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I'm look up male who wants Girls getting fat stories

His voice was deep and his pants rode low, sitting on his hips hips I would soon know well, in the biblical sense.

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What is my age: I'm just over fifty
Ethnic: Paraguayan
I love: Man
Tint of my eyes: Big gray eyes
What is the color of my hair: I have crisp dark-haired hair
Favourite drink: Gin
In my spare time I love: Cooking
Smoker: Yes

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A little more weight can't hurt. In it to win it!

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Claire's family plumps her up for a family

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All of Writing. Path to this Chapter:. Claire's family plumps her up for a family Let's rock and roll!

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How many carbs should you eat a day to lose weight?

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Getting fat

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Thursday, Oct. Members: 1, Dabble - Craft your story Use Dabble to write your novel! Dabble organizes your manuscript, story notes, and plot. Happy Travels by Jack An awesome app imagined by a five year old! Creative Apps Mobile apps to spark your creativity! Prompts and more Patterns of My Life patterns of life Tanka for poetry place's weekly challenge. Chapters A man contemplating suicide encounters a street kid with a different point of view. Female Weight Gain Stories. Several different stories of females gaining weight.

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Chapter 4 Claire's family plumps her up for a family Our heroin of the story is Claire. She is a teenage girl living with her mother and father and attending high school. Pretty normal. Recently Claire's diet has changed, unbeknownst to her.