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I am Crossdressing couples stories guy that loves flirtbook

This week I am truly honored to hear from Amy. This is the first time that a genetically born woman has shared her crossdressing success story on Crossdresser Heaven. I met my husband about 5 years ago at a pizza restaurant where we both worked at the time.

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Post a Comment. Sunday Crossdressing Story :: My Wife turns me into her indian bride. We got engaged a couple of weeks back, as it was all arranged being our orthodox big t family. Was not able to decide……………………………………………………………………. I slept that night just thinking.

Age: 48
Where am I from: Icelandic
I like: Hetero
What is my gender: I'm girl
Music: Latin
Smoker: No

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One thought on “varsha: a loving couple”

Note: This story is contributed by our lovely reader, Lakshmi Seetha. We have not edited this story in any way. All rights for this story belong to the original author. Lying under piles of bed sheet, the alarm startled me for a second and I looked around frantically as if I had woken up from worst nightmare. Coming back to conscious, I laid back again breathing a sigh of relief.

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Beside me, was my love Arun, who had a bizarre face expression, quickly covered the head under a pillow and started to mumble about the alarm. With much effort I slowly moved my hand out of the pile and started tapping the table in search of my phone. The tapings made my bangles clink which suddenly had a pounding on my heart upon hearing the sound.

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After multiple tapings, I grabbed my phone and looked at it, rubbing my eyes to check the time. I stepped out of bed, adjusted my black saree and started walking towards the bathroom, with jingles of my anklets giving me company.

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Arun managed to sit and pointed towards my anklets. I looked down and realized what was meant.


This inadvertently made the loose end of my saree to fall off and showing my back and hip. Looking at me, Arun started giggling hysterically. My hair was messy, my lipstick and eyeliner smeared all over my face. I looked as if a 2 year old kid was using my face was drawing board.

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I grabbed the loose end of my saree and threw it on the floor, which made my navel visible in the mirror. Then started removing my dress one by one, slowly enjoying my feminine body all along the way by twisting and turning around. Leaning against the wall, I turned on the hot shower, soaking my body as well as my feelings.

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After a lengthy shower, I came out wrapping my towel and opened the wardrobe. Since I wore a saree yesterday, I wanted to dress in simple fashion which made me to opt for a light cream top, a matching bra and black pant. I sat on my dressing table and started combing my hair thinking about different styles of braid to try out and ultimately choosing to leave my hair my loose.

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With my makeup done, I stormed off to kitchen. I sighed and made coffee for us both.

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Holding the tray, I came to hall and seated myself comfortably. Being an avid news reader, my table was filled with English newspaper and started to read them sipping my coffee and munching biscuits. After running through entire paper top to bottom, I looked around and saw the time on wall clock as After multiple yelling, Arun came out rubbing the eyes and sat next to my left sipping the coffee.

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I looked to my left thinking how lucky I must be to get such a great person to be my love, my life, to be my WIFE. It has be 2 years since we have tied the knot and owed to stand beside each other till the end. She noticed my gaze and leaned on me with her head over my shoulders. HBO was telecasted my favorite movie Dark knight.

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My eyes watched the movie, but my mind slowly drifted backed to my past, replaying how I got here. The team of writers working to bring a positive change in the Indian Crossdressing World. View all posts by ICN Team. Like Liked by 1 person. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google .

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