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Talanah, in spite of her progressive mindset, has always viewed the Nora as being somewhat… Savage. That is, until Aloy comes along and turns her worldview upside-down…. EF AU.

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Harry accidentally apperates into a girls room while she's changing clothes. After Apocalypse is defeated, Scott and Jean take an important step in their relationship. Harry returns to Hogwarts from a successful summer of destroying the last remaining horcruxes to receive an interesting idea on how he could help the war effort. Tabitha agrees to re the X-men. However, she has one sultry condition that Scott and Jean must fulfill to make it official.

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They are the property of Stan Lee, Marvel, and Disney.

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That being said, I encourage everyone to take the time to review this story. Send me your feedback via at marvelmaster hotmail.

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Thank you and enjoy the story. Her mind awoke to a punishing migraine and a body that ached all over. She opened her eyes to blurred vision and unfamiliar surroundings. She just remembered something hitting her and everything going dark. It was Jean Grey. It could only belong to Jean Grey because she was the only psychic on the planet capable of knocking her out like this. The imposing psychic that once controlled a cosmic force stood in front of her with folded arms and a harsh sneer.

She wore the same clothes she wore when they last clashed, consisting of the dark gray long-sleeve shirt and the skin-tight black pants. She also had that distinct Phoenix Force type glint in her eyes.

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It was enough to make Emma shudder and she did not shudder easily. You just had to come in, all distraught and vulnerable, and crown yourself queen of the X-men. She then realized that her arms had also been bound by metal shackles and strung up over her head.

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As more feeling returned to the rest of her body, she also realized her feet and ankles had been bound as well. This left her in a bound, submissive state that she was not at all used to. Still in a standing position, Emma struggled with her restraints.

She then tried to use her telepathy.

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Her powers had been neutralized. She spoke with a dominating authority far greater than any queen. It was less daunting than the tone she spoke in when consumed by the Phoenix Force. It was enough to make Emma Frost abandon her efforts to free herself. You had to have it all, no matter how many hearts you broke along the way. Jean then reached over and grabbed her face, crudely clutching her chin and gazing at her so that her face was the only thing Emma could see. You exploited his vulnerabilities and mine, subverting our emotions for your own selfish ends. You knew how much Scott loved me.

You knew how much I loved him. You lied, manipulated, and whored yourself to a point where you actually made yourself vulnerable. He came to her for help and she did her best to give it. Rather than make excuses or belittle her rival, Emma closed her eyes and held her head low. It was a submissive gesture she rarely made outside her darkest hours. But with the way Jean Grey stood over her, there was no other response. Emma braced herself for more scolding. Then, to her surprise, Jean let go of her face and her harsh expression lightened. And when it came to my failures, you were right on some levels.

I made too many wrong choices. I tried to let these problems work themselves out rather than confronting them directly. Jean snickered and stepped back from Emma for a moment, revealing that the voice belonged to Scott. He was casually sitting at the foot of a king-sized bed, casually leaning back on his arms.

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He wore a tight black shirt and dark denim pants. He also had the same mischievous expression as Jean, hinting that they had coordinated on this. Now knowing who was behind this, Emma got a better feel for her surroundings. It had been made to look like the honeymoon suite at some fancy hotel. The walls were all painted red or pink, there was plush red carpet lining the floor, there was a roaring fire in the gas-powered fireplace to her right, and there was even a large mirror on the ceiling over the king-sized bed.

Emma had no power or authority here. Am I right?

In this case, the right choice means acknowledging my shortcomings. Jean walked up to Emma again. She just stood over her with folded arms, her expression a mix of resentment and understanding. I also thought I had to be that good to contain the Phoenix Force and be good wife to my husband.

But you showed me that I did myself a disservice by setting my standards so high. She paused again for a moment and began walking around Emma, scrutinizing her body as she stood completely restrained. Her harsh gaze turned to one of strange admiration. The way you dress, the way you carry yourself, and the way you flaunt your surgically enhanced sexuality — you are your own lurid standard.

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You twisted and tainted that which was most precious to me. Her tone became hostile once more as she stood in front of Emma again. She leaned in so Emma could see the extent of her emotions. She just kept staring down Jean, hiding whatever fears she had. Armed with cosmic power and being the vindictive wife of the man she seduced, there were any of possibilities.

But this was one instance where she allowed herself to be fearful. After letting Emma tremble for a moment, Jean turned back towards Scott.

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She sent him a psychic message to convey her intentions. He just nodded in affirmation. Still sitting on the bed, he reached into his pocket and retrieved a large pair of scissors. Jean used her telepathy to guide them into her grasp. But once again, her hostility gave way to a mischievous grin.

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Her demeanor shifted as she trailed the tip of the scissors down her neck and over the top of the distinct white X-men uniform that Emma Frost wore. She stopped right around the center of her chest, opening the blades somewhat so that they grazed over the smooth leather covering her breasts. Why did you adopt a scheme so similar to your old Hellfire Club attire? Does a part of you miss those days of decadence and deceit? Emma replied with a confused glare. Jean was no longer threatening her, but she was talking in a tone she had never heard from her before.

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It almost sounded playful, as if she were teasing her in the same way she would tease a friend. Is it as grossly overpriced as it looks? There will be no White Queen. There will only be Emma Frost — the unapologetic whore. A playful yet mischievous smile formed on her face as she trailed the tip of the scissors between her cleavage. Emma remained confused yet concerned, watching Jean lick her lips in anticipation. Then, her playfulness turned to something more devious as she used the scissors to cut the center portion of her uniform.

The sound of the scissors shredding the imported white leather made Emma tremble. With a few snips, her top was cut and her large, surgically enhanced breasts fell out. She briefly trailed the tip of the scissors over her nipples, causing them to become somewhat erect. But I suspect there are more.

Give what you can.

She started with the rest of her top, ripping through the seams along the shoulder and back. Jean even cut away the matching white gloves she often wore, tearing right up the seam along the arm and ripping them off through the shackles.

It was quickly reduced her expensive custom-made attire to tattered shreds, leaving Emma completely exposed from the waist up. She made sure Emma had no time to react to her sudden exposure. A loud rip echoed through the room as she recklessly tore the seams, cutting through the white panties Emma had been wearing as well. After tearing through the leather all the way down to the ankle on one side, Jean did the same with the other.

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She then casually threw the scissors across the room and ripped the pants and boots off Emma in one swift motion, leaving her completely naked. Emma instinctively pressed her legs together to conceal her private areas. She voiced only mild protests through the ball gag, but they fell on deaf ears.

Jean made it painfully clear that this would do her no good. She still had this look of devious intent in her eyes. However, she also still had this playful glint in her eyes. Scott had it too.

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