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Chesty wife Krissy Lynn slurping cum in the kitchen 9 min. My brother-in-law accidentally runs inside me, but I like to feel the warmth of his milk I want more. Mother-in-law with glasses and great butt seduces her son-in-law [2] 20 min.

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By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Jan 24, by bbbsmithy views 27 comments. I had been drooling over my sister in law for years, and a few years back she came to stay with us for a while.

I knew this might finally be my chance to see her naked. So, I checked online and found my answer, a camera that was disguised as an alarm clock! I found a place that sold them and, of course, I immediately went out and bought one. I placed it in the bathroom she would be using, I figured really good lighting in there, close up shots, and of course she would have to go in there to shower!

One morning, right after I had the camera set up, she called down asking where we kept the towels, and I knew the moment of truth had arrived!

I made sure everything was set up perfect, and set the recorder going yes I was recording this all! I was Positive something would go wrong. That had to be the longest thirty minutes in my entire life waiting for her to finish up! She came out, and I headed to check out the recording as fast as my feet would carry me.

This is what my unbelieving eyes saw: So she walks in the bathroom wearing sweats and a t shirt, her nipples poking thru due to the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra, and almost immediately pulled down her sweats and panties. Oh my god! I was suddenly looking at my sweet sister in laws pussy! I could not believe this was actually happening!

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I was actually shaking with excitement. But this was only the beginning!

Without wasting any time, she removed her t shirt and behold I saw her standing there completely naked! She stood there looking at herself in the mirror for a bit, then turned around to check out her own ass!! Giving me a front row seat to the ass that I have been staring at for many years. And she stayed with us for over a month!

I went on to record many many such moments, all priceless. In one of my favorites, after her shower, she came back into the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her naked body. I assumed she was going to blow dry her hair in front of the mirror and my camera which she had done so many times before. I figured no big deal, because all prior times she did so with the towel on.

This time was so much different.

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Off came the towel!! It was great because she was constantly leaning in closer to the mirror, leaning in much closer, while doing so, to my camera. Many times during this heavenly ten minutes, her amazing nipples were mere inches from my camera. She then started applying lotion all over her naked body, I almost passed out the first time I watched!

I have to say she really put on a good show most of the time. She really liked looking at herself naked, and would strike various poses in front of the mirror, admiring herself. I naturally had no objections to any of this. It so happens she came along with us on vacation a couple of times after this, and of course I brought along the camera, placing it at the best location I could determine each time in her room.

Beach house, so naturally she had her bathing suit. I was able to not only watch her every time she got changed, but also in and out of her bathing suit numerous times, to my utter enjoyment. I must add that the camera took crystal clear color video, by far the best investment I have made in my life! That's what I was going to say - just fuck her and be done with it. I also have seen my sister in law naked several times. Whenever she visits over a weekend I peep at her through the bathroom keyhole.

Gives me a direct view. Have spied on a few wives of friends this way too but to be fair I let friends peep at my wife. A friend of my wife is really really hot. I have been thinking about doing exactly this, but I don't have regular access to her house. Do they make a hidden camera that broadcasts like a webcam?

And at no point does she say, "Why is there an alarm clock in the bathroom? It's super easy to hack iPhones if they're jail broken. Whenever my sister in law comes over she's 19 I download all the photos from her camera roll to my laptop. She asked me to jailbreak her iPhone 6 plus and when I did I changed her I saw my sister in law naked password to something only I would know, and added open ssh so whenever she s onto my wifi I can use a program on my laptop to navigate her phones file system and take whatever I want.

Photos, videos, nudes sent to her boyfriend via text message, and even photos stored in her photo vault app. She keeps a passcode on her iPhone and thinks it's safe, little does she know that every time she comes over I get at least two or three good shots of her. My sister in law is in her late 50s shes been living with us for years we have a threesome on a regular basis consider myself lucky one set of 46ddd and another set of 48ddd I try to keep boths sets bouncing.

You spy on your sister in law?

Get a life you sad fat man lol. I use to give my sister in law wifes twin back rubs and pretended like it was a chore.

My wife has had a couple of kids so her sister had a far nicer body. My wife didn't mind as her sister is gay.

I would set up the video camera and got her topless about 20 times. I recorded her from about 22 to 34 years old.

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I have since destroyed the videos as I want to stay married. I wanked to those videos every other day and still lust after her amazing body. I've also smelled her used panties which were fuckin awesome and I've also cum in her yoghurt and on her dinner more than once and watched her lap it up. That's like a dream of mine. At the time she was 45, I was 37 and my wife Tina was We could always hear Diana turn on the shower, so one night when Tina was sleeping, I snuck out when I heard the water come on.

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To my surprise, the shades were open most of the way. She seemed to be staring at her own boobies in the mirror, so I pulled my rock hard cock out right there and came in 10 seconds. I've seen her many times now, even masturbating a couple times to my sheer delight.

I have loaded up my sister in laws toothbrush with my cum! I have seen my sister in law naked many times. I am so use to seeing pussy and tits that it does not faze for me any more My sister in law will come and sit on the couch watch TV with her legs open and her shaved pussy right in view. My sister in law is 32 well build nice set of tits great ass and a real nice looking pussy My wife is two years younger then her sister she is build like her sister in all ways except my wife has 36 dd tits and my sister in law has 36 c tits.

The two of them are red he they are 5'8" tall with long legs and very beautiful. There is one thing that is different about my wife and her sister he sister has all ways been a cock teaser since she was in her teens my wife was never like that. That hidden camera sounds like a great idea.

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As a teen, i used to use tracing paper and draw the divas in the WWE magazines naked with big hairy vaginas, because as a kid I saw my mom naked and assumed everyone had big hairy ones, and I would jack off to my tracings. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law are my wife and I as lovers. And her mother is soon to be added to the mix and I couldn't be more delighted.

Commented Jan 24, by anonymous jesus christ dude- just sleep with her already. Reply Commented Jan 24, by anonymous I also have seen my sister in law naked several times. Reply 5.