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Jamie Little is known for being an American Racing Pit reporter. Don't Miss: Jeannine Edwards. She is of white ethnicity and of America nationality.

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Jamie Little is a married woman. She is married to medical implants marketer, Cody Selman since December ly, she was in a relationship with Adam Hunch, Matt Deman, though none of her past relationships lasted longer. She is currently 41 years old. Her mother was a chef in a cruise ship and her father was an interior decorator.

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We profile women who have achieved success in automotive and motorsports with integrity, passion and sheer determination. These women define the term AutomotiveWoman. We are automotive leaders.

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We are motorsport professionals. We are women inspiring the next generation.

Fox pit reporter jamie little will drive more than anybody in nascar on coca-cola weekend

Race Day: Arrive at the track by 8 am. Get in to the garage and talk to my crew chiefs of the cars I will cover in the race that day and get the stories for the day and storylines from the weekend with practice and qualifying, etc. Eat lunch, write my interviews for Jamie little feet pre race show and then get my heet and microphone and get to driver introductions.

From there I begin doing interviews for our pre race show and that le straight into the hour race where I cover pit stops, wrecks, and update all things happening with my cars. I interview drivers post race and usually get out of the track around 6 or 7 on a typical afternoon race time slot. Describe a current job-related responsibility which keeps you on your toes, daily. My entire job. What comes out of my mouth is heard by millions of people.

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You must get it right. They listen a little more closely to your words and are quicker to cut you down or discredit you. I personally am driven by that challenge and I love proving myself. I love overcoming the odds and proving myself. Early on in my career I just followed my gut instinct in all different situations including ones that were discouraging. Being assertive is considered an asset in business.

So true about that word.

Couch potato tuesday: fox makes some history with jamie little

I am a people pleaser so I usually become a chameleon and say and do the things that allow me to fit in easily with the men yet mark my territory at the same time. I want to kill them with kindness, while getting what I want in the job.

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Someone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. What was your one BIG professional mistake, and what did you learn? I have no doubt I would have made it to the NFL. But the one thing that sets my mind at ease is knowing that I always followed my instinct and I always wanted to be where I was happy and passionate. That was racing. I would say becoming the first female pit reporter on the television broadcast team for the Indy I went where no woman had been before, and I believe the way I handled that role, allowed more doors to open for me.

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You have to keep digging and doing your thing, putting the energy out into the atmosphere while always letting the right people know your intentions and desires. He was so right on. Tell us the most challenging question you were asked in an interview? And how did you reply? How is it being a woman in a male dominated sport? That one is always hard for me. It would be my mission to find funding and spread the awareness thru media about rescue and adoption.

What piece of advice would you share with women keen to follow in your footsteps?

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And how do you recommend breaking into your industry, or field of expertise? Find something you are passionate about and go for it.

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I see myself still doing TV in some capacity. Owning more franchises with my husband, owning land to begin our rescue ranch project and spending a lot of time with my family. Be the first person in and the last out.

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Incredible workout, for muscles, cardio and mind. A little of both. Best motorsport documentary or movie of all time. Days of Thunder. Ford vs Ferrari. But nobody knew it but me and him.

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Entitled people. If you could invite only three people to dinner, who would they be and what topic would you discuss? Any shelter that saves animals. Vaughan, ON. Concord, ON. at erik themotorsportagency.

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