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I date girl Does queefing mean cheating wants swiss

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You subconsciously perform oral sex more often when you fear your girl may be messing around, finds new research from Oakland University. Bear with us, because this is nuts: Along with humans, animals like orangutans, lemurs, and short-nosed fruit bats also head downtown. And so if a guy human or lemur has an inkling his lady might be running around on him, instincts tell him it's time to employ his tongue detector, says study coauthor Michael Pham, who studies evolutionary psychology at Oakland. Of course, none of this proves she is cheating on you, Pham stresses.

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Discussion in ' Love and Sex ' started by JrkJul 17, Hip Forums. Is she cheating??

What is queefing? how to handle 'vaginal flatus' like a total pro

Ok so I've been with my girl for about 9 months now and the first time I tried to finger her it was almost too tight for one finger. I don't have a huge penis about 6. I am aware that a vagina will adjust to the penis that it is having sex with. But that's only during regular sex and I can hardly say every two weeks if I'm lucky is regular especially for a 20 yr old.

I have noticed the last couple times we did it that she is not very tight at all anymore. Could this be a that she is cheating?

And should I mention it to her? JrkJul 17, Um no dont mention that to her!!!! I would be pissed if my guy told me i felt looser If you have some other reason to think she is cheating Best of luck! Another thing that can make a vagina lose is lack of exercise. Get on that shit, bro. DuckJul 17, The only reason I bring it up is because for the first 6 months or so we ha sex at least 3 times a week and she was still very tight it wasn't until just recently about a week ago that I noticed she felt loose.

And before that we hadn't had sex for a month.

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That's another thing that makes me suspect cheating is her suden loss of untreated in having sex. I do believe the reason a woman feels "loose" is lubrication. It may simply mean temporary changes to her metabolism or, that she is psychologically more comfortable having sex even perhaps with OP. Are you a jealous guy? ChereaJul 17, I would not base my assessment of if my wife is cheating or not on the looseness of her vagina. If she's cheating there would be many, more obvious s.

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AponymousJul 17, Wait a minute wait a minute. However let me tell you a story.

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I had introduced a friend of mine to girl I knew cuz she mentioned interest in him. They started dating and became exclusive, after about 3 years in, he stopped by my house one day looking like a zombie, with a seriously creeped out expression on his face.

I asked him what was up and he reluctantnly told me that whenever he bangs his chick she is very loose suddenly and she queefs a lot and that never happened before. I told him not to worry about it but he insisted that something was not right and that she was way too loose.

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I kept trying to reassure him the same way you guys are for the OP. Here is the kicker, when I spoke to her alone she acted a bit strange and I finally got out of her that she was in fact cheating. Then she told me that my buddy had been acting like a jerk or whatever and that she started bangin a dude from work.

She then went on to tell me how huge his package was and that he was stretching her out so bad she was queefing when her and my buddy fucked and that she could not even get the guys dick in her mouth at all. She eventually did the right thing and dumped my poor friend and I never told him what she said to me that day. My point is that while all the above is true.

A big dick on the regular, is one more thing to add to the list of several that can cause a girl to feel loose to her not as big boyfriend. Is this the case with the OP? Probably not. Is it Possible? I think so.

MothmanJul 17, Tell that hoe what's up! RooRshackJul 17, A big dick would only make it looser if you went straight after the guy with the massive dick. You seem more like the massive dick at the moment.

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If the only thing that makes you suspect she is cheating is her vaginal elasticity then you should have no grounds for worrying, unless you are so narrowminded that you haven't noticed any changes in her behaviour and personality around you. Or maybe she takes care of herself with a super huge dildo every night because you are not man enough?

Who knows? But seriously, man. Lack of exercise and childbirth are about the only things that will permanently loosen a girl up. Even then it isn't permanent if she does something about it. Trust issues often start within the person who mistrusts. PabloJul 20, FedxNov 1, MartellieNov 16, I will be real with u your girl did cheat on you with a guy that had a bigger dick then your dick that's why your girlfriend pussy was very super wet, and Loose feeling.

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