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After watching the movie "Dirty Dozen", Chuck Noriss decides to make his own Dirty Dozen, but their first unoffical mission goes wrong A young successful man got the shrinking virus, a disease his father got before he did. How will he cope up with the fact he gets weaker?

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Serena took a look outside her window at the sun that was starting to set, and then at her mirror, checking over her outfit once more. There's no way Darien can resist me tonight. Wearing a black dress and white high heels, with red pearl ties wrapped around both her odongo, Serena looked about as formal as you could imagine.

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In fact, this felt like a formal date with Darien How nice of him, she thought! And best of all, with her little brother Sammy as well as her parents out shopping, along with Rini, she didn't have to worry about listening to them about how Darien is the right guy when other boys from her school didn't suit her tastes though this kind of thought-provoking has faded over time.

Serena then walked over to her dresser, ready to put on a little makeup to help her look even better. She looked around every square inch of her dresser, trying to find something that would make her stand out to Darien.

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And that's when she noticed a red perfume bottle, one she didn't recognize before. What's this? As she picked up the perfume bottle, noticing a spray nozzle on the top, she quickly figured it must've been one of Rini's little toys, considering she knows every item on her dresser except for this thing. That's when she finally decided to spray the contents of the bottle on herself.

Right away, she didn't like the smell of the 'perfume' as it flowed down from head to toe of her body. But at least it's not very strong.

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Gotta get going! That limo will probably be here soon! After one final check of her dress, Serena was on her way out. She walked out of her room, down the stairs and past Luna who had been walking around the floor.

Giantess stories

Come on, Luna, you sound just like my parents. As she walked towards the door and opened it, she noticed how she had to duck her head to keep from bumping into the frame. I thought this door was a lot taller Luna noticed something looked off too, but decided not to pursue the matter for once. She wasn't about to interfere with the big date. And as it turns out, Serena made it out of her house just in time. She only took a few steps away from her home before she stopped and looked at her right arm.

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Strangely enough, her right arm was rippling like sea water, and she could also feel the rest of her body vibrating. It wasn't until she turned around when she realized what was happening. And she gasped. Her head was towering over the roof of her house, and clearly saw she was getting bigger because the house was shrinking. She also thanked her luck that her dress and high heels were growing right along with her.

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Eventually, Serena was towering over the neighborhood at a little over feet tall. She looked down past her dress noting how small everything was, in particular a parked car that was nestled against one of her high heels. I'm so big!! She thought about what it was that made her grow to such a large size, and immediately she thought about that bottle of perfume. You and your thing with things that make things bigger! Did I just say that? And as she studied the parked car by her feet, she quickly got an idea. Who needs a limo now?

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I can just walk all the way to Darien's apartment. I wonder what he'll think when he sees me like this! And so Serena began her walk towards the city, because she would have to go through a section to get to the apartment where Darien lives Despite the short trip given her new size, Serena took her stroll through the city block slow, watching with delight as tiny people galore ran away from her high heels.

Serena was being careful this time around, even helping a man up to his feet after he tripped himself up. You don't want to be a klutz like me!

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The giantess looked to her left and saw a glass building. She used her reflection from this building as one final chance to check up on herself. Her lipstick, her dress, her high heels, the red pearl ties I still look great. There's no way Darien can resist me. What do you guys think? The large eyes blinking at them caused these people to freeze in fear, though some eventually found it in them to start running, thinking this giantess was going to destroy their building. But Serena instead backed away, and she Giantess crush story herself stepping on something and crushing it.

It was pretty hard, like an old stick of chewing gum on the sidewalk. Underneath, and with a big puncture from the heel itself, was a black limo. It was totally crushed flat. Serena tried to find the driver and eventually did, but his body looked lifeless and there was a little blood running down his neck. I should be more careful. Meanwhile, back at the Tsukino household, Serena's parents, her little brother Sammy, and Rini were all walking through the front door.

We're home!

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There was no response. Women can be like that sometimes. Now come on, you're helping with cooking tonight! Rini made it into Serena's room and took a deep breath.

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But hey, maybe I'll look much better at night. Closing the door behind her, Rini spent the next couple minutes changing into a radically different outfit. She had gone from wearing her schoolgirl outfit to a very classy one, much like Serena Giantess crush story. Rini was now wearing a dark red dress with no shoulder straps, slightly cut from the sides which caused a little more of her legs to be revealed. Wrapped around Rini's waist was a large black bow, with little red bows sitting in front of her odongo.

She also had rings on all of her fingers except the thumb and golden bracelets on both her wrists. Instead of high heels, Rini wore black sandals with a single strap crossing over her foot, just behind her toes, and a heel strap that only goes around the back of her ankle. And topping it all off was a sapphire-colored necklace and black crystal earrings. For one looking so young, Rini was just as beautiful-looking, if not more than Serena. After Rini made the final adjustments on her classy look, including that of her pink hair, she reached down and picked up the same exact perfume bottle that Serena had used earlier All she knew was that she looked very elegant and she was going to show the whole city her new fashion statement Giantess crush story growing to a gigantic size.

I love being big and I want to feel what it's like to be big and wearing this too. This time, instead of spraying the perfume in Serena's room, because the other members of the family were home, Rini had to take her latest growth experiment outside. And so after tightly gripping the perfume bottle to the point where it was completely hidden in her hands, Rini walked downstairs.

Mama, I'm going to go play in the park. I'll be back soon! Sammy also didn't notice Rini and her new dress walking outside, but he still grumbled. She's a very responsible girl. I trust she will be safe.

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Just outside the house, Rini giggled over how easy it was for her to leave the house. They'd catch me in a heartbeat! She then opened up her hands and looked down at the perfume bottle. By growing bigger!

She sprayed the perfume all over her body before hiding the bottle inside one of the nearby bushes.