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Part of the fun of owning a hot tub is being able to share it with others.

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This content was ly featured on the Hot Tub Works website. Leslie's is proud to partner with Hot Tub Works to bring you this helpful content on lesliespool. Our last blog post on games in the Hot Tub or Spa focused on "Family" games to play in the hot tub. We started with floating checkers and wrapped it up with the game of Uno, with its waterproof playing cards. Today's post is for the adults - games that a group of friends can play in the spa to pass the time, and make spa time more fun. This game is a classic "Don't Make Me Laugh" game.

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Sometimes there is nothing better than a quiet soak in the hot tub all by yourself.

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But, inviting your loved ones to you can be fun, too! In fact, hot-tubbing with your family is a great way to spend some quality time together and deepen your bond. When everyone voluntarily sets aside their smartphones and tablets to climb into the hot tub, your heart will be warmer than the water! Just talking and reconnecting with your family and friends is fun, but when you want to dial up the entertainment, try these fun hot tub games.

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Kids of all ages will have fun with this game. Have everyone pick a rubber duckie, or another floating toy, and then send them racing to the other side of the hot tub.

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The first duck there, or the last one upright, is the winner. All sorts of games come in a waterproof option.

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Use a deck of cards to play Concentration or Presidentsor try a family favorite like Uno. Dice and domino games work well in the water and you can often find a waterproof version of other favorites like checkers. Just grab a floating table for game play.

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This one is played with the jets off. Place one plastic cup in the center of the hot tub and pour enough water into it so it can float upright.

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Then, everyone takes turns pouring water into the cup. Whoever sinks the cup is out. To play, divide up into two teams and place a rubber duckie or another floating toy in the center of the spa.

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The first team to three points wins! The goal of the game is to be the last one to touch a floating ping pong ball. Start by adding five ping pong balls to the center of the hot tub.

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Then wiggle and scramble to avoid the floating balls! Players can also blow on balls or make waves to keep them away.

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Then you have to get out of the hot tub until the round is over. Every 30 seconds, drop a few more ping pong balls into the water.

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Last one in the water wins! One of the great benefits of owning a hot tub is how it makes it easy to spend quality time with the ones you love! Try out some games this winter and your whole family will be looking for opportunities to escape to the hot tub together. And trust us — every friend you know will be hoping for an invitation.

Adult games to play while in the hot tub or spa

Want a few more options for turning your hot tub into a fun zone? How about adding a sound system or a wireless monitor? Check out all of our hot tub accessories for some ideas to take your backyard oasis to the next level! Rubber Duck Races Kids of all ages will have fun with this game.

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Waterproof Cards and Board Games All sorts of games come in a waterproof option. Sinking Submarine This one is played with the jets off. Ping Pong Panic The goal of the game is to be the last one to touch a floating ping pong ball. Let's Discuss Your Pool or Spa.

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