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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. With a strong shove of his hands he forced her thighs wide apart and pressed against her hairy pussy.

Tom quickly moved behind Bill and grabbed her kicking ankles. He spread her legs even wider. Bill looked down at the neatly trimmed cunthair and couldn't wait any longer. He had been thinking about this all day. Now it was time. He spat in the palm of his right hand, wet the head of his cock, and while Tom held her ankles apart, he took his cock in his hand and set the head between her soft outer pussy lips.

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And began to slowly feed cock into her pussy. She was so tight he could barely get in. Then when he did the tight cunt felt like it was pulling his cock off. He began to pump slowly, fighting to get more in. As he did the spit on his head and her natural juices allowed him to finally begin to get in deeper. Her heart broke when she felt the first pulse of another man's cum splash deep into her pussy.

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Then she felt the jerking of his cock as his pent-up come exploded inside her, his fingers digging deeply into her tits as he felt himself come. Kim curled herself up in a ball and began to weep horribly. She fought to keep the disgusting semen inside her until she could get to the bathroom, afraid of what he would do to her if she let it just spill out which she wanted more than anything just then.

Tom took her thighs in his hands and pushed her thighs up high, then pressed himself between her legs. With one hand he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock, hard from watching, out. He, too, felt the vice-like tight cunt squeezing his cock and hoped he could hold out longer than usual. Ralph said something she could not understand, angrily, then grabbed her tits and pressed her back against the seatback as Fred took his turn.

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He too pulled her thighs up, dropped his pants, and stuck himself in. By now all her fight had been taken from her and she lay held against the couch as Fred began to fuck her in long slow strokes.

Just like Tom he came quickly. She felt sick as she felt another man spew his cum into her. Then he laughed, dropped his pants, and shoved his cock into her cum-filled pussy. She was silent as she felt his warm cum spurt into her, then just laid her head against the seatback and cried. Suddenly Forced her legs apart saw another flash. She looked up and saw Bill holding the camera and focusing it between her legs — as the four men's cum began to roll out of her.

He handed the camera to Tom and he and Ralph went to yet another library to send their latest e-mail. He held in front of her what they had bought with her money. The first thing she saw were two very skimpy see-through Erotica Lingerie sets. He then pulled out three pairs of matching half-cup bras and shear panties.

Then he motioned her to come closer. Seeing two of them close to the door blocking any attempt at escape she complied. Her eyes grew wide as he reached into the bag and removed one of the "toys". She began to shiver when she saw the long, thick dildo. As he approached her she heard the bag hit the ground with a thud and knew there was more in there.

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For her. She would not know until later the thudding sound was a six-thonged leather whip.

She stood silently, weeping inside, as he put the collar around her neck. Bill took up the end of the leash and led her to the couch and made her sit. She held the disgusting thick rubber cock as they all looked at her. She saw them all watching her and knew she was supposed to suck the dildo like a cock. Closing her eyes and crying inside she made herself suck the dildo. He had waited to do this — and now he was there. She saw stars as she was beaten.

She had been beaten before — by her ex-husband Terry and by the two men who had raped her in the vacant warehouse those few years ago — so she knew she would not die. Still, she cried out at each vicious slap and backhand. Desperately, Kim began to suck the long, thick dildo like a lover's cock while the men laughed at her. When she did not answer he raised his hand.

Kim let her knees lift and her thighs fall apart. Then, as they watched, she began to slowly insert the huge, moistened dildo into Forced her legs apart pussy. More flashes came as she began to pull on the dildo.

She saw all their eyes on her as she fucked the thick dildo in her pussy. Then she went to the terrible place in her mind. I was going to lunch. I went out the back way to take a shortcut. I know they said to stay away from that old warehouse, but there had never been any trouble before.

It was his lucky day. He thought she was going to tell some lame story about some teenage asshole getting too frisky. But now he was going to hear a real one! The hand covering hers continued to pull her hand over his cock as he listened to her heart-wrenching story.

Legs forced apart

Then he released his hand — and made her jerk him off by herself while she told of that horrible day. Knowing she would only be beaten if she refused she let her other hand move to his sack and made her finger slowly tease his balls. Fear coursed through Kim. As sick as she was at being forced to relive her brutal rape, the tone in his voice troubled her even more. She had no doubt he would beat her. She immediately knew what he wanted to hear.

Then she thought he might be playing a game with her — a game that would end in a beating for the wrong answer. Then he laughed. A few seconds later, without warning, he started to come. His hand quickly moved to the back of her head and shoved her face down as the cum started to spurt from his cock.

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She closed her eyes as he came in her mouth. Without acknowledging her further he put himself back in his pants and patted her head. He yanked her up by her arm. She stood unmoving as he refastened the collar around her neck. Fred laid out the lingerie on the dining room table and Bill led her to it by the leather leash.

Legs forced apart

She wanted nothing more than to throw the clothes in his face. Instead, she reached down and picked up the lingerie closest to her. I like pink.