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I go into my moms room and touch her panties and bras and smell them while I masturbate.

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She takes slutty pics and sends them to her boyfriend, so I steal her phone and masturbate to those pictures. One night she was sleeping and I felt her boobs and I went under her bra and touched her nipple maybe. I regret doing this and I need to stop. I will, but I just needed to tell someone, get it off my chest. No doubt you are being totally controlled by your teenage horniness. If I were you I'd just try to find something else to get off to. I am no psychiatric but this seems that if you are means that you are experiencing some hormonal exhalation.

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Not judging, just giving a small advice. The underwear thing, the feeling up while sleeping I think it's honestly just an issue with hormones wreaking havoc in a completely inappropriate way. Although at the time it seemed like the best idea and the ultimate fantasy, today I repress that memory and am ashamed of it. Don't act on it or do anything you'll regret.

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Just realize you'll move on, try to watch some non-incest porn or get a girlfriend, and try to focus your energies elsewhere so you can maintain a healthy relationship with your mother. You'll be fine, and I turned out relatively normal. So can you. It's extremely common for people to be turned on by things that are taboo or forbidden. But trust me on this: if you focus your energies elsewhere and do your best to ignore those desires and don't act on them, then in 10 or 20 years you'll be able to look back and say, 'wow isn't it funny how my mind was working back then when I was young.

Not all fantasies will be fulfilled in life. That's what makes them fantasies. Look for other things that are sexually exciting for you.

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There's never anything wrong with your thoughts or desires - but acting on them is a different story. Your sexual fantasies are yours, but involving your mother in them is not appropriate. I think you realize that feeling her boob while she was sleeping was a bad decision.

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Don't beat yourself up about this or tell yourself that you are fucked up. You're not.

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You don't ever need to feel shame for the things that go on in your head. You are perfectly normal.

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Who you are is defined by the things you donot by the things you think about. Your mother does not need to know about your fantasies and I would not recommend telling her about it. I think coming here to get this off your chest was a great idea. Talking to a shrink about it isn't a bad idea either.

You know that only few people still accept the Oedipus Complex as a real thing It's mostly used in Psychoanalytics, which is itself a kinda questionable topic.

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I personally think it is complete bullshit like many of Freud's theories. You're perfectly normal. It really is just hormones, most of the folks replying to you have some pretty good advice so I would follow it. Just really, don't do anything you'll regret.

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If youre curious you may even want to look into Freud's research, it seems kind of relevant here. They are pro incest though. Found the internet! I masturbate to my mom. Posted by 9 years ago.

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And what good would reading Sophocles do? Shane Botwin? Then he ends up in a threesome with two girls. Damn Shane A mutually supportive community where deeply emotional things you can't tell people you know can be told. Whether it's long-standing baggage, happy thoughts, or recent trauma, posting it here may provide some relief.

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