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Francais woman seek male to Harvest moon fanfiction lemon

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I'm just a big fan. Lemon Warning. He was her world, her reason for existence and her best friend. He gave her so much and she hadn't given anything in return. The Wizard always told her stories of his past, though he hated to dwell on them; and often reminded her of his long life and how he may 'live longer' then her. This worried her, she hated to see the days pass where she would no longer be able to keep up with her children or the day she would part from Gale.

But all life ended eventually Two years had gone and went after the birth of Hikari and Gale's first. It all flew by so fast. Hikari's whole farm was upgraded to perfection, they no longer had to work as hard as they could to make a living and they had money to spare.

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There was even talks of another child for the couple in the air. The small family couldn't be more happier. Kado, their son had grown into a bright boy. Helping his mother when ever he was needed, and was the spit of his father.

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He was calm, quiet, and enjoyed his studies. His father had even developed an astrology interest in him. Though his favorite interest next to fishing was farming with his mother. He had dreams of being a farmer like her one day. Hikari couldn't imagine a more perfect world. Seasons drew by and came to an end and the air grew cold.

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Hikari awoke one morning with a yawn, stepping out into the bitter cold Winter air. She shivered, arms instinctively wrapping around herself as if to keep the cold from hitting her. Gale was out in the fields, watering the winter crops she had planted several days ago. A smile instantly came to her flushed features and her heart thud hard in her chest, a usual occurrence when she looked at her husband.

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Moving towards Gale she gave a small wave. She greeted and watched as he turned with his watering can in hand and his smile met hers. Hikari moved into his arms easily, like puzzle pieces meant to fit; hugging her husband. He didn't respond so she took his silence as he was expecting her to continue. The day came and went quickly leaving the couple to relax after their days work within the house upon the sofa. The wizard sat with a large book in his hand and half in his lap while Hikari sat flipping s of her gardening book seeming rather uneasy.

Kado was already in bed, slumbering silently.

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Hikari sighed gently and glanced to her husband at her side. Would it be selfish to try asking again? Biting down on her lower lip she cowered behind her thoughts and instead continued to skim through her book. It was obvious something was bothering her, but would Gale notice? The next day was Winter 9th, Kado's bithrday was tomorrow so there was a lot of preparation to do besides the normal chores one did on the farm, so things would go on like any other day. Well, that was what Hikari was expecting. She definitely had no idea that her husband would greet her after she had gotten dressed and with a blush on his face of all things.

Placing her slim digits against her lips Hikari smiled. She couldn't believe that he wanted a bigger family. Her heart hammered hard against her ribcage. The next day went and came as any other day had. Gale and Hikari busied themselves getting decorations and setting things up in the house for Kado's birthday while he was out fishing.

Balloons were blown up and and a large banner streamed across the room.

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Hikari and Gale were putting up the last streamer that went from one corner of the living room to Kado's bedroom door along the ceiling. Hikari sat upon Gale's shoulders, his arms wrapped around her thighs holding her in place as she reached up to pin the streamer into the upper corner. Gale didn't seem to struggle with her weight at all, though when she leaned back too far it caused them to wobble and sway.

Neither of them hurt in the fall but instead turned to each other with a fit of laughter. She nodded and moved to crawl into the Wizard's lap.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Hikari crushed her lips against her husbands in a gentle yet passionate manner though he was quick to respond. His hands moved around her, easing her lithe body against his.

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Their kiss lasted several long moments, Hikari's tongue rolled along Gale's lower lip before parting their lips from each other. Both flushed faced and nearly breathless. It didn't take long for Hikari to be undressing her husband while he in turn undressed her. They bodies meshed together with their clothes tossed aside along the floor. Hikari's hands marveled the defined plains of her husband's abdomen and chest.

Harvest moon/story of seasons lemons

When he had the time to work out was beyond her, but he was beautiful and his tanned skin made it look just as gorgeous. Their lips connected again, tongues exploring each others mouths with desire and need.

Hikari eased her naked frame over Gale's as he leaned back on one hand while the other rested against her lower back. Slowly Hikari lowered herself against the wizards erect member taking in his entire length with a sharp breath. He groaned with appreciation thrusting himself deep inside of her. Hikari's arms wrapped against Gale's back, her fingers digging into his skin as they made love on the floor, his thrusts even and hard and she met each one with a roll of her hips. Their breathing labored with faint moans emitting from both with pleasure. They climaxed together, in passion gazing into each others eyes with love.

Hikari smiled, and pressed her lips briefly against her husbands. Still riding the waves of their orgasm they lay against one another for a while, relaxing in the others company. Hikari smiled when Gale met her gaze and continued. He gave a confident nod. That night they celebrated their sons birthday together. They ate cake, opened presents and had a wonderful time as a family. Several days later Hikari awoke feeling nauseous and tired despite getting a full nights rest.

She took a trip to see Doctor Jin and he confirmed it. She was pregnant. When she returned home and told Gale he seemed pleased but slightly disturbed by something. Thinking nothing of it she tended to her animals and fields. The due date was set. She was to have the child on Spring 9th. The cold of the Winter season was slowly fading and warmer weather was beginning to make its wake into the Town. Hikari continued to tend to her fields and her family as she would every day and had never given a second thought to what plagued her husband the day she told him of her pregnancy.

That was until she found him on Winter 27th sitting on the front step with his head in his hands. Hikair frowned Harvest moon fanfiction lemon the sight of her husband, thousands of thoughts going through her mind at the same time.

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He stiffened, obviously not realizing he had company. Hikari sat next to the wizard who avoided her gaze quietly. Hikari shook her head slowly, unsure what was going on and moved to wrap her arms around Gale's middle, pressing her cheek against his back.

Hikari drew back slightly, startled by his voice and winced slightly. What's wrong Gale? Hikari waited patiently, her arms remained wrapped around her husband until her turned in his sitting position and stood and automatically Hikari dropped her hands. He took several steps forward before turning towards his wife and frowned.

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