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F-list short for Fetish-list is a directory of characters, and paraphilias associated with them, for the purposes of roleplay. It allows users that are eighteen or older to list multiple characters for eachtalk in groups relevant to their interests, and chat in real time through the site's chat server for the purpose of roleplay.

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Custom Kinks are a feature on F-List that allows you to create a new kink that will be added to your list and will appear in bold. This is useful if you want to highlight something as more important, add something that is not F-list kinks present on the default list, to clarify tastes on a particularly kink, or to group other kinks together to shorten up your list. There is also a feature that will allow you to use a Custom Kink as a place to store other kinks.

The Custom Kink will then appear on your profile with an arrow beside it to expand the list of fetishes out and they are referred to Sub-Fetishes. Before creating a Sub-Fetish I recommend you make a backup of your list on a hidden character. If you find yourself putting a lot of kinks in this column you may want to group some together with Custom Kinks.

F-list kinks the perception of individual user's kink list may vary from person to person for example, some may have different interpretations of the "maybe" columnthis is typically considered the "default" intent. Fave: This column is for the things you want the most in a role play, are primarily looking for, or all around enjoy. Yes: This column is for things that you want in a roleplay, are open to including, but usually can go without. No: This column is for things that you will never do, regardless of the situation or partner.

The incorporation of a food, drink, drug, scent, or other such stimulate that generates sexual arousal. The use of condoms in any way; typically refers to a preference for the use of condoms during penetration, but may also refer to condom play, in which a condom typically filledis used as a sex toy; or, the filling of condoms with fluids, such as semen.

The act of F-list kinks pleasure from inhaling the scent of the crotch, or receiving such actions. Exceptional or unrealistic flexibility, typically used to achieve extremely difficult or impossible sexual positions to derive maximum stimulation. The act of incorporating food into the sexual context of an RP, or which may include but is not limited to use of whipped cream or chocolate sauce in a sexual act, receiving sexual gratification from the act of eating, or including rather large amounts of food but not necessarily.

Sexual activity that precedes intercourse, incorporating various forms of erotic build up before the actual act of sex. The act of cumming multiple times, sometimes in direct succession, or being the recipient of such actions. Generally implies one or more characters having a distinct scent typically with pheromones derived from the crotch.

A deep interest in F-list kinks inanimate objects. Said objects may be things such furniture, cars, buildings, toys, clothing, and so on. Engaging in an RP, or getting turned on by an emphasis on exaggerated descriptions of sexual noises in a roleplay, usually described with onomatopoeia, words that seek to duplicate the sounds they describe.

Often refers to fluid noises such as: slosh, splurt, squirt, gurgle, splortch, or others. Refers to the inclusion of generally penetrating sex toys in an RP, including but not limited to dildos, vibrators, anal eggs, anal be, flesh tubes, etc. Engaging in an RP in which at least one character is exceptionally desperate or horny and is often willing to eschew standard inhibitions in order to receive sexual stimulation.

Engaging in an RP in which a character's stomach will bulge, either due to an exceptionally large insertion often taking the shape of suchdue to eating an exceptionally large amount of food, or as a localized form of inflation from any liquid or gas.

Engaging in an RP in which at least one character will wear F-list kinks strap-on to penetrate another character. For example: holes, doorways, windows, chairs. Pulling a partner's tail during sexual intercourse. Often as a means of forcing the bottom to clench, or as a handle, or merely a cute act. Gender ambiguity in appearance. May also be found in fashion, voice, gender identity, sexual identity, or lifestyle. Expresses an interest in characters with penises or vaginas that are exact replicas of those of real animals.

Characters that are anthropomorphic in nature, typically defined as an object or animal species with human characteristics. Expresses in interest in characters that have body hair. Expresses an interest in characters that are well-rounded and pudgy, with a little more extra weight than average but not necessarily fat.

Expresses an interest in characters with disabilities in some way, such as deafness, blindness, paraplegia, or other impairments that may be cognitive, developmental, intellectual, mental, physical, sensory, or some combination of these.

