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I am seek men Gonna cum thread like footjob

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How old am I: 21
Where am I from: Nigerian
I can speak: English, Korean
My hobbies: Travelling
My piercing: None
I like tattoo: None

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"i''m gonna cum"

Hello and thank you for being a DL contributor. We are changing the scheme for contributors for simpler and to better support using multiple devices. Some features on this site require registration. Hello and thank you for registering. If you can't find the you can resend it here.

cute bitch Josephine

Some features on this site require a subscription. Guys do it outside of porn to warn their partner it's coming so as to protect the eyes, or to position themselves so they can receive it where they like.

R2 is correct; guys just sort of picked up the habit. Years ago men and bys behaved like James Dean or Marlon Brando and they emulated what they saw on the movie screen.

naked lady Delilah

I think it's because it's considered gross and messy Gonna cum thread most people, so it's a warning. Straight guys do it more often because women are fussier about those things. They're telling you so you can be prepared Mwell of course in the north, you know, they like to play on the stereotype that there is some sort of revereing of the klan all over every state in the south, becasue it is a way for smug yankees to say, they are racist, we are not them, therefore we are not racist One time I was sucking off a Southern guy and he said "I'm fixin' to cum!

What kind of uptight, socially inept person is the OP? You say it because you're communicating with your partner. It's amazing that such things have to be explained. M'am, I am presently reaching the lovely interlude. Please excuse the vampire cum on your lovely duvet! I say "I'm gonna cum" because I want to give the guy the option of taking my cum in his mouth or having me shoot it on him But even more than taking it in his mouth, I prefer if the guy lets me splash my cum all over his face.

I tend to cum a lot. I wouldn't shoot it on his face if he didn't want it, but if he does--I'm ready and willing to let it splatttttttttt. I see I have a stalker, sort of like the little boy who runs up to the girl he has a crush on and pulls her hair to get attention.

I see you, hon. Thanks for the admiration.

sluts floozy Holly

I like to be told so I can make sure I get it all im my mouth. I like it when a guy watches me take his cum.

Cum announcement: girls saying "i'm cumming" / "i'm gonna cum" / "you're gonna make me cum"

I wouldn't have sex with a guy unless I wanted his cum. It was kinda weird. But, I got used to it. I always kept "the I'm cumming" stuff to myself and simply announce, "I just went. Thank gawd the grammar dominatrix wasn't around. Announcing your imminent orgasm is just being courteous. Some people want it in their mouth; some don't. Some people want a good face splashing; some don't.

foxy teen Camila

Announcing your volcanic eruption--and in my case, I tend to cum a lot, and far--is just a way of giving the people what they want. That is hysterical, r When I saw this thread I was about to jump in with an almost identical story. One of my most memorable and funny sexual experiences was with this hot 30ish guy I hooked up with when I was on a business trip in Alabama from NYC. I brought him back to my hotel room, and we were having a VERY hot time when he blurted out: "oh fuck, you fixin' to cum?!

I nearly lost it.

sluts lady Dulce

It completely took me out of the moment. Thank god it was dark and he couldn't see my reaction. After he left, I laughed harder than I had in a long, long time. If nothing else it's nice to know you're doing something right and to keep it going because it feels so right Nothing worse than getting right up to the edge, and then a clueless partner changes what he's doing and you completely lose the momentum. B the guy or men you are having sex with know to get their tongues extended and mouths wide open to receive the load. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs.

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They do in porn to warn the cameraman about it so he can get a good money shot. So you have time to duck. Do you yell it out when you're taking a shit, r1? So you can also do so, if you're so inclined.

horney housewives Jaylah

So you don't choke on it. So you can tell them where you want it.

I think it's hot when guys say it Why do men do anything they do? It's good manners. So you know when to look into Daddy's eyes and squeeze real tight on his cock in your ass. I always say, "She's gonna blow! Ther eare about 14 peopel in Texas in the Klan.

What was that? So you don't get the "red-eye". I prefer "I'm gonna blow my load! They're giving you time to find your next fuck on grindr.

white female Arabella

I usually just say "Here's mud in yer eye," then squirt all over my partner's face. I find it incredibly hot when a guy grunts out "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum! That is so cute R I think it's hot too.

ebony bitch Brielle

Who could think it's gross? I don't get it. Women announce it too.

The Stages Wanna cum? I wanna cum. I'm gonna cum. I'm cummin! R18 is a fucking idiot. Oh, dear. Love the inconsistent use of capital letters too, dearest. I say it so the guy knows he doesn't need to put another dollar in the next door booth. Circumcised guys shoot further than uncut ones. I most humbly beg your pardon, would you be at all offended if I cum?

tight ladies Emelia

Jolly good. Your execution, however, leaves much to be desired. Bwwhaan hahahah hahaha hahahah haha haaa.