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If you were a teenage boy in the 90s, you knew that Danni Ashe was erotica's it girl. Starting off as an erotic dancer and nude model, she quickly became a recognisable face online. Born January 16,Danni Ashe began working as a stripper fresh out of high school at the age of 17, using a fake ID.

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Danni Ashe is the porn star who pioneered making money online. Documentary Women of the Net proclaimed. She now allegedly lives somewhere in either the Southwest or Mountain West, where she fulfills her creative impulses by working as a photo retoucher. The only downloadable images and videos left of her being the old stuff that made her such a big deal in s and s. But because E!

Age: 36
Ethnicity: Brazilian
Service for: Man
Sex: Woman

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WATCH ». What did the NFL know, and when did they know it? Get Our Newsletter. Follow Us. I'd worked for many years as what they call a house dancer, and then I became a men's magazine model, and did a lot of softcore videos. And then I became what's called a feature dancer.

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Once you have built a name for yourself, have magazine credits and video credits, you can become what's called a feature, and you tour around the country from club to club, city to city, as sort of the headline attraction. You have themed minute shows, and you are the reason people come to the club.

So I did that for awhile, and had a of really awful experiences. And out of those experiences I thought, "You know what, it's time to move on.

The great disappearing act of the ‘most downloaded woman in the world’

And I had been using a personal computer for a of years and running my fan club, and I knew that's what I wanted to do. I loved the computer. I was obsessed with the computer, and I thought, "I want to become a computer programmer. And in the interim, while I was waiting for a course to start, I ventured onto the Internet, and quickly got into the Usenet newsgroups where I was hearing that my pictures were being posted, and started talking to people.

I spent several really intense months in the newsgroups, and it was out of those conversations that the idea for Danni's Hard Drive was born. And you were not personally intimidated by the technology of the Internet? What [year]? Late '94, early Danni ashe now Well, I was very computer literate, and yes I was new to the Internet, but I was so fascinated by it and I was so intrigued, that I was just driven to figure out whatever I needed to figure out.

And so every step of the way, if I wanted to do something, I would just pour myself into it until I figured out how to do it. Her site offers only softcore pornography and does not feature any female-male sex.

Danni ashe

This interview was conducted in May I think that the average visitor to Danni's Hard Drive is someone who is more of a fan, someone who's generally interested in knowing about the women that they have fantasies about, wanting to have a more well-rounded fantasy, a little more reality in the information. And how I've managed to do that is by creating a place that people will want to visit again and again and tell their friends about.

And I do a lot of publicity, and that's how I make Danni's Hard Drive a large destination that a lot of people go to. The vast majority of the adult Internet business uses different methods to drive traffic to their websites.

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It becomes much more of a buying and selling of traffic, of content. It's very much a s game. It's all about moving that traffic around -- which initially, I think, was a brilliant idea.

Danni ashe porn star videos

You don't see big mainstream corporations agreeing to trade traffic with each other, to share customers with each other. In the adult space you do see that quite a bit. Essentially what happens is an adult website will buy a thousand visitors, for instance.

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Of those thousand, maybe two or three will subscribe, so the people who don't subscribe, they'll say, "Hey, I'm going to sell 'em to the next guy. And so people just keep getting moved around. And, you know, the initial philosophy was, "Hey, you know, maybe this guy doesn't like my website, but he might like this other person's website, so let's give them more choices.

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When you come to Danni's Hard Drive you'll find a lot of things. We post a lot of regular content: picture of the week, model of the day, we have news features, the joke of the week. You can preview e-zines, read through all of the model biographies, read my FAQ and biography. You can see sample photos, we do parodies and fun little features. But what you'll quickly find is Danni ashe now the model's directory is at the center of the site. It's at the center of the file structure.

Everything comes and goes from the model s, everything. We now employ 45 people, and the business continues to grow and expand. Over the years, we've had to develop a lot of technology to support the business of Danni's Hard Drive -- streaming video technology, hosting technologies, credit card scrubbing technologies, processing, customer service. And all of these things are now working so well that they have value to other companies, and we're beginning to market those technologies to other companies.

And that's actually the largest area of growth in our business right now. And the other area that we're moving into is taking the Danni brand, which is probably the only pure adult Internet brand in the space, and moving it to other forms of media.

Meet danni ashe, the guinness record holder for internet's most downloaded woman

We're doing a video and DVD line, I'm writing a book, we're talking about doing a magazine, doing cable and pay-per-view shows. So I'm trying to sort of expand in some more traditional forms of media. It is no hardcore explicit sex, no penetration. I try to stay really focused on nudity and simulated sex.

And as a performer, that's where my boundaries were, that's where my comfort level was, and I feel like in the running of my business, I have to stay within my own, you know, comfort zone, within my own boundaries, so that it can always be fun for me. Is there a temptation, an Danni ashe now, a marketing demand to go harder for you? Oh, there's absolutely no question that we'd make a lot more money if we went hardcore, but it's not something that I'm willing to do, and I believe that if I stand firmly in the softcore space, someday that's going to be really worth something, because there aren't a whole lot of people that are trying to stand in that space.

Yeah, exactly.

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You never see penises on Danni's Hard Drive, that's what it is. You know, hardcore, like the word pornography, has kind of a moving definition depending on who you're talking to.

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So it's kind of hard to define because I have my own personal definitions, but other people have other definitions. Some people believe that Playboy is pornography and other people believe that it's not. Some people believe that I'm pornography and some people believe I'm not. I don't believe what Danni's Hard Drive does is pornography, only because it has such a negative connotation.

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Do you believe any of the material is actually obscene that's available out there? Well, you know, you can find anything on the Internet. I've seen some pretty horrific things on the Internet, yeah. I mean, the Internet is almost like a parallel universe.

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It represents every possible human thought, feeling, and emotion, both good and bad, it's all there. It's a mirror of us. And sometimes, you know, we don't like to see laughter what's there. Another moving term. Pro-woman, you know. I'm very concerned about how I am perceived as a woman and how other women are perceived, especially women who have chosen this industry. I think a lot of times women who choose adult entertainment are up against a lot, something that maybe they don't recognize when they first get started, because it's all very exciting.

And when you first start stripping or you first start modeling, you don't really realize how much negative feedback you're going to have to deal with from the outside world. And I think that's kind of one of my personal goals. I suffered through that for many years, when someone doesn't want to rent you an apartment because you're a stripper, or somebody doesn't want to give you that car loan because you're a stripper, that hurts, and you internalize it. And I think in a lot of ways I want to stand up and say, "Hey, we're worthy of people's respect.

We're not bad people, and we don't deserve to be Danni ashe now that way. Absolutely not, no. I think what I'm doing is helping to reverse some of the sexual repression that we have in this country about nudity and about sex.

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And I'm not a psychiatrist, but it seems to me, the more you repress your sexual feelings, the more they're going to pop up somewhere else in a really unhealthy way. In our culture, we repress a lot of sex, and we repress our anger, and what you see coming out is a lot of violent pornography.

And, you know, it's my theory that that's a direct result of our culture's repression. I saw, yesterday, tremendously violent pornography being made, directed by a woman.

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A woman actually was beaten by the other actors. What do you think about that? I think all media, including pornography, is a mirror of what's going on in our collective subconscious. It's something that's surfacing in us, in our culture, otherwise it wouldn't be there.

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And I think it has a lot to do, as I was saying before, about repressing sexual desires and anger. You repress them both, and all of a sudden it bounces back and in kind of ugly ways. I'm personally very uncomfortable with the mixing of sex and violence, you know. It's not a warm feeling. But I don't know, I haven't seen it, I don't know how bad it is.