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I seeking Inflation popping stories who loves laweekly

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If you are not 18 years of age or over, please close this window. The following files may contain scenes of a sexual nature. If you have written a story, found something on the web, or have the diary of an inflating furry imagine that! Back to the main. A trio of lovely girls need a raft but all they can find is Brendan.

How old am I: 61
Caters to: Guy
Tone of my eyes: I’ve got cold gray eyes
What is my hobbies: Singing

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Belly inflation stories

Download Submission. File type : Rich Text File. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. Just felt like giving this writing thing a try. The box had no details on it, but it was obviously edible.

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Alex tips the contents of the box onto a plate. It comes out in a single, cubed clump. It did not appear too tasty, but Alex was never one to be picky. She was hungry, and she was too lazy to make anything herself. She takes a bite of the mystery food in front of her. It crumbles like a crusty cake. Not long after she starts, she notices a thirst forming. She decides to finish the meal in front of her before getting a drink. The last few bites Inflation popping stories down and her thirst is almost unbearable. She looks around the pale room for a faucet, but finds none.

She gets up and finds her friend in the next room and begs for some water. Her friend le her to the closet faucet. Alex doesn't reply, or rather she can't reply due to such a dry mouth. The friend goes to grab a cup, but Alex cuts her off at the sight of the faucet and latches herself to it like a leech. She begins gulping the water down like someone who's just been rescued from the desert.

Gulp after gulp, she continues to guzzle down the water to quench her insane thirst. She continues drinking until her belly begins to paunch out. Alex stops and catches her breath. She wipes the excess water from her lips and explains the situation.

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A shocked expression spre across her friend's face. That was my experiment. I was testing how long my super dehydrated food would last! Alex belly slowly begins to swell. I'll go grab the vomit inducer. Wait right here. Alex moans as the food inside her swells and expands, taking up more and more room. Her belly keeps swelling at a slow but steady pace. The friend returns to the room to find her friend having the appearance of someone heavily pregnant, and continuing to grow. She wastes no time and rushes to her expanding friend's side.

In her rush she trips and the bottle shatters on the ground. Alex sits down from both grief and the increasing weight making it hard to stand. Alex's belly continued to grow and swell bigger my the Inflation popping stories. It pushed its way between her legs, forcing them to spread. Alex breathed heavily, trying to concentrate. The uncomfortable feeling of ever increasing tightness encompassed the entirety of her belly as it continued to push outward ever more, moaning and groaning louder.

She tries to stand up and get out, but her legs simply cannot withstand the weight and she stumbles to a wall and slides down to the ground, her back propped upon said wall.

All she can do is wait for her friend to arrive and hope her body can withstand the pressure until then. A stretching sound can be heard at this point. She is holding a gallon of some unidentified liquid. Her belly has no more vacancy. The friend holds a hand on Alex's burgeoning belly, then immediately withdraws it after feeling how utterly drum tight it is.

Alex's belly was now as big as herself. The friend realizes that there is no time to waste and forces the liquid into Alex's mouth. Each gulp sends a pulse of pain as it hastens the growth slightly. After a few seconds, the growth finally slows down and stops. Alex's belly is so swollen and tight it is hard for her to even breathe.

The friend sighs in relief. Can you bring me some? This will probably last you a few days. She puts the hose to her mouth and begins to drink.

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Each gulp is a struggle to force down, but ultimately lessens the pain slightly. The friend is then stricken with fear. The friend then places another hand on Alex's belly.

The pain isn't as intense anymore, but the cider is partially hydrating more of the food. Even though Alex's belly already seems impossibly tight, her friend is terrified to feel each and every gulp very faintly swell her up even more.

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Alex stops drinking to catch her breath. She caresses her ludicrously swollen abdomen, then begins to eat large scoops of ice cream. Loud groans and moans come from the giant sphere of flesh. Her limit had to have been reached, but still she continues to shovel more in. Alex drops the spoon as a pain jolts across her body.

She holds her belly, as if straining to hold together. The friend backs up, fearing the worst. Your body wont hold any more. She could feel her enormous stomach begging to break apart. A few seconds later the pain subsided and Alex relaxed. The friend lets out another sigh of relief, but then her fears are immediately brought back when Alex brings the cider hose back to her mouth.

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The cider won't go down though. Not at first anyway. Alex puts her concentration into trying to soothe her belly and gulps a big gulp down, then another, and another. Her belly protests loudly as it somehow swells even bigger. She continues to gulp more and more liquid into her belly. Each and every gulp brings a faint spurt of growth.

Her body groans loudly, threatening to break apart, but still she continues to take another big gulp after another, desperate to relieve the pain. The hose drops from Alex's mouth.

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A low rumbling is heard. The friend backs up from the obviously bursting belly. Alex closes her eyes, preparing for the worst.

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She puts both her hands on her belly and all her concentration on just trying to hold together. The rumbling grows louder, but then subsides a few seconds later. The only noises are the loud grumblings of the impossibly swollen belly. Both, Alex and her friend are relieved.

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The friend is panting from the relief. Alex then grabs a large spoon of the ice cream and forces it down her gullet.