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Available : After completing " Directorial Override ". The X-Ray Lightbox is located in the Hypnosis Lab, in the area with all the recording chairs, so backtrack a bit and enter the lab to find a of hypnotized soldiers staring at the Lightbox. The door to the X-Ray Lightbox is locked, so enter the nearby room and examine the control panel.

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This of our Control guide contains a walkthrough for a side quest called A Captive Audience. You will learn, e. The quest starts in Sector: Researchnear the Parapsychology room.

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As you progress through the story of Control you will come to a location known as Parapsychology.

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Attached to this location is the Hypnosis Lab. Inside this lab you will see an Object of Power locked behind a door. This area triggers a mission called A Captive Audience.

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Check out our a Captive Audience guide below. The Hypnosis Lab can be found to the east of the Parapsychology area.

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In the Hypnosis Lab you will find a a control room with a interactable console inside it. This triggers a sort of puzzle to complete with the console. To solve the console puzzle in A Captive Audience you need to input a certain shape.

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This shape is located next to the door pictured above. Take this shape and input it into the console to unlock the door to the Object of Power.

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The Seize ability allows you to take control of enemies that are low on health. To complete this challenge you need to Seize the non-gold enemies and have them fight for you.

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You will unlock the Seize ability, some materials, some ability points, and the Psychic Occupation trophy for your efforts. This concludes our A Captive Audience guide. Drop any questions or comments you have into The Pit below.

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Tags: Control. Eli "Enricofairme" McLean is the Founder and lead writer on holdtoreset.

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He has been creating content about video games for the past 5 years. You can follow Eli on Twitter enricofairme. August 27, August 26, Leave this field empty.

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