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I'm seeking male Definition of an angry dragon like fitness

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A Tribute to those who heroically battle the ravaging effects of an Angry Dragon and its attempts to cause total annihilation to the spirit.

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Some of the greatest heroes of our time will remain unknown to the majority, but still, they are fully known by God. These survivors show us the enduring and awe-inspiring substance from that which miracles are made. Yes, indeed, Dream On; Christmas can continue long after the holiday is actually over. Jesus is always alive in our hearts! I am so sorry about your cousin. Addictions are terrible situations in life.

What is an angry dragon?

It seems that the addiction takes hold of the victim, and takes on a life of its own, and keeps the person in its control. Yes, faithful prayer is needed for this situation as there is not a lot more that one can do for someone with an addiction, without enabling them.

Christmas can continue long after the day is over. In your heart you keep that unbelievable, vibrant spirit alive and well.

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Your words excite the numb, worn out, beaten down people who go through the motions of life. I have a cousin I am very worried about. He dealt with drugs in the past and now his life is a roller coaster ride that goes from bad to worse. All I can do is pray he will do what is right. He lives out of state.

Definition of angry dragon

He doesn't return any of my phone calls. I keep on texting him hoping he will come around.

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Thank you for sharing. As always take care and keep writing. Thank you for your sweet and kind visit. It was like waking up to Christmas to see so many positive comments from you, my friend. Your poem is perfect and the dragon fits magically.

What is the angry dragon?

I hope your friend is doing fine. It is tough when we see people we care about struggle with life's problems. Hubs like yours make all the troubles seem so far way.

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Thank you for sharing and exploring your gift. Yes, the fire-breathing dragon, and the struggle Everyday, unspoken heroes are its survivors.

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The poetry is quite inspirational Tamara. I liked you using, dragon represent the inner struggle. Great theme! Poetry makes it easier to present and to read difficult struggles.

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Good job as always. Creative Writing.

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Inspirational Writing. Religious Studies. Personal Essays. Humor Writing.

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Welcome to LetterPile! What is An Angry Dragon? Related Articles. By Tamara Yancosky.

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