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Swiss Frying pan princess kidnapped pick male especially for tickling

Toggle Novel Online. Home gay lgbt Kidnapping the princess. Kidnapping the princess.

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When the girls see her, they defend themselves, including Mulan taking out her sword, Belle holding up her book, Ariel pointing her dinglehopper, Merida pointing her bow and arrow, Pocahontas holding up her cane, Rapunzel holding her frying pan, Elsa holding out her hands, Anna putting her fists up, Jasmine wielding the magic lamp, and Cinderella taking her glass slipper, breaking it and wielding it like a shiv]. Vanellope : Whoa, whoa, ladies, I can explain! See, um I'm a princess, too!

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After years of preparation, you are finally ready to infiltrate the palace, and steal the queen's greatest treasure: her daughter. Princess Talia turns out to be worth less than you thought-or does she?

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Regardless, your plans will change, and Talia will bear the burden. After months of captivity, a naughty game le to a surprising situation. Torn between pleasure and pain, you must revisit your tortured past. Your long-buried nightmare comes to life.

From the ashes, you forge a new life, not from luxury- but vengeance. As Naorima reels, a young Talia must adjust to her new life. Even as it plays out in a tragedy, deception, and lies. Talia finally learns what her captor has planned, and why she was kidnapped.

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But Talia has a secret of her own, and it could change everything. The new arrival has thrown a beautiful wrench into everybody's plans. Captive and captor finally have a heart to heart Princess Talia discovers a dangerous new enemy.

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She might have a new ally, but only if they can escape with their lives. Your attackers have found you again One way or another, you will find how deep this nightmare goes.

The princess is gone! Desperate to get her back, you must hunt down your new antagonist. But who is she? And how far will she go.?

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Talia said she loved you right before the bullet hit you. Will you get to live and save the day? You can't seem to let go Will Talia help, or are you just another pawn in her game?

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You came within an inch of execution, but Princess Talia saved you. How long will she be able to protect you? Talia is engaged to be married Will Alex help you forget about Talia? Your love for Talia is unbearable, which has driven you to lay bare the truth about the Queen. Will this reveal save or kill you?

Kidnapping the princess

Talia was willing to run away and leave everything behind for you. Both of you successfully escape the queen Brooke came into your dream and tried to kill you. Is it just a dream, or the of something worse to come?

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Your past keeps haunting you, so you face the place where your parents were murdered. Will you finally reach a solution?

Death has been following you since the murder of your parents. You've danced with it, conquered it--mastered it, even. How can you escape your own tortured mind? You finally get to walk down the aisle with the one you love.

Kidnapping the princess

You think nothing can ruin this day Will you get to be with the Princess, or is this the end for both of you? Chapters - Interactive Stories Wiki Explore. General Information. Main s.

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Characters Playable Characters Romantic Interests. Blog Posts Founding Figure Hillshadow. Explore Wikis Community Central.

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