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up. Orgasmic Hypnosis. Listen to this audio dialog below with Susan Bratton, of Personal Life Media and Mark Cunningham, The Erotic Hypnotist discuss how orgasmic hypnotism works, why women love it and what kind of men and couples are drawn to the experience.

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You can have rapport with a total stranger in a matter of seconds if you just go up to them and say Hello and come across as a genuinely friendly human being.

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Hypnosis has been used for centuries to induce dreams, recall memories, and transform habits. So it makes sense that it could also be used to elicit pleasure. That would be erotic hypnosis, also referred to as hypno-sex. But the erotic in erotic hypnosis means more than orgasms. Erotic hypnosis is the use of hypnosis to elicit a particular sexual goal in some shape or form, whether it's a hands-free orgasm or just a pleasurable and relaxing state of mind.

It involves one person guiding another person into a trance-like state using just their voice and then suggesting certain attitudes, behaviors, or actions. It can draw things out that would otherwise stay hidden, allow the hypnotee to be more sensitive, and lower inhibition if that's what they want," hypnodomme and certified hypnotist Katherine Dire tells mbg.

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Every session starts with you and your hypnotist laying the foundation. You'll talk about your goal for the session, your soft and hard limits, and insight into your life. The more pieces of the puzzle they have, the better. During hypnosis, a person's attention leaves their immediate environment and clings to "inner experiences such as feelings, cognition, and imagery," according to research by hypnotherapist Ann Williamson. You enter a consciously induced trance that mirrors lighter trances you already experience at least twice a day. When we wake up and run off our list of to-do's, when we recap our day before bed, and when we zone out mid-drive and miss our exit—all are types of trances.

How you experience a trance depends on the suggestions the hypnotist makes. Hypnotize women for sex relaxed state of mind can resemble sleepiness, grogginess, fuzziness, or floating. Some get extremely relaxed, some get turned on, some don't experience anything, and some get amnestic," says Dire.

You stay in that deep state of relaxation until the session is over or something snaps you out of it. You drop your inhibitions, but you don't lose your morals or who you are as a person. For example, she says that if you're an animal lover and your hypnotist makes the suggestion to run over a rabbit on your way home, you're going to snap awake because the suggestion doesn't click with your core being.

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It's definitely possible to have an orgasm during erotic hypnosis, sometimes referred to as a hypnosis orgasm. That said, going into your first session with the goal of having an earth-shattering orgasm is like "having sex with someone you just met and expecting it to be perfect," d hypnotherapist Traci Kanaan tells mbg, "hard to do on a first try.

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Still, having a hypno-orgasm is an enlightening experience. Your body is a human tape recorder that remembers everything you've ever felt. Erotic hypnosis lets you exchange your physical expectations for inner sensations. It can, but it's not built in. Sometimes it's about empowering yourself, feeling good in your body, or showing yourself that your mind is powerful. Erotic hypnosis is sometimes used as part of BDSM and other kink practices.

Hypnosis has a history of being a tool for manipulating power that overshadows its healing qualities. She says this is "oddly perfect if you like the idea of power exchange. A lot of people get off on those feelings of sexual vulnerability and helplessness.

We got hypnotized to help our sex life—and it really worked

Audio porn and ASMR are also related concepts, though they're not exactly the same as erotic hypnosis. Audio porn is audio content featuring or describing sexual situations; it's like pornographic videos, but audio only.

ASMR, which stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, describes a euphoric feeling experienced from hearing certain satisfying sounds or seeing certain types of videos. All three experiences present you with a way to let go and connect to your internal frame of mind. If that's the case, then ASMR is the interior deer, and erotic hypnosis is the property manager. They have unique roles as well as the potential to fit together and use subtle and specific stimuli to ignite your deeper, innermost sensations.

You'll want to try erotic hypnosis with a professional before bringing it into your bedroom. Do your research and find out what you want out of a session. Look for hypnotists who have credentials, prior clients, references, and a website. Not everyone who practices erotic hypnosis has the best intentions, which is why research is so important.

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The phrasing of a hypnotist's suggestions is paramount to a safe session. Watch out for any hypnotist who tells you to be "beholden only to them" outside of agreed-upon power play. And "realize that any suggestion that goes against your moral fiber, you can kick Hypnotize women for sex Kanaan adds. Once you've found a hypnotist, decide whether you want to do a session in person or online. Or if you want to skip those options and listen to pre-recorded audio files. You can reach greater connection through personalization, even if a session isn't in person. A lot of confusion with hypnosis comes from stage hypnosis, where the receiver leaves the stage with no recollection of what they did.

Trance happens in levels, and this level of deep trance may or may not happen. Get a good idea of what you expect a "successful" session to feel like. How deep of a trance is deep enough for you to feel like it "worked"? It's important to go in with reasonable expectations and an open mind. If you're consciously resisting it, it likely won't work. It's kind of like wondering how some people can fall asleep instantly and others take hours.

From not being able to let go to not telling your hypnotist enough to give you the proper suggestions, it's OK if you have an unsuccessful session. Erotic hypnosis is powerful, but it isn't certain. Speaking from experience, the automatic need to test a suggestion is natural.

Rayna did a quick session over the phone with me during our interview to transform my love for cheese. Using a neurolinguistic programming NLP technique called Mapping Across, we correlated my love for cheese with my disgust for gizzards.

Sex in the big easy: you are getting very horny, a guide to erotic hypnosis

Immediately after our session, I wanted to know if it worked. I haven't dug around in my fridge for cheese in three days.

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Hypnotizing isn't something you should jump into without a little research first. Google or any other search engine is your new BFF. Learn what you can about erotic hypnosis. What it is, what it isn't, how to phrase suggestions, and any other information you need to confidently put someone into a trance.

You may want to work with a hypnotist or hypnotherapist yourself first before trying this on others. Have a discussion with your partner before the session to make sure you get down to the nitty-gritty of triggers, limits, goals, and expectations.

Go into the session on the same team.

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Check in when either of you needs it. There's "nothing harmful about putting someone into that relaxed state," says Rayna. But be careful with how you phrase your suggestions.

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You can't take them back once they're said. With erotic hypnosis, you're transforming pieces of the mind. It's powerful, but setting unrealistic expectations can keep you from enjoying the moment.

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Nerves, stress, drunkenness, and anxiety can influence how they receive your suggestions as well as how you suggest. The underlying theme for success is safety. If the receiver doesn't feel safe during a session, they may be less inclined to let go of their inhibitions. If they don't let go, then they keep themselves from the possibilities of hypnosis.

Erotic hypnosis is a real and powerful practice that guides us into a state of consciousness we aren't always aware of. Its purpose isn't only to elicit orgasms or enhance kinks, though it definitely can. Want your passion for wellness to change the world? Become A Functional Nutrition Coach! Enroll today to our upcoming live office hours. Our FREE doctor-approved gut health guide. You are now subscribed Be on the lookout for a welcome in your inbox! Main. Log in Profile.