the clitoris while the labia majora is homologous with the scrotum, so it isn't exactly one-to-one between the penis and the vagina. The vagina is not an "inside-out" penis.

Double klingon penis was star trek canon before 'discovery'

Also, some reptiles can have multiple penises because the tissue for the second penis is embryonically formed from the back legs, while in mammals the penis is formed from tail tissue. Penis formation has to do with the formation of the cloaca.

More details.

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In humans the cloaca only exists in the embryonic stage, which develops into a of reproductive and urinary organs. Given the Discovery Klingon appearance in particular, Klingons may be reptilian and may have cloacas instead of vaginas, similar to Earth organisms with multiple penises like snakes and lizards, making it a moot point and making Ash Tyler's ordeal particularly horrific if you think about the nature of cloacas.

Klingon features that appear mammalian such as permanently enlarged female breasts could be, for instance, the result of bipedalism if the hypothesis of human breasts mimicking upright front-facing buttocks holds true Klingon breasts may not produce milk and may be purely vestigial as a result, or Qo'noS' reptilian life may have independently evolved the ability to produce a milk-like substance, similar to pigeons.

This is all assuming that animal life on Earth is at all indicative of how life developed on Qo'noS. Given the convergent manner in which organisms seem to evolve in Star Trek due to the Ancient Humanoids?

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I'm leaning towards the idea that it is, but given the unique adaptations that we see on Earth e. M5, please nominate this for an outstanding discussion on correlations between terrestrial and exo biology.

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Presumable, a Klingon fetus is of undetermined gender until some specific point in its development. One would extrapolate two clitorises, but 1 they may not have a clitoris or 2 they may have two and still one vagina.

'star trek: discovery' seemingly confirms a longstanding theory about klingon anatomy

Lorca has a line during his torture session with L'Rell when it's believed that she was sexually abusing the apparently human Ash Tyler-- something to the effect of, "He doesn't even have the right of organs for you. Of course, this calls back to a detail from TNG's episode, "Ethics," which established that virtually every biological system in the Klingon body has a redundant back up.

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Extending that to the reproductive system is simply logical. Another possibility is two urethral openings in a single penis, which led to a misconception that Klingon males have two penises. Even at the time of ST VI, Klingon physiology is not commonly understood by Federation doctors, even Bones who seems quite adept at exo-medicine.

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To be fair to Bones, he'd had a fair amount of Romulan Ale the night before. That stuff can have the best doctor in the fleet acting like Nick Riviera. They only have two eyes, so the idea of having duplicates on every organ is obviously nonsensical.

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I'm still in doubt about the whole "two penises" thing. There are way too many other, more sensible explanations for it. For example, It could've just been a split stream, guys get those sometimes. Or it could have been a form of ritual genital mutilation, such could be considered a test of strength in the seedier regions on Qo'noS. My wife and I discussed this at length a while ago.

We eventually agreed that if you follow this line of reasoning to its logical conclusion, they not only have two vaginas, they also have two uteruses, two wombs, etc--two entirely separate reproductive systems. This means that they can:.

Do klingon ladies have two vaginas? (xpost from r/startrek)

It kind of makes me want to know more about Klingon sexual politics, because that last one in particular has the potential to get real ugly. One could be vestigial. The type of creature which would give rise to Klingon anatomy would have needed those kinds of reproductive rates in the wild, but by the time they're advanced enough to be called a civilization the second one would likely be redundant and could have begun to atrophy as females decided they didn't want nor need to be continuously pregnant.

It's possible that, if Klingon females have two vaginas, the second vagina does not lead to a functioning uterus. One vagina could be functional, while the other vagina could be filled with nerves that connect to a Klingon female's pleasure centre. If a Klingon male can't achieve insertion in the secondary vagina, the primary vagina won't function. Unless of course, when one reproductive system is in use, the other shuts down.

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It would probably be evident if dual pregnancies are possible if we knew birth rates and population. Considering they have a culture of violence, battles to the death, and seemingly large military. I think the mortality rate would be high.

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So you would need a high birth rate to compensate for that kind of culture or it would die off. What if there was twins in each womb. Found the internet! Do Klingon ladies have two vaginas? Posted by 3 years ago. Sort by: best. Reply Share. Continue this thread. It could be that most specimens they found were smoothe. So maybe one dick but three to four balls? This means that they can: be pregnant with twins of a kind unknown to us if they get fertilized by both penises at once carry children of two different fathers simultaneously be perpetually pregnant until menopause sets in It kind of makes me want to know more about Klingon sexual politics, because that last one in particular has the potential to get real ugly.

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