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Ingrid is a sociable woman with a lot of things going on. She has made a great effort since her partner Sven suffered a stroke her partner had to use an adult diaper. Five years ago, when he instead received an indwelling catheter, she hoped life would get easier.

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Well, let me explain. Although first of all, I would like to let you know that I want this article to be positively working towards reducing the stigma that is focused around young people, young women, and the unexpected of using a catheter. Back up a few years and I had moved away from home.

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What procedure did you have that required a Foley catheter? Submit Your Comment. My bladder packed up so I have a Foley placed.

My spinal cord injury story by bill

They had to have two attempts to get it in, the pain was excruciating. That was on I am on antibiotics as I have a urinary tract infection. I have got to see the urologist In a few days. I had urine retention and increase in creatinine level to 5.

Urinary catheter insertion

I was hospitalized with stage 3 kidney failure suspected. Large urine discharge 22 lb. Final diagnosis was prostate problem, blocking urethra. I have TURP transurethral resection of the prostate surgery scheduled soon.

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I have had three Foley catheters and hopefully all will be corrected. Most recent creatinine is 1.

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I had a UroLift. After the procedure I went home with a Foley catheter in place. Much relieved after that, however, several hours later urine was obstructed and I had to be urgently re-catheterized.

Stories from catheter users and their families

Now it is due to be removed tomorrow. The chief issues with the Foley catheter stories have been fairly constant degree of irritability and sensations of urgency and pain bladder spasms maybe when I press down to move bowels. I was diagnosed with blood in the urine or hematuria retention. I have had a Foley catheter in place since Sunday December My penis is beginning to get off and on painful swells. Wonder if Advil is ok to take to alleviate pain. It seems to work. Kidney failure was the reason for my Foley catheter. Why do I have to wait so long to have the catheter removed!

There is blood in the Foley catheter bag. My husband was very active today bending up and down a lot. Wonder if this could be causing the blood. He has the catheter because of water retention. I was being treated for a urinary tract infection due to urine retention and a Foley Catheter was inserted.

I was not told I might have bladder spasms but I had them.

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Intense pain! After having the catheter for about 3 hours and several spasms, I returned to the emergency room and had it removed. I will find alternatives to treat my condition. I had some urine retention. I was sent home after an operation with a Foley catheter unnecessarily.

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My urologist says I did not need a catheter. However nobody will take it out until hospital gives the green light. The catheter has been in for 6 weeks Foley catheter stories. I am getting desperate to have it out. I've never taken my clothes off in front of anybody. Now I have to have heart surgery and part of that involves a Foley catheter. I'm embarrassed because of the size of my penis and also because I haven't had intercourse.

I'm scared that I might have an erection when I have the catheter in me! I had a transurethral resection of the prostate TURP and some bladder repair that required a Foley catheter. My problem is with the foreskin I have, as I have never been circumcised. Whenever that skin is pulled back to be cleaned or to insert my catheter it has to be pulled forward again.

The procedure I just had, the foreskin is locked behind the head of the penis, and now that the catheter is out, the doctors cannot pull the skin forward over the head. It is choking my penis and is very painful and hard urinating.

I do not want to be circumcised as I am I'm 67 year old male, had a hemorrhoid surgery, and need a Foley catheter for 5 days. I am just wondering if I will be able to urinate on my own again.

10 most popular stories, studies on catheters and cautis in

I had a hysterectomy and the doctor nicked my bladder. It is the worst unbearable pain after urinating; lasts for an hour. Pain medication doesn't work; oxycodone, Motrin, Tylenol and Dilaudid. Still painful. Foley catheter bag helped a lot. Hardly any pain and the hole is healing itself. I have to have it in for 2 weeks. Hate it. I see the doctor to remove it soon. I also have pain when passing bowels I use Colace to soften stool. I had an aneurysm surgery and Foley catheter was put in and taken out after the surgery, but now vulva stings. Over the years I have had several catheters inserted and removed, and none caused any discomfort or problems.

However, recently I underwent a cardiac ablation procedure, during which time a Foley catheter was inserted.

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When I woke up, the Foley was causing much pain. It felt like it was made of sand paper, plus my glans was badly bruised with every indication that forceps were used to assist in the catheter insertion. Removal also hurt and subsequent urination was painful. And, I ended up with a urinary tract infection. My prostate blocked the passage of urine. Foley catheter is in place causing recurrent infections.

Now there is constant dark red color of urine in the bag. I am taking antibiotics.

The briefing: everything you’ll ever need to know about catheters

TURP transurethral resection of the prostate operation due. I am worried over amount of blood loss. I had the Prolieve procedure done for enlarged prostate.

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About 14 hours after the procedure I was unable to urinate and went to the emergency room. They inserted a Foley catheter to empty my bladder. My son was on lavatory restriction at school for an extended time and wearing a diaper to school. He then got to a point where they took the diaper away for two weeks and he had to have the Foley catheter put in and a fecal collector bag on his rear.

I had gallbladder removal. I wasn't told anything about possible bladder issues so I blamed everything on the surgery. Day 3 I was disoriented, very distended and burning when I urinated.

Catheters and infections

I went to the emergency room when I couldn't sit down without pain. About ml urine was removed. I had the Foley catheter in for 12 hours then they removed it to see if I could go on my own. I can't at all now. They reinserted and I don't know how long this will go on. My bowels didn't fully 'wake up' either.

I had no idea what anesthesia really does.

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I thought it just put my mind to sleep.