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They are perfect for every gamer as a gift or just treating yourself! Thinking about other classes? The information contained on www.

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Monsters to some, trusted friends to others, wild and never tamed, centaurs are raring and ready for adventure. Get ready to ride into battle as we go through everything you need to know. Strong and proud, most centaurs in the Forgotten Realms live in harmony with nature either alone or in small tribes.

This high intake often spills over to ale and spirits and many centaurs have a bad habit of overindulging into drunkenness.

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The centaurs of Theros are divided into two major groups: the far-reaching and industrious traders of the Lagonna band, and the proud and fierce raiders of the Pheres band. Lagonna band centaurs travel in family groups that trade between the major poleis.

Each group or guri must be self-sufficient and includes merchants, scouts, warriors, and anything else the guri needs to survive.

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Most centaurs remain with their guri until they reach adulthood and set out on their protoporos, a journey of self-discovery that can take years. The Lagonna believe each centaur must undertake the protoporos to find their place in the world, whether that be back with their guri, somewhere else, or amongst the upper echelons of legendary heroes.

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The Lagonna are the centaurs most encountered in Theros, either through business dealings or undergoing their protoporos. Pheres bands often come together into vast herds to perform raids on outlying human settlements, pillaging them for loot, supplies, or whatever else catches their eye.

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According to an old Pheres legend it was a Pheres leader that first taught the primordial humans how to hunt and fish, and as such was entitled to half of what they caught. The Pheres value strength, speed, and prowess on the battlefield and on the hunt. Centaurs have humanoid upper bodies down to the waist. Below the waist they have the bodies of horses.

Their human half can display any of skin and hair color combinations found across humanity, though they tend to have slightly pointed ears and wide, square jaws.

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Their horse half similarly can display any equine combination of fur and pattern, even including zebra-like stripes or complex spot patterns. Just as their cultures are wildly different by plane, centaur names will be quite different depending on where your centaur came from.

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Most commonly though they will follow their first name with a surname inspired by nature. Your Centaur character has the following racial traits. Currently, there are two officially released sets of centaur traits, one from Ravnica and one from Theros.

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Both are correct and are identical in everything except for some lore-specific fluff. There is also a version of Centaur from an Unearthed Arcana still floating around. Simply make use of either the Ravnica or Theros versions.

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Centaurs already line up well with Monks, but they work mechanically and even flavorfully well with the way of the drunken master. Your already high movement speed gets even faster, and the drunken technique gives you even more speed and makes it all act as a disengage every turn you use your flurry of blows.

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