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Scot woman Car cranking stories boy for phish

This is a big board so check out this area first-it is the general rules of the board. Posted by: crissycrankscars.

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He was very young looking, he had a real boyish appearance to him. At a very early age, the sound of a car trying to start always seemed to have this strange but pleasant effect on me.

My age: I'm 35 years old
Ethnic: Panamanian
My orientation: Hetero
Iris tone: I’ve got brilliant hazel eyes
What is the color of my hair: Dark-haired hair
What I prefer to drink: Rum
I prefer to listen: My favourite music opera
My hobbies: Hunting

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By Guest ilovepumps!

passionate lady Wrenley

Morning All! Apart from wearing high heels, I also like to make use of them in other areas. One of them is driving fast whilst wearing high heels. I like to do it and also love seeing women do it too.

Hard start story

Ive loved seeing heels on the gas pedal ever since I was a kid I am in my 30s now. I just love the way when a woman pushes the gas pedal to the floor and make the engine scream for mercy, the way the speedo shoots up to triple figures and takes no time getting there. Anyway, for anyone interested in this same topic, I would love to hear your stories, experiences etc. Here is one of my own when I had a courtesy car from my car dealer I use to drive a Vauxhall Astra and it is normally very Car cranking stories to get a courtesy car from them, as they always have some sort of excuse not to give you one.

However, one time they had to keep my car for three days as they cannot figure out what the problem was? I think it was a little 1.

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Anyways, I have this thing with courtesy cars, I like to see how fast they can go top speedso whenever I get the chance to keep the car overnight, I know I can have some fun with it lol. I always go out pretty late in the evenings, as there are less cars on the DC so I dont keep getting held up. That evening came, so I decided to take the little Corsa out on the DC to see what it can do.

Before I went out, I had to select what heels to wear for this job? I decided on a pair of light grey stilettos with a 3. I choose heels depending on the accelerator layout of the car, as too high a heel, you cannot push the pedal all the way to the floor and you end up putting too much strain on your calfs hehe. I jumped into the little Corsa and Car cranking stories for the DC. As I arrived to the slip road to enter the DC, I went through all the gears quickly and as soon as I hit the DC, into the final gear and mashed the pedal to the floor. Being a 1.

As the speedo was going up, I can hear the little engine scream for mercy, but I did not let up, just kept my foot down hard on the accelerator pedal LOL. The speedo reached about 90mph and began to slow down, but I wanted more, so I kept my foot down.

Finally, it came to a halt at 98mph lol!

Scarlet tells her car stuck & cranking story in tan otk boots

Nice one. I hope to have more up sometime soon. Hopefully we will draw some interest in this topic, as I am sure there are more out their that have similar experiences to share. I hope there will be more responses on this thread.

Honey tea: by d_bounce

Hey, Great question Lynn, Well I guess you can tell from my screen name that I can definitely relate to this topic. As a matter of fact, This is what I enjoy most. It too started for me when I was My girfriend was 23 and the kind of woman when she walked into a room, everyones he turned and guys jaws hit the floor ; The time being was the eighties, she liked the whole club scene, remember that?

She also spent quite a bit of time in our bathroom before leaving putting on mascara and shiny red lipstick.

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She liked to wear loose fitting blouses and short skirts and took much pride in her high heels. Anyway, she always wore classic pump high heels and knew she was hot.!! She did not know how turned on I was as we always drove together to work, I would always peek out of the corner of my eye focusing on her aggressive right high heeled foot pushing down on the gas. I would always purposely stall and act like I forgot something before we would always leave.

So it was more of a turn-on for me as she always got angry about the fact that I'm always Car cranking stories behind, and she would have to make up for loss time and floor it all the way to work. Late for something or not, she always had a heavy right foot while driving, and the fact that she always wore high heels was a plus.

She'd always screetch and spin her right tire when making a right hand turn.

God, I love those old cars. I also loved when it snowed because it would make her spin even more. In the winter she wore these sexy white knee highed spiked high heel boots with a four inch heel as again, much to her liking. In the beginning at the time we first met, it was a winter, a snowstorm was dumping huge amounts of snow and covering all the ro. So she knew how much I enjoyed doing that and on occasion, would ask if I would like to hang on the back of her car. Especially when my friends were not around at the time. Hanging on the back of her car, right behind her right Car cranking stories where it would spin like mad and blow her exhaust on me from her hard driving.

Just knowing the fact that she was making this all happen with her sexy high heeled boot was invigorating to say the least. She would drive hard and make the tires scream on the ice from the fresh nicely packed snow.

sweet floozy Samara

At times she would sit there and spin in one spot and billows of smoke and rubber would start to appear. I'd hold on, and she'd try and shake me loose and constantly look in her mirrors to see if she was succeeding. This too would really turn me on.!! Big Time.!!! She'd continuously throw it in reverse and drive and floor it with everything she had.

