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The year-old is from Dortmund, Germany, and has nine wins coming by knockout. She is also known outside the ring and is currently making a name for herself in fashion.

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Go to German female boxer Christina Hammer. Christina Hammer is easily my favorite female fighter. She's a legit female boxing Christina hammer sexy champ, undefeated and seems to be quite popular in her country Germany. You rarely see women fighters who are so big yet look so sexy and feminine at the same time. For example in WMMA they have hard time finding good women fighters to fight Cyborg at lbs and the heavier divisions above that are practically unknown.

Well Christina is even bigger than Cyborg and seems very athletic for her size. The technical aspect is just so much better than what you see in WMMA understandable because in MMA they have to train other things as well, but still, I personally prefer to see real boxing skills. Christina has good technical boxing, she has solid boxing fundamentals, she uses her jab and footwork, she doesn't telegraph punches and doesn't throw useless haymakers.

Her combinations flow perfectly with precision and she knows when to open up and when to be defensive. She's basically boxing like a regular male pro boxer, except with less power and explosiveness behind it, but technique-wise there aren't many flaws. Here's a known fight from Christina where her Swedish opponent kissed her during staredown.

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Attached Images Christina-Hammer-doing-side-lunches-ex Last edited by al89; Apr at Re: German female boxer Christina Hammer. Here's a video of Christina Hammer challenging a German female professional tennis player in a series of athletic challenges. She has to weigh like pounds or more when she's not cutting weight. It just seems like a good for a girl that big.

I mean, even a male who weighs as much as her would have to be in good shape to do so many push ups at once. Let's face it, women that big are generally really non-athletic. The tennis player won at sprinting, basketaball, hurdles and jumping though and won the challenge overall. The tennis player is quite athletic as well and I guess her being smaller benefited her in challenges that involved speed.

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It's actually quite impressive that Christina beat her at push ups and pull ups, smaller people are usually better at exercises involving your own body weight. Too bad the final challenge didn't involve them wrestling each other.

Christina hammer

Their father showed them some basics of boxing and they were ready to fight. The first time they fought they had to share one pair of gloves, she had the glove for the left hand and her brother for the right hand. When they fought at one point she hit him good with her bare knuckle right hand and knocked him out.

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She said that they had a bit of a rivalry going on after that but that they have a good relationship now. I can imagine that the younger brother was bitter about being owned by his big sister like that, getting knocked out cold by her in their first fight with their father watching must have been terribly humiliating so I guess he wanted to get back at her and that's what started the "rivalry".

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I wonder how their other fights went but I wouldn't be surprised if she continued to whoop his ass, she seems like a natural fighter and their sibling rivalry probably ended up pretty one-sided, especially after she started training boxing seriously. Also, Christina looking hot in her leather pants in that interview.

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Christina then says that men sometimes have problems if a woman is beating them, but that they should view it just as a sport. All times are GMT. The time now is - Archive - Top. User Name.

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