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Title: Promise of Blood Powder Mage, 1. Author : Brian McClellan.

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Daredevil of darkness, gamble mage

By SatucreApril 21 in Update Notes. Welcome to the 2nd part of the Mage Refresh. The innovation Mage is pushing is something you won't find anywhere else. Thank you for everyone in the last two months who helped make this update possible. Big thanks to Leviticus, Salad, our Staff team and admin team, and all the donators who have been supporting us the last two months which helped us GROW a ton! Gear Interface - ::gear. This should help new players and basically ALL players find the next gear they need to progress.

Also it will gear you up in the current BiS. Finding the Gear you need by selecting the options. Seeing the BiS gear you should aim for.

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Hard and Elite Achievements. The thing most of you were waiting for! Hard and Elite Achievements are here. Hard Achievements. Elite Achievements. New Upgrade Interface - ::upgrade. We wanted to expand on Upgrading a lot in the future, but for that to happen we need a great interface! This is the start of something new and amazing on Mage. We hope you guys enjoy this amazing new interface.

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We have added two new things to it which was a Gem Katana and Omega Katana. Upgrade interface. New Tutorial - ::tut. Our old tutorial was confusing, but it is the most important thing to a Custom server!

Daredevil of dark, gamble mage

You must learn how to play before you tackle the world of Mage? We made this tutorial interactive, fun and easy. This will give people the taste they need before they decide to continue on Mage or not.

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We hope this helps us by keeping more players and lessens the questions! New Tutorial with 3 Islands of content to experience and learn about Mage! Island 2 - Learn about Thieving, Hunter, more Crafting. Automated Gambling.

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Gambling is a big thing on servers, we were always scared of Rigged Gambling hence why we did not automate it, but we came up with a great system now. Also the new system has caps to people gambling where a Normal Player can gamble 3 times and a Diamond 7 times a day. With Casino Rank being unlimited times.

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All rules are explained on the interface so if you are new to gambling its easy to know who won and lost. Enjoy the new awesome Gambling system! Here is the interface for it below. New Prestige System. Prestige on Mage wasn't really a thing or important. It was confusing and did not fit with the play style Mage has. The new and ever expanding Prestige system we created is more rewarding and logical.

You shouldn't be resetting your stats, but progressing and keep moving forward. You may also buy upgrade scrolls now with prestige points.

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Works with overload too. New Personal Chest Ticket - ::chestg. A brand new Donation store item, a first in a long long time! You may clean your own chest as everyones chest is different. Greatest Ticket we ever offered - Called Dealers Chip. Defend the Home event.

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With this brand new event we wanted to introduce a great way to obtain Skilling Resources! You have to knock out or kill the Skillers trying to steal the chest in the middle of home! You better hurry up and save the home or the chest will have no loot to be looted when the event ends! The event takes place at home because you need to defend it! Shown below. New ::starter system. This brand new system gets unlocked right after ::tut and people are told to do ::tut before able to open it up.

Allowing people to learn the game in a Gamble mage pad way and in the way they want. Look at the new ::starter system below. Automated Drop Party System. Every Donation on Mage will now make you a super star! Each time you donate you help the players by adding stuff to the Drop Party, which you can participate in yourself! This is a great way to become popular on Mage, and also shows the impact your donation makes.

Spell book has been remade. Since you don't actually use a spell book to cast spells on Mage. We removed it and replaced it with only teleports. Now you can use the spell book for its new sole purpose. Client Icons have been remade. We wanted a fresh new and easy look to be remembered at Mage. This is for new players to remember then the usual boring icons, this is the server for them to always back to and call Gamble mage pad home!

Price Guide Updates. Items like Crab Eye, Satucre Greataxe and etc now has an amazing juicy price! Slayer Damage Cap Increase. Hard tasks give 5 Damage cap per NPC killed on task. Elite tasks give 12 Damage cap per NPC killed on task. Slayer Task Blocking.

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We added something very important for some! Task Blocking in Slayer. You may only block one task per master. Easy Slayer tasks will be Points to block.

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Medium will be Points to block. Hard will be points to block. Elite will be points to block. Auto looting in Starter Zones. All new starter zones up to like zone 10 will have auto looting without a drop catcher telling you to get a drop catcher every time you enter!

This is so people know what picks up drops automatically and its a thing in Mage, we educating and motivating. We hope you enjoy these maps. Red Eye Crawler. White Tiger. Spirited away - No Face. Master Chief. Transformed Horses. Rainbow Unicorn. New Auto Afk System. After Minutes your AFK is automatically picked up. So people wouldn't be able to AFK all day or overnight. Hopefully this picks up activity and keeps people talking to each other more.

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Now since its automated we can all be friends and not accuse anyone of anything! Highscore's Reworked. Highscores is now reworked and tells the proper people who are. Reworked Vote Shop. Its and we had to make our Vote Shop fit the era not !