Expresses an interest in characters sporting facial hair in some manner, which can extend anywhere from scruffy stubble to full beards. Engaging in an RP in which at least one character has piercings that are located on the nipples or sexual areas of the body; typically cock or labia piercings. Refers to F-list kinks preference for characters with excessive or pronounced hair; typically involves character that would otherwise not have hair to have hair, or for furry characters to have additional hair in areas such as but not limited to the pubis, armpits and chin, and often implies a denser or more wiry texture of hair.

Exhibits a preference for characters that have particularly high levels of intelligence, wit, cunning and manipulation skills. Expresses an interest in impossibly large asses that are incredibly disproportionate to their body size. Expresses an interest in balls that are larger than their owner, with or without being proportionate to the owner's penis.

Expresses an interest in impossibly large breasts that are incredibly disproportionate to their body size. RPs involving characters that are capable of performing magical or supernatural feats that may or may not be sexual in nature.

Expresses an interest in male identifying characters that have ificant breast tissue, typically known as gynecomastia. Engaging in sex with a character who has piercings on parts of their body that are not of a sexual nature, such as but not limited to tongue, ears, nose, lips, bellybutton etc. Expresses an interest in characters that have the ability to control the motion of their penises. Expresses an interest in characters who are composed of rubber, F-list kinks, or an otherwise elastic material. Engaging in an RP in which the height difference between any, two characters is between one and three feet.

Expresses an interest in breasts that are particularly small, sometimes to the point of appearing absent. Often implies multiple penetration.

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Expresses an interest in two or more characters who are identical, often siblings but not necessarily, who may or may not be played by the same player. Exhibits a preference for characters that exhibit below-average intelligence, often low enough to make them easy to manipulate; this includes everything from air-headed bimbos to large, animalistic brutes.

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A preference for characters that possess wings, regardless of the appropriateness of wings to the character's species. Characters that do not strictly identify or abide by a gender binary regardless of originally ased gender or biological sex. Expresses an interest in female-identifying characters that have a penis and typically breastsbut not a vagina. Expresses an interest in transgender characters that identify as female regardless of originally ased gender or biological sex.

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Expresses an interest in characters whose ased sex and identified gender are not the same, who identifies as a non-binary gender, or who has transitioned or is in the process of transitioning from one ly ased gender to another. Expresses an interest in transgender characters that identify as male regardless of originally ased gender or biological sex. Demons or devils, typically magical. May also include other, fantastical creatures, such as but not limited to Incubi, Succubi, and fiends. Gods, goddesses, demi-gods and demi-goddesses of all sorts, ranging from those barely more powerful than a mortal to the nearly omnipotent.

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Describes a kind of species that is a combination of human and spider. Usually, their anatomy consists of a mostly humanoid upper body seated on top of the body of a spider. It may refer to hybrids with mostly humanoid or arachnid features as well. Humanoid individuals characterized by long pointed ears and typically containing fantasy elements.

Beings of the mythical and supernatural variety, generally consisting of things such as fairies, imps, spirits, elementals, etc. Gill-bearing aquatic animals such Great Whites, Tiger sharks, Whale sharks, and various types of fish. Characters that have a humanoid shape but are not human. Examples may consist of various races such as satyrs, gnomes, dwarves, halflings, F-list kinks, etc.

Characters that are purely human, generally realistic, and generally contain no fantasy or supernatural elements but not necessarily. Characters with lower bodies typically serpentine that do not possess legs, with their lower extremities being more akin to a snake, eel, worm, fish, or similar. Examples of such would be werewolves, werecats, and all forms of general werebeasts. Moogles are a recurring race from the Final Fantasy computer games. A race of humanlike creatures, normally larger than humans and green skinned.

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They are typically characterized as brutish and aggressive but not necessarily so. Expresses an interest in characters being infested with a parasitic organism or hosting one, or involving parasitic characters in general. Expresses a preference for characters which are often perceived to be predatorial, e.

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Expresses a preference for characters which are often perceived to be meek or preyed upon, e. It might have the ability to twist and coil, move by itself, the external urethral orifice able to open and close at will, or be entirely stand alone without an attached ""host.

Characters having an upper torso ading a lower quadrupedal body where the creature's head should normally appear. Includes centaurs, chakats, etc.