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I Can you save hannah and beth in until dawn female who loves humiliation

For more help, head on over to our Until Dawn Walkthrough and Guide. As with most prologues, this section is a combination of setting up the story and teaching you how to play. Most of your interactions are moving and pressing the buttons indicated on your screen.

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Hannah and Beth are sisters in Until Dawn. Hannah and Beth Washington are close twin sisters. Being the younger sisters of Josh, and the daughters of Bob and Melinda Washington, the two grew up spending their lives together as siblings and close friends. The two undoubtedly seem to care very much for each other. Hannah is the older twin sister, but the pair were aged 18 amid their disappearance on Blackwood Mountain. The prologue opens with Jessica putting down a note and arguing with Sam about the impending prank they are about to play on Hannah.

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Players can kill or save all eight protagonists in the game, or any combination in between. You could end up killing three characters and saving five, or killing seven and saving one.

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Warning : It probably goes without saying, but there are major spoilers ahead. You can find a full list of the characters below, and the chapters in which they die. If you wish, you can scroll on down to find out how to save them but whether you choose to prevent or avoid their death is entirely up to you.

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Samantha Giddings, who is more commonly recognized as the actor that plays her, Hayden Panettiere, is one of only three characters that can only die in Chapter 10 of Until Dawn. If you want Sam to survive, make sure the following happens:.


Robotis by finding a specific clue while playing as Sam in Chapter Flip through all the s and Josh Washington will be spared. This is the only way to kill or save Josh in Until Dawn. To avoid killing Mike, players must follow the instructions to save Sam that are detailed earlier in this guide. The second opportunity for Jessica to die is during Chapter 10, although she wakes up in the mines in Chapter 9 if she survived the events of Chapter 4.

Players can save or kill Jessica if Matt is alive in Chapter As always, you can get your desired outcome by choosing to adhere or ignore the following instructions:.

How to kill or save every character

If Matt dies in Chapter 6, Jessica will have to brave the mines on her own in Chapter 10, and can only live if players make all the right decisions. Ashley Brown, voiced by Galadriel Stineman, can have her fate decided by players in Chapter 9 and Chapter Although, events in chapters can make keeping her alive a bit more difficult.

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If Emily as bitten by a Wendigo in Chapter 8, Ashley will always notice the bite. Mike will try to shoot Emily, and Ashley will be egging him on.

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No matter what happens, if Ashley sees the bite on Emily, saving Ashley in Chapter 10 will be slightly more difficult, but by no means impossible. For example, if you nail all the QTEs and decisions that Sam needs to make it through the final scene of Chapter 10, Ashley will live, assuming you got her out of Chapter 9.

Hannah and beth

While playing as Ashley in Chapter 9, players can easily ensure her safety by choosing the option to Re Group instead of Investigate Voice. However, choosing to Investigate Voice will lead you to a Loss Totem, and you can still save Ashley by never interacting with the trap door.

Just keep on walking, choosing the option to Drop Down at the end of the path. If you interact with the trap door in any fashion, Ashley will be killed. Take the following steps to save Ashley.

Samantha giddings

Although Chris can only die in Chapter 8 and Chapter 9, the events in Chapter 6 are essential to keeping him alive. During Chapter 6, Chris and Ashley will be strapped to chairs and sitting at a table, with Chris having access to a gun. He will be asked to choose between himself and Ashley before two overhead saws kill them both. If Chris makes a choice, the saw blades will supposedly stop.

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If he does not make a choice, he and Ashley will both appear to die, although they actually both live. Even if you make the right call in Chapter 6, however, Chris can still die in Chapter 8.

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The Stranger will die no matter what, but Chris can survive only if players correctly perform all the QTEs in the chase scene back to the cabin. In Chapter 9, as the group he into the tunnels, there is a chance that Chris will stay behind.

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If he does not stay behind but instead sticks with the group, Chris will be fine. Back when Until Dawn first released, there were lo of players who were actively trying to kill Emily, which is a compliment to Nichole Bloom, the voice actor.

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This allows players to defend Emily against the Wendigo in Chapter 8, keeping her from getting bitten. If Emily is not bitten by the Wendigo, Ashley will never discover the bite, and the two will not quarrel. Plus, by making the right choices with Matt in Chapter 6, the players can save him, too.

Tips on how to save, or lose, all eight characters in until dawn

During Chapter 8, after The Stranger gives Emily the flares and she falls in the mine, the player can kill or save Emily by passing or failing a series of QTEs. If you want her to live, hit them all. If you want her to die, miss them all. Players can easily avoid Emily being killed by just not shooting her.

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Just allow time to expire when Mike is pointing the gun at Emily. However, there are ways that Emily can die if players slip up.

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Besides Jessica, Matt is the second player who can die in Until Dawn, with the first opportunity for his demise in Chapter 6. Of course, you can simply fail these steps if you want him to die.

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If he makes it through Chapter 6 alive, Matt is not seen again until Chapter If Matt is alone in the mines because Jessica died in Chapter 4, players should choose roughly the same things, although they