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Dress caught in elevator. Duration : 3 min.

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Weekend Today newsreader Jayne Azzopardi's dress gets caught in an escalator at the Sister2Sister annual fundraising ball. Two Chicago officers wounded after handgun is accidentally fired. Duo terrorising neighbourhood in clown masks run when police arrive. Jeremy Hunt pushes to get booster jabs dished out after five months. Patel and Sunak among mourners attending James Brokenshire's funeral. Elizabeth Holmes seen leaving court for Theranos fraud trial.

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No Model. YVAY, a citizen of the United States, residing at Portland, inthe county of Cumberland and State ot' Maine,have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Adjustable Supports for Dress-Skirts; and I do decla-re the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, and to the letters of reference marked thereon, which form a part of this specification.

My invention relates to a device for rais ing the lower edge of the skirts on ladies dresses.

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It is well known that a dress which is made o'f'proper length for wear in the house is often too long when walking on the street, and this is particularly true in wet and rainy weather. Many expensive dresses are spoiled by allowing their lower edges to drag ever so slightly on the ground or pavement. So far as I am aware, no convenient and effective device has been used for evenly raising the lower edge of the skirt to a greater or less height.

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The object of my invention is to raise and lower the bot-tom ot the dress-skirt at will and at thesame time preserve the proper hang of the drapery. This I accomplish by means of my invention, which consists of the device as set forth in the claims.

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I illustrate in the accompanying drawings a specific form of my device. In the dra-wings, Figure l is a side view of a dress-skirt, showing my device in position.

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A represents the waistband of the skirt, and B is the skirt proper. Attached to the upper part of the skirt, preferably to the waistband, is the catch or fastening C. This catch consists of a tube having bell-shaped ends. On the upper end is formed a lug c, containing holes by which it is sewed or otherwise attached to the dress.

There is also A cord D passes through the tube, and has secured to it at numerous places small annular flan ges d, which are adapted to catch in the notch c', and so prevent the cord from being drawn downward through the tube. The tube C is attached to the lower portion of the waistband and the greater part of it is located beneath the fabric of the skirt, so that the cord passes from the inside to the outside of the dress through the tube.

The notch c is placed preferably toward the front. The lower end ot the cord is formed into several branches d d d.

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These branches are here shown as pieces of tape, the upper ends of which are secured to the lower end of the cord D, their lower ends being secured tothe skirt preferably on the inside, and at a point about half-way bet een the top and bottom of the skirt.

It is deed to use one ot' my suspending-cords on each side of the dress, each cord having several tapes or branches on its lower end.

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The lower ends of these tapes are attached to the dress about equally distant from each other around the skirt and about half-way down. The use of the device is obvious from its construction.

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These flanges are numerous enough so that the skirt can be raised much or little, as re quired. The end of the cord D which hangs down outside of the skirt may be provided with a suitable ornament.


The tube C, being provided, as it is, with walls which are interposed between the rod and the dress fabric, protects the fabric from the wear incident to drawing the cord up and down. It will be seen that the device can be quickly and easily operated and will result in great saving to the dress. Then drawn up, the entire lower edge ot' the dressis raised equally and the hang of the skirt is not materially disturbed.

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In fact, the drapery thus pro- The cord has a loose tit ICO duced is rather ornamental than otherwise, and it is for this reason that the attachment of the cord at the center of the skirt becomes important. If the cords were attached at or near the bot-tom, the proper drapery could not be obtained, and if near the top the skirt could not be easily lifted.

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It is obvious that many modifications can be made in the device here illustrated and particularly described without departing from my invention as embodied in the claims. I claim- 1. The herein-described support for dressskirts, consisting of a tube secured vertically to the upper part of the dress and having a notch or recess in its upper end, and a cord secured to said skirt and passing through said tube, and having annular flanges secured to it at intervals, whereby it is retained in said notch, substantially as shown.

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In testimony whereof I affix my ature in presence of two witnesses. USA en.