I loved the look of frustration on her face while this was happening as she would gaze over at me curious to what I was doing. I would get in her blind spot and lean my middle area up against her car as she would rock her back end from spinng tires in hopes to get free. There's more and sorry if I was getting off topic, but I'm just too I be back later to finish after I finish.

cutie Brooke

Just Respond to this so I can break it up a little and try not to babble.!! No problem for me, as I have many experiences to share. Love the clip. Are you trying to start that thing in the pumps in your avatar?

Mary tyler moore crank's by d_bounce

I love those pumps:fine:. Thats not me in the clip my foot is not that sexy lol. Its a clip of a pretty blond girl cranking her motor. I just converted it into a gif file. After reading the last part, me thinks your motor is Car cranking stories as a dodo lol. No bouncing will get you going again LOL. I was so sure the Yankees would win the World Series that, after one beer Car cranking stories many, I made a foolish bet with my college roommate. When the underdog Pirates stole the title with a 9th inning home run in the seventh game, I was obligated to appear at the fall formal dance dressed as a woman!

I planned to "ham it up" with a comical outfit and combat boots, but a female friend convinced me I could have the last laugh by making a cameo appearance as a convincing "mystery woman" and revealing my identity later. At 5'7" and pounds, I needed only a padded bra to fit perfectly into her long black sleeveless gown. The dress had a high collar, shoulder length white gloves covered my arms, and dark stockings disguised my shaved legs when the floor-length skirt swirled up.

An expensive platinum blonde human-hair wig gave me a "Marilyn Monroe" look and my smooth complexion responded convincingly to a bit of make-up. As a competition springboard diver and gymnast, I was accustomed to moving on the balls of my feet, and my "coach" couldn't believe I could walk better than she could in strappy sandals with the latest style spike heels.

I was ready! She even found me a suitably "girly" car for the 2 mile drive to the hotel, and on the big night I walked carefully across the parking lot to a pink and white two-tone Ford hardtop that looked good but was mechanically tired after almostmiles.

As I slid behind the wheel and balanced my high heels unsteadily on the pedals my confidence wavered, and I wished I had brought flat shoes to drive like most women I knew. My grand entrance, however, depended on using the valet parking attendant under the main portico, and changing my shoes would ruin Car cranking stories whole effect. At least the car was an automatic, so I wouldn't have to worry about slipping off the clutch and stalling once I got it started. That was easier said than done, I was about to discover. I fumbled the key into the slot with my silky gloves and tried the starter as Car cranking stories planted my right heel at the base of the floor-hinged accelerator and pushed down.

This was the last year Ford used 6-volt electrical systems and the little V8 cranked slowly with no of life. I stretched my ankle and pushed harder, unable to feel how much gas I was giving the car and surprised when my toe thumped against the floor. When it still wouldn't start I realized I would have to try pumping the gas pedal, something I had hoped to avoid while hobbled with high heels. With my sexy sandal positioned for the best possible leverage, I twisted the key, pointed my toe, rocked on the tip of my spike heel, and began to pump.

The car sputtered weakly and d cranking. I gave the accelerator five or six hard pumps before I tried again and the car responded by sputtering and chugging several times before it choked and quit. Over and over it teased me with false starts, but it would backfire and stall because I couldn't "milk" the gas pedal gently enough to rev it up.

My heel slipped and wobbled on the pedal, my ankle hurt from flexing, and I finally managed to get the car hopelessly flooded. I knew I would have a better chance of getting it started if I removed my shoe and pumped the gas barefoot, like I had seen my mother and aunt do on several occasions. However, I realized - to my surprise - that I was enjoying my first experience as a helpless "damsel in distress". I looked down at my slinky dress, glamorous gloves, and sexy shoes - an outfit more appropriate for the back of a limo than behind the wheel of balky old car.

I felt a strange tingle of excitement followed by the unmistakable stirring of arousal and soon my silk panties were "flooded" just like the old Ford. I was hooked, and I knew this would not be the last time I would dress up in high heels to struggle with an old car that was stuck or stalled in a difficult situation. I finally got that flooded '55 Ford started after a pause to regain my composure and allow Car cranking stories excess fuel to evaporate. Traffic was light, allowing me to concentrate on my high-heeled footwork and drive to the dance with no problems.

My appearance as a "lady of mystery" was actually an anticlimax; I paraded across the balcony, down the spiral staircase, and across the dance floor without tripping or having any close encounters. I don't think I fooled the valet parking attendant, but a generous tip in advance kept his mouth shut and ensured my car would be ready and running if a hasty exit was required.

Eager to escape the attention of a couple who had come outside to smoke - or engage in some other mischief - I pulled the car into gear and stepped on the gas. My high-heeled pedal control still left something to be desired, and I stomped down so hard the car leaped forward and squealed the tires.