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Just like a larger bust, curvy hips are also a symbol of femininity. Wide hips aren't always easy to style, but once you get to know your body type better, choosing the right outfits is a breeze. Many curvy women are looking for ways to conceal wide hips and thus make the figure appear a little more balanced. To create a silhouette in which your hips take a back seat, you should master a few basic styling tricks. We'll show you the most important fashion tips for the problem area of the hips.

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Although jean shopping may seem like a tedious and time-wasting process for men with your body type, there are a of jean fits that will suit your physique. Relaxed-fit jeans are perhaps the strongest denim option available for men with large hips. Although this jean de typically features an equal leg width from hip to hem, the legs and seat are generally wider than other styles.

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Relaxed fits are most appropriate for men with muscular or stocky legs, and should be avoided by men with thin legs, as they can create a sloppy, billowy appearance. Wear your relaxed-fit jeans with suspenders and a dark-colored polo for a slimming, casual look.

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Straight-leg jeans are another potential option for men with large hips. Although similar to relaxed fit -- they maintain an equal width from hip to hem -- straight-leg jeans tend to have a slimmer leg width than their relaxed counterparts.

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Jean des often vary by brand; try on several different brands to find the style that suits your particular physique best. Their straight lines and sleek look make straight-leg jeans suitable for most dressy-casual occasions. Pair your straight-leg jeans with a black dress shirt, and black loafers or casual boots for a modern, dapper style.

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Their comfortable de make athletic-cut jeans an ideal option for athletic activities such as tag football, as well as appropriate for everyday casual attire. Pair your athletic-cut jeans with boat shoes, a light summer scarf and a colorful V-neck T-shirt for a comfortable, modern look. Although skinny and slim-fit jeans are flattering on some men, they are ill suited to men with bulky legs, midsections and large thighs.

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Similarly, boot-cut jeans have a fitted de from the hip to the knee and can be uncomfortable on men with bulky thighs. Keep in mind that personal style is about knowing what looks good on you and making it your own. Chance Henson earned a B. While interning at the "University Press" newspaper and "UP Beat" magazine he received an award for news feature writing from the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association.

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Henson went on to serve as content editor for "CUSH Magazine," eventually leaving to pursue the development of an online secular humanist educational publication. Relaxed Fit Relaxed-fit jeans are perhaps the strongest denim option available for men with large hips.

Straight Leg Straight-leg jeans are another potential option for men with large hips. Types of Silhouettes.

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