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Fattening up my boyfriend liked hunting for male who loves photography

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My husband is getting fat. He used to be slim and in shape, and now, he looks like a butterball. When we were dating, he was pounds. He stepped on the scale the other day and he has gained 50 pounds!

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ed Nov 21, Messages 77 Location. I started this thread nine months ago and am surprised and happy that it is still active if unfortunately in dissention.

My husband is getting fat

I am hoping we can get back on topic, here is the background: I am a straight married man. I find the idea of intentional fattening more erotic, but unintentional is of interest too.

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I like any stories that involve someone male or female unintentionally gaining weight because of their circumstances. I find the stories by BigBeautifulDreamer where the wife plumps up her husband to be very erotic. ed Sep 1, Messages 10 Location. When we came together I was havier then he, then I lost waight and every thing I lost he got on his sexy body. He know has lovehandels and sweet breasts and it is so confy to cuddel up with him and make love with him.

I think he likes it because he could just say no I don't want a secend serving or I don't want the snaks or sweets, but he just eats them. And soon is Christmas, there he gets all the food he likes. ed May 13, Messages Location.

Dusselchen Member. ed Apr 24, Messages 22 Location. My boyfriend gained weight during our relationship, but it happened unintended.

How do i fatten up my boyfriend?

ed Sep 24, Messages 73 Location. I atleast did one thing right in that marriage. Roy C. Well-Known Member. ed Nov 12, Messages 86 Location. I found myself with a gf many years ago who fed me well. It was with her I found how much I enjoyed growing in size.

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She was not a feeder, and I am not a feedee. We enjoyed food together, I guess I enjoyed it a bit more than her. ed Sep 30, Messages Location. I have posted this on another forum somewhere but thought it was dead on for this post. After college I moved in with my college sweatheart, we had been dating for a year and a half or two years and decided to move in together in Fattening up my boyfriend own place since I was into my career and she had a year and a half of college left.

She was extremely pretty and on the plumper side I was thin and slightly muscular and just finishing up playing sports in college. She became a great little housemaker cooking great carb loaded meals every night when I returned home from work as well as having baked some sweet desserts.

We ate, had seconds all the time and sometimes thirds to finish off all she cooked and followed with the dessert up until it was time to go to bed. This went on and on and I was so excited to see the effect it had on her fattened up figure, she was gaining weight at a rapid pace and she knew I loved her being curvy and full figured Thats what I called it back then to her but I never imagined she would get this fat "I loved it".

One day I came home and she was sitting on the couch snacking watching TV clearly upset so I consoled her and asked her what was wrong and she told me she had her annual doctors check up and she was embarrassed at how fat she has become and how much she weighed.

My boyfriend is trying to fattening me up?

I told her I thought she was beautiful and that I thought she looked better than ever. She then told me that maybe we should go on a diet together, I siad "Both of us go on a diet"? That is when my denial rang into reality, she said "dont tell me that you havent noticed how big you have become since we moved in together"? I was slightly in shock but extremely aroused by what she said. I must have looked at her with a blank stare and she said, "You didn't realise that I am not the only one who has gotten fat, huh"? I heard it again I was being called fat.

The skinny guy who could never gain a few Lbs. No I am being called fat, it was weird, but all of a sudden I began putting things together and realizing I have become fat.

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All of her wonderful cooking and our eating with reckless abandon along with my corporate desk job and no working out, wow, I am fat know. I just thought I was admiring her becoming soooo Fat and all of a sudden she managed to get me fat also. Obviously it didn't happen over night but honestly I was always in such a skinny mentality that it didn't even sink in for some time.

We became mutual gainers or I should say mutual continued eaters for a period after that evening because we both enjoyed each others gains although she didn't want my big belly at this time getting to much bigger.

lovely females Abigail

It was great whenever we were together she would tease me by patting my belly and joking when she would serve me seconds at dinner by asking if it was really a good idea for the next plate and I should really watch my waistline laughing at me in a joking manner but always bringing up weight gain and fat jokes. It was weight gain ecstacy I had never ever felt before and when we would make love it would be the best feeling both of our big bellies struggling and squishing together with every movement, I have never been more physically and emotionally connected and turned on all at once during these times.

When I was at the office or out alone with friends I hated being this fat, I was insecure and all I wanted to do is be at home with her playing our fascinating real life fattening game together. I eventually got a big enough belly that she said was to big and we started working out and trying to eat more modest food portions.

Throughout our 5 yrs. ed Apr 23, Messages Location .

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Seraphina pudding. ed Jan 28, Messages 83 Location. My hubby has gained almost 60lbs in the two years we've been together, he started off at a skinny lbs 6ft and now he's on the very edge of lbs.

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Not that he really seems to have noticed that he's gained, other than one pair of jeans that nearly blinded me when the button popped off, and I wasn't really trying to get him to gain, I just guess contentment suits him and the weight suits him too :wubu: Mind you I've gained because of him too, only I seem to notice it more :doh:.

ed Feb 28, Messages 3 Location. Clyde Member. ed Jan 3, Messages 20 Location. My wife started fattening me up about a year ago. I am up 30 lbs. ed Mar 23, Messages 7 Location .

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I have always had this effect on my boyfriends. My very first boyfriend had been a wrestler and a long-distance runner before we got involved our freshman year of college. We were together for four years, and by the end, he was a tub-boat!

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It really turned me on, but I couldn't admit it to myself or say anything at the time. Funny thing is, I ran into him on the street a year and a half after we broke up, and he had become absolutely gaunt. I think people teasing him that I had made him fat had gotten to him. After that, I was with a tall, skinny guy. I cook well, and we were together for three years, and he put on about 20 lb. But he felt weird about it, and would periodically go on crash fasts.

His mother was also somewhat overbearing and would make fun of him, saying things like, "When's the baby due? It was through fantasizing about him, and about him gaining, that I realized at last what gets me hot. The problem is, even though he loves good food, loves to cook and loves to eat, he also has bad past experiences an ex-girlfriend who was all about poached chicken breasts and making him exercise on a treadmill. He still has this thing like he should be less, not more. So even though he may have Fattening up my boyfriend a pound or two and we don't live together, so we don't always eat togetherI can only dream of fattening him.

Fatten up for my boyfriend

I'm afraid to tell him; I don't think he'd understand at all. He's still trying to get used to the fact that I find his body sexy. I just want more of him. I want his belly to grow. I want to feel his soft flesh be even bigger. Oh, drat, looks like I lost a long post I tried to make earlier.