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I liked looking up woman who I could see her panties slappers

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They play a ificant role in Dragon Ball 's early comic relief and fan service, which is mostly exploitation of Bulma. In " The Secret of the Dragon Balls ", Goku tries to look to see if Bulma has a tail and moves her skirt up revealing her panties. Later on at Goku's house she tries to seduce him into giving her his Dragon Ball by showing him her panties and offering for him to touch them. He then lays on Bulma's lap and realizes she has no bulge. He takes her panties off to find out that girls have nothing there.

What is my age: 26
Ethnicity: I was born in Poland
Available to: I like guy
My gender: Girl
What I prefer to drink: Champagne
I prefer to listen: Opera
I have piercing: None

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Today on campus a girl was wearing gray leggings that were fairly thin and I could see she had black underwear under.

cutie female Arianna

Well today that person was me! As a female I would want someone to tell me so I informed her nicely.

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She was incredibly embarrassed and asked me if it was bad, and I told her a little because it was light leggings with dark underwear. She thanked me plenty of times and that was that :. It should be the norm were people inform someone else or something that could be embarrassing that they might not know about. I used to work next to a rather chesty girl and she had problems with the 2nd from the top button popping open, I had to tell her a couple of times a week for the 6 months or so we sat next to eachother.

She was always super thankful. Maybe it was the way you told her?


Idk sometimes the tone or the way yo6g phrase stuff like this can make someone feel more embarrassed. Next time, look at it, point to it and say "Shut the gate, the horse will bolt". I hate when like the 6th person I've spoken to tells me I have lipstick on a tooth, when the other 5 said nothing.

lonely sister Lexie

Just let me look like a dumbass for the first part of work. Jbrow has to tell me I had food on my face and she just got here! After a while I got up again and a lady got behind me to tell me I had blood all over the back of my pants. I looked around in embarrassment and there was a dude sitting in a chair behind me just staring at my ass. Like seriously?? Some of the first five people may not have even noticed honestly. Same for situations like OP described. I was expecting her to rage on you when i read the the first sentence not gonna lie.

But it was a decent move. I searched for a bit but could t find it, so I had to leave without. I thanked the dude and wondered aloud how I made it so long without anyone telling me and without it falling off lol. I appreciate you, internet person. I'm a guy and worked and was quite friendly with a lady who had a really bad body odour problem.

Too long with her in a closed office and you wanted to retch.

Our office director was a lady and one day she mentioned to me how awful the lady's smell was. She knew I was friendly with her, and tentatively suggested I could mention it to her, as a friend? So, next day, when I felt the time was right and the conversation we'd been having could lead naturally into the issue, I gently mentioned the issue. She shot out of the room, came back in floods of tears, said she's asked others in the office, all of whom had confirmed she didn't smell in the slightest, and that I was wrong, and as a result she as strongly considering launching a formal complaint with our lady director remember: the one who steered me into mentioning the Body Odour problem Fortunately she didn't lodge an official complaint, that was the last time she ever spoke to me, and luckily, she left some 6 months later to go to a new job.

I did ask some of our fellow workers why they threw me under the bus, rather than confirm that she had a bad smell to her, and they said that she wasn't interested in listening to them, she just couldn't accept there was the slightest truth in the allegation.

Found the internet! I told a girl I could see her underwear through her leggings. Posted by 2 years ago. She thanked me plenty of times and that was that : It should be the norm were people inform someone else or something that could be embarrassing that they might not know about.

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Sort by: best. I once told a woman I work with that her fly was open. She looked at me like I told her I wanted to sodomize her cat.

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I'm also a male if that changes the story. Continue this thread. I definitely would have wanted to know!

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I just laughed waaay to hard at this. Don't you? Are you a man? Then walk away.

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Did you want to? No she was totally a sweetheart!

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