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I am hunt Dog slave story girl who loves hangouts

Reflections and memories I lay in our large bed, tossing and turning. My restlessness caused me to doze for a few minutes, wake up, and then doze again. An over active brain occupied with thoughts about our new slave dog, currently in bondage and sedated in the cellar.

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A dog?

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She knew that she should have been heartbroken; having just heard that her aunt had died but she was not. After all, even though her aunt was, technically, her only living relative, Jane had barely any contact with for several years.

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And when her parents had died two years prior; instead of taking her in, she had left her in a group home to rot. He had told her that she and her two closest friends, Jasmine and Lexi could move out to the huge estate within the next week although the paperwork allowing her friends to move would take longer as they were not relatives of Jane.

It should be said that Kati was a beautiful and innocent looking girl of She was petite, weighing only about 90 pounds sopping wet and it seemed as though most of her weight was distributed in her breasts, legs and butt. Having regularly trained in gymnastics helped her physique she would get continuous looks from men and women due to her shapely, petite figure.

Likewise, her hair, which she usually wore in either pigtails or french braids; Dog slave story so blonde that it was almost white and thus added to her innocent look. Her lips, which were expressive and full, had the sort of reddish tint that one would expect from someone wearing lipstick although Kati was the sort who never wore makeup. She was a very buoyant, flirty and sweet girl who was adored by almost all who met her. Although she did not possess a hgih degree of intelligence; her charm, beauty and sex-appeal would likely get her far in life.

It was the rare individual who was not immediately charmed by the pretty girl.

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She was a year older than her two best friends, Lexi and Jasmine, whom she felt so close to that it almost felt as if, at times they were in love with one another. They had met about two years prior at the group home and, since they shared a room together, became fast friends. And at first, their relationship was simple, girly and sweet. However, over time, the girls gradually became closer and, given that they were just beginning puberty, started experimenting with one another sexually.

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Kati would never forget that day; when Lexi practically forced her into lesbian sex for the first time. Kati had been fifteen and Lexi fourteen but it seemed like, even then, Lexi was simply far more adventurous sexually than Kati was. The two had been making out with one another and their clothes had been off. This was not uncommon as Lexi had pointed out several months before that, it was simply more comfortable to make out with one another when they were naked. Lexi would usually use one or two fingers and plunge them deep inside of Kati or Jasmine and they would do the same to Lexi, making each other come and feel good.

However, this makeout session was uncommon in the amount of aggression that Lexi showed toward Kati.

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And that was when things changed. Kati had never gone down on a girl before and, before she could respond or protest, Lexi had straddled her face and pushed her pussy against her mouth.

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Kati hesitated for only a second. In short, the scent of it was heavenly and she gave it a tentative lick. Come on…. Deciding to throw caution to the wind, Kati obliged. The two lovers orally stimulated one another for at least an hour before falling asleep in the 69 position.

For both Kati and Lexi; it was absolutely heavenly. At first, she had been surprised; never before had any of them gone so far so as to have full blown sex with one another. They had made out, sure. And slept together. And used one anothers fingers to bring each other off, but that had been the extent of their relationship. To go down on one another and have what had obviously been the most intense of sex; it seemed unprecedented. However, Kati and Lexi were her friends and lovers.

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The sight of them, while shocking, was nonetheless exciting and stimulating. Therefore, it was Dog slave story long before Jasmine ed in the lovemaking. However, given that she was much more submissive and coy than the two; she always preferred the sort of of sex which would allow her to be humiliated and degraded. She had to be thrown onto the bed, tied up and used to so as to bring the best orgasms to the pretty girl.

Kati and Lexi were only too happy to oblige the girl. Kati would smile, recollecting the time that she and Lexi had found two strap ons and fucked the poor girl throughout the night. Or how Lexi had woken up Jasmine at 2 AM, commanded her to go down on Kati while she fucked Jasmine from behind with a strap on. Now, she would be leaving her friends; but it would only be for a short time.

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Due to the wealth she was receiving from her aunts death; she had thus promised them that the two could come to live with her in the next several days. She had already spoken to Mr. Fitzsimmons about it and the lawyer had readily agreed to do everything in his power so as to have the two girls come and live with her. Fitzsimmons then came into the office. He was a nerdy, bespectacled and otherwise impotent man whose use was relegated to that of serving those much more powerful than he. Kati looked confused. This should not have astounded her.

The bitch rarely even had the temperance to send her a Christmas or Birthday card. The truth is that she left the house to her four dogs; Masterdog, King, Rex and Spike.

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Now, I will tell you some things about these dogs; things which will not leave this room. They are ificantly larger I believe that Masterdog weighs about pounds and Spike, the smallest of them, weighs aboutmore muscular and far, far more intelligent than most. Now, I will admit to not having much knowledge about the scientific aspect of all of this but I can tell you that they do have telepathic abilities and have even been shown to control the minds of those weaker than their own. They are dogs and despite their abilities, have no sway in the public court system.

So, we were able to come to a kind of compromise with the dogs; one which they have agreed to and I hope you will as well. Valued at over 2 million dollars, it contains 3 rooms but also a swimming pool, gymnasium, bowling alley, movie room, tennis court and basketball court for you to use at your leisure. And, Dog slave story, your two friends, Jasmine and Lexi will be allowed to come and live with you. And here, the lawyer pushed a piece of paper to Kati; one which she skimmed over as quickly as she could.

Given that she was pretty, sweet, charming but not especially intelligent; most of what Mr. Fitzsimmons said had been fairly confusing.

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However, as she sat there; she also began to feel a pressure inside her head, one which seemed to pick at her defenses and make her more susceptible to the power of suggestion. She could not fully explain what it was; just that it was bearing down on her will and making her more passive, accepting and relaxed. Nonetheless, she picked up the piece of paper and began to read it to the best of her ability. She would need to care for these large dogs and, in return, she would be granted the kind of life she had always imagined.

It would be a life of luxury for her and her friends. And by living together, they would be able to make love as much as they liked and, more importantly do whatever they so desired. He walked around Kati and opened a side door so as to let his client, the huge Alpha dog, Masterdog, into the room.

Masterdog was a breed of hunting dog, Kati saw immediately and was, Dog slave story possibly, the largest dog she had ever seen. He was muscular, handsome, and moved with a confidence that was quite intimidating to the petite teenager. Fitzsimmons explained.

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Her mind, which had already seemed cloudy and passive, now went positively weak as Masterdog placed his forepaws Dog slave story her shoulders and began to lick at her face fervently. This, she thought later, would be the one time in which her will was strong enough to resist the huge dog.

It would not take long for Masterdog to break down her defenses. Fitzsimmons did not reply but only watched as the huge dog attacked the young girl with his tongue. He watched with a kind of detached amusement; Masterdog had already told him what he planned on doing with this girl and her friends and he wondered how long it would take for the huge animal to truly indoctrinate her into being his slave.

Would it take a day? An hour? A week? He was not sure, although by the way Masterdog licked at the pretty blonde it seemed obvious that he would at least be starting with the process right away. Masterdog withdrew from licking the pretty blondes face for only a moment. And it was at that moment that he had her.

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And with that, Kati felt her will melt into nothing. She laid back on the chair and placed her hands at her sides and thus allowed Masterdog to do as he pleased.