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Coc succubus gardener lady found friend for escorts

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This location cannot be found until finishing the Deep Cave dungeon - the third dungeon in the game's main quest. After arriving at the Stronghold, it can then be found in the Places menu. So far, there are only 4 known Bad Ends. This is the haphazardly made map. In the Mirror Room, you can either put on Glasses or Leave.

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Pastebin API tools faq. up. Nov 18th, Not a member of Pastebin yet? Upit unlocks many cool features! The bushes surrounding the path have given way here to a mass of tentacles, some still bedecked in the flowers that surround the air. They twist and writhe but seem content to stay in their place for now. Besides, if you hang back along the edge of the walk, you should be out of their reach.

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The path he north and south The slick foilage parts just ahead, revealing a lissom leg clad in green hosiery that resembles the spiderwork patterns of leafy veins more than any garment. Its owner follows but a moment later, so perfectly, wonderfully shapely that you freeze in place, compelled by biology to take notice.

Her expansive bosom, womanly hips, and gentle, soft curves invite you to fall into her embrace. Her lips, full and pouting, beckon for you to taste them.

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The smooth, twists of her ram-like horns keep her coiffure stylish while simultaneously jolting you out of your reverie. You shake your head to regain your focus. Did you come all this way just to my garden? Would you like that? They gleam with moisture - milk you suppose.

You drop to the ground, defeated and degraded, too turned on to try and stop your hands from rushing to your crotch. Why bother? To think, the one who wiped out our factory installation would fall prey to simple tentacle shrubs and a lowly succubus.

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Her foot presses down on your crotch, rubbing your throbbing shaft through your samurai armor, her eyes twinkling as you writhe at her touches. Following me around on a leash for walkies in the garden, or do you think that this-" She presses down harder on your crotch. You whine, the unwelcome lust obliterating any other considerations as she plays with you, not even bothering to use her hands or mouth.

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Both ideas have their own appeal. To be honest, here, under her heel, you have a hard time even remembering why you came here in the first place. A high-pitched whine of agreement automatically slips off your tongue - anything to get her to continue her ministrations on your crotch.

The phantom memory of her warm, soft toes cradling your veiny fuckstick teases you worse than anything she could say, and you look up at her, a hurtful look plain on your face. Her visage is painted with displeasure, but hints of possessive affection as well.

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It would be easy to confirm it for a kind of motherly displeasure were it not for the glint of prideful ownership in her eyes. You open your mouth, about to answer, when you remember what happened last time. Slowly, you shape your mouth to make a new sound. But you have to be good until then, okay?

Perhaps sensing this or simply because she intends to lead you away, she pulls away. Her tremendous breasts hang down in elongated teardrops, only sagging slightly in spite of their huge size.

Lethice’s stronghold

When her fingers grab her pebbly, hardened nipples and begin to tug, a ripple passes back the creamy skin of her teats, and a torrent of amber-white sap erupts. The first flows splatter on impact. You lick and lap at every stray drop, heedless of the fact that you seem to be able to reach a little farther with every one you consume, slobbering some in your vigor to get more.

All the while, the depression fills higher. The sound of gushing fluid tapers down to pitter-patters of the last droplets impacting the impromptu bowl, accompanied by a moan from the demon. You look down at your drooling rod, then at the puddle of sap-laced milk, then at your rod again, then finally back at the puddle before getting up onto all fours.

Coc succubus gardener scrabble over, unused to having to move in such a way, and plant your face right into the succubus' milk.


The ambrosial fluid fills your mouth with scintillating, indescribable flavor that sets your stubby, new tail wagging. Never mind that it gets longer and fuzzier with every gulp or that your tongue is swelling up, wide, flat, and perfect for panting, licking, and lapping up a drink. It merely hangs under your belly, dripping and drooling, more ready for use than ever but obedient Most of the milk is gone now, but your tongue is perfect for prizing the last of the honeyed amber from its muddy bowl.

Having such a useful muscle allows you the perfect chance to look up at her while you drink. Why are her hands glowing?

Coronas of amber energy are flicking around her hands. You never thought a succubus could be this nice! Perhaps owner is the right word. The corners of your mouth quirk up at how right that sounds.

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The glow emanating from her fingertips flashes and fades as you lick the last bits of mistress' gooey goodness out of the dirt. You lick at your chops, savoring every stray drop before picking yourself up and panting.

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You give a happy bark to tell her. If only you had a way to make her understand you. Your tail flails back and forth in excitement, and your obedient cock thrums with ready excitement. A thin trail of pre-spooge rolls out of you, trailing on the ground behind you with each happy twitch of your bitch-boner.

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The succubus turns and whistles, patting her hip. You plod along after her, low to the ground and sniffing at the air. Mistress has a very unique aroma, now that you take a chance to appreciate it, like earth and berries and sex all mixed up into one scent. The longer you follow, the easier it gets to stay on her heels. Your legs shorten as you plod along, slowing you momentarily as they change. Your hands follow suit. First, p form on your palms, making it easier to support your weight.

Then, your fingers shorten. Several other demons and creatures are around now. Many point at you and speak, but the words are beyond you. The tones in their voices imply derision or jealousy of Mistress, but a smile from her stills your worries. Your tail, which had gone flat a moment ago, begins slapping back and forth again, dumbly smacking into the wall as you follow. Your kennel is amazing! That hole is on the back wall.

Your tail is a little itchy, for instance. Your nose can smell soooo much. Mistress clasps a collar around your furry neck. Was that there before? It must be obvious to her, because your dick is bobbing beneath you, and she gestures for you to roll onto your back.

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Ohhhh, she sounds so happy! You roll over, panting in excitement, your pre oozing into your fur in reckless drops, and look up at her. She ruffles your belly, making you wiggle in happiness, before reach down to your cock and wrapping her hand around it. You can feel every crease in her hand as it slides around you, and the wetness of your eagerness has you irrevocably lubricated.

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You bark, and her other hand ruffles your shaggy, blonde hair, playfully scratching behind your ears. She squeezes while stroking slowly and repeats the question. Your bark comes quicker and easier this time. At the same time, Mistress' hand moves a little faster. The pleasure is overwhelming, like the entirety of your consciousness is down between your hindlegs and being playfully caressed by her beautiful, shapely fingers, spellbound and held between them so that they can eke ever-greater flows of pleasure from your pliant nerves.

This must be what true love feels like. You marvel at how love feels like being owned, your Coc succubus gardener trembling and spurting out ribbons of pre. Whining in the back of your throat, you look at her, hoping she can read the affection in your eyes, wanting her to see just how completely contented you are with this state of affairs. You bark and cum at the same time, shooting ropes all over your belly. Mistress is so nice; she keeps stroking while you shoot, encouraging her pet to shoot every drop of his sperm out.