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Derrick Henry and his hair showed up to Raymond James Stadium on Monday to watch Alabama compete for the national championship. The physics of Henry's hairstyle are nothing short of impressive.

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The former Alabama Crimson Tide Heisman winner has switched into a new gear since the beginning of the season, using his combination of size and strength to dominate opposing defenses. FanBuzz is the digital sports publication where hometown pride takes center court through the latest news, heated debates, and glory day tributes.

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Most RBs fit a physical profile - small to and tip the scales at a muscular lbs.

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But Derrick Henry does not fit that mould - he is a legit and about lbs. That size doesnt make him slow however. I read somewhere that he gets to 21 mph typically an elite RB speed by the time he gets to his 4th step. And each step of his covers 7. Derrick Henry in modern football is what Usain Bolt is to track - a physical anomaly.

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And he likes contact - it is what sets him off. Oh and did I forget to mention that he has the endurance of an Alaskan Husky. At Alabama, he would get his most carries in the 4th quarter since he was never gassed. Even in the NFL, he is the back with the best third and fourth quarter stats. Fortunately, unlike track, football is a team sport and good teams have managed to stop the Titans by stopping Henry.

Titans’ derrick henry — 5 reasons he’s now a national star

But, without Lotuleilei, it will not be easy. Also, the conditioning of our defenders the first few games has been suspect. They were so gassed against the Rams in the second half. Our run defense has been gashed a lot this season though the second half against Jacobs oh he is a typical lb back and the Raiders was sublime. I rewatched the Chiefs limit Henry to 69 yards in the Conference Championship game and here are some lessons from that.

We may have to play the traditional instead of our preferred No way Taron Johnson can handle a guy Henry's size. Frazier's first pet phrase: Gap Integrity - you have to stay disciplined - cant bite on fakes and leave your running lane open.

Derrick henry and his hair are supporting alabama

While one defender can rarely take down Henry, you slow him down till the help gets there. Frazier's second pet phrase: Tackling - The Chiefs made a conscious attempt to tackle him low below the waist. You cant just bring Henry down by wrapping the arms around his upper torso since he is big and strong and his legs keep on churning. Dont worry about giving up a few big pass plays - With Humphries and Davis out even those will be few.

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But trust the secondary to do their job. After all, this is Tannehill throwing the ball. Last, but not the least, the best defense is a potent offense - run up the score early so that the Titans are forced to go to the air in the second half when Henry is at his strongest. The Chiefs limited Henry to maybe 5 touches and 7 yards in the second half since the Titans had to play catchup. He gets less than yards, we win. Somewhere in the middle, we got ourselves a game. Real McNasty 2 posts.

RiotAct 3 posts. October 12, My prediction is we score more points we win. We score less points we lose. Regardless of how many yards he rushes for. That size doesnt make him.

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Early lead keeps QB not RB in play. They have lead more apt to run. Score often and early wins game.

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This is one of those games where we have to come out early and score. Make Tannehill be the one to beat us and make him do it through the air. I fully expect them to run it early and use play action just like the Rams did.

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If we can stop the initial onslaught of Henry, the game turns in our favor. If he starts off gashing us early, it's going to be a long game. Plenty of play action, plenty of chances to shut him down early and control the game.

Derrick henry has been growing out his hair since elementary school

I just hope they come out playing man to man so we can unleash 'Allen to Diggs' and make them change up how they want to defend us. Awful Bills have to play this game. Anyone think no one is going to get sick? Yet no one tests positive. It will probably be against us, because the league forced the Bills to play against Tannenhill's airborne infection.

With our luck, we'll get called for a bogus horse collar tackle. But seriously, what the hell is that thing? It looks like a dried rhino turd electrical taped to the back of his head. If I were a player with long hair, I would for reals grease it. Anyone know if that's legal?

Rhino was just my best guess, but on second thought it is probably similar to elephant.

Derrick henry tennessee titans nfl pro line by fanatics branded women's player name & icon v-neck t-shirt - light

I would wager it is probably legal to grease your hair, but would probably be impossible to wash out of a knotted mess like his. That is point 5 above. The Titans trail the league in passing yardage, with Davis as their 1 receiver so far and their TE Smith as 2.

Davis and Humphries are currently on the covid reserve list. But they still have Smith at TE regardless. With both Edmunds and Milano out, the Bills showed susceptibility to play-action passes over the middle of the field, with TE Gesiki racking up yds. If Dodson replaces Milano and that seems to be the idea given he came in for MattEdmunds needs to have a gap-sound game against the run.

I hope he's power-watching tape.

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Joe B has a pretty good analysis in the Athleticthough that faithless hound is picking the Titans to win. I hope the Bills find it motivational that even our local sports writers are picking against them. You can post now and register later.

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Clear editor. or insert images from URL. Titans: Stopping Derrick Henry. Game Plan vs. Share More sharing options Followers 0. Reply to this topic.

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Recommended Posts. Posted October 12, While one defender can rarely take down Henry, you slow him down till the help gets there 3. Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Replies 63 Created 1 yr Last Reply 1 yr. Top Posters In This Topic 2 6 3 4. Popular Posts formerlyofCtown October 12, BuffaloBillies October 12, BuffaloBillies Posted October 12, Posted October 12, edited. Edited October 12, by BuffaloBillies.

BuffaloMatt Posted October 12, Score early and often, and get Tannehill throwing on 1st down. Crap I forgot about him.

Twitter goes wild over derrick henry's hair

Hapless Bills Fan Posted October 12, Warcodered Posted October 12, So the same plan as the last two years then? The Jerk Posted October 12, Ralonzo Posted October 12, Just curious as to how you're familiar with the appearance of rhino turds? RiotAct Posted October 12,