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Domestic discipline diapers woman pick guy to chatting

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Sean is a jealous man. I get punished for mistakes like sloppy housework or forgetting to look at him for approval before speaking to a man. But I never just flat out disobey my husband. He knows I know how important those rules are to him. I know how jealous he is. I am a disciplined wife who has studied the psychology of punishment in order to be the wife God meant me to be.

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Three months ago when Lisa was new to diaper training, she complained immediately once her diapers were only the slightest bit wet. But of course, her boyfriend taught her quickly that neither asking for a change nor changing a not completely used diaper was acceptable.

Delayed changes, being sent to bed in a fairly wet diaper with a pair of plastic panties above and countless orgasms in soaked diapers left Lisa no other chance except finding a way to feel moderately comfortable in a thoroughly used diaper.

Altogether, Caroline did very well concerning her diaper training. Ever since she and her boyfriend started about 3 months ago, she had made a lot of progress. Right from the beginning, she used her diapers for wetting without further complaints.

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No matter how revealing the outfit for the day chosen by her boyfriend was, she wore it without discussion. She wore her diapers constantly at night and during the day, even to work, family gatherings, on vacation and so on.

As a consequence, she soon was able to benefit from all the advantages her boyfriend had touted before: comfort, security, no nasty public bathrooms, not having to get up at night to make a trip to the toilet, the cute feeling of wearing printed diapers, not having to interrupt whatever she was doing for having to rush to the bathroom etc. But there was one thing she did not seem being able to overcome: messing in her diaper.

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Even though she knew her boyfriend would be responsible for changing her, he could not convince her to use her diaper for everything and giving up Domestic discipline diapers toilet altogether. Since she did so well with everything else, he decided to allow her one trip to the toilet for 2 minutes per day, usually in the morning. However, as could be expected, there were situations when the urge to mess hit her without leaving her a chance to wait until the next morning. In those cases, Caroline asked her boyfriend to take off her diaper just for one Domestic discipline diapers and normally, he did.

Though, two days ago she suddenly decided to take it off herself without even asking. Somehow, she managed to rip her diaper off in a way it could not be used afterwards. He boyfriend was really annoyed by that, especially since he had changed her into it only half an hour before and the diaper was still dry. As a consequence, he decided that her toilet privileges were over from now on.

Apart from this, she had to get used to messing her diapers in the long run anyway. Without telling her, he mixed strong laxatives into her food the day before in order to make it easier for her to use her diapers.

He knew that it would take them about one day to develop their effects, but once they did she would have no chance to fight the urge for long. As soon as her stomach started to rumble the next day, Caroline felt an intense pressure to relief herself. As usually, she ran to the bathroom — only to find the door being locked.

She started to panic, and to her bad luck this only amplified her urge to mess. Standing in the living room, at some point she did not dare to move anymore, all she could do was holding the hand on her stomach trying to ease the cramps.

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She did not realize that her boyfriend was leaning in the door and observed her potty dance. Caroline startled and turned around, only distracted for the fraction of a second. However, this was enough for nature to take its course. All she could do was standing right in the living room wearing one of her pink diapers and a printed onesie on top and helplessly mess her diaper.

The sudden relief even encouraged her to press herself and once everything was over, she could feel how heavy her diaper had become. From now on, you will not need a toilet anymore, babygirl! Did you sleep well?

Looks like someone has been dreaming about waterfalls, right?

Chapter 5 lauren and derrick domestic discipline

I already told my colleagues I will come and that you are going to escort me, and I will not try to find an excuse just because you are worried about wearing a diaper under your dress! Yeah, sure the crinkle can be heard now and then, but I cannot see a reason why this should be a problem. After getting ready for bed, Natalie walked straight into the living room, where she found her boyfriend sitting on the couch while watching TV.

Her boyfriend Daniel wanted to make sure she was always wearing a diaper at night. Judging by the yellowish discolored crotch of the diaper she was wearing, she had obviously wet it already once or twice during the evening.

However, Daniel decided that it was not enough for a change since it could still handle her nightly wetting. It is important to realize that diaper training means not at all training by forcing her to do specific things. Instead, it is about putting your girlfriends mind in a new setting. For instance, she has to learn that diapers are not to be changed when they are only wet once or twice due to economical and environmental reasons.

Therefore, a good rule to implement is the following: Right in the beginning, she is put in a diaper until it is sufficiently used in order to be changed. The diaper will be shown to her such that she knows how she is supposed to use it. From now on, she will be allowed to ask for a diaper change.

Back in diapers: a domestic discipline tale (the regressed wife book 1)

Though, each time she asks too early, i. This will teach her to be very careful when it comes to asking for a change, and she will naturally learn and accept to feel comfortable even in thoroughly used diapers.

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A few years ago, this object had been a normal part of her daily life. During the first months, only using her diaper was quite a challenge for her, but her boyfriend was really strict and made sure she had no opportunity to use a toilet.

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Over time, wearing and using diapers had become more and more normal to her. She even started to enjoy some of the benefits they provided, especially not having to go up during the night or when watching TV. However, a few months ago she somehow started to wondered what it felt like to sit on a toilet again.

Although not allowed to do so, she decided to sneak out of her diaper and sat down on the toilet. Even though she felt a little pressure on her bladder, she was just not able to let go. The toilet felt strange and simply not right, almost the same like her diapers felt the first time she wore and used them. Before she could let out a single drop of pee in the toilet, she got caught by her boyfriend. The spanking and the enema he gave her immediately afterwards were certainly Domestic discipline diapers incentive to never sneak out of her diapers again.

Domestic discipline

But far more persistent was the memory of how strange it felt to sit on a toilet compared to the secure feeling of a warm diaper around her bottom. A fairly common occurrence in the beginning of your Domestic discipline diapers diaper training are leaking diapers. The first and natural reaction would be to get thicker diapers or additional booster inserts for her to wear — but stop!

First, let us analyze the situation shown in the image above: Even though the diaper has a lot of dry padding in the back, a small puddle has formed on the floor. Since even the thickest diaper model cannot handle several floods in a row, leaks are the logical consequence. If she would just wet in small amounts, i. I strongly recommend to make it clear to her that she is expected to wet as soon as she needs to.

If she nevertheless refuses to comply, simply start to put plastic panties over her diapers. They prevent the diapers from leaking and can even keep small puddles inside until they are soaked up by the diaper. The uncomfortable feeling of compression, trapped heat and moisture should be enough to convince her that using her diaper more frequently is definitely the more comfortable option. The whole back is still completely dry!

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And I will certainly not start to waste them just because Miss Piddle-Pants feels a bit uncomfortable with that bulky mass between her legs. So, I really recommend that you start to get used to that feeling, babygirl. Home About … me … this blog Posts Contact.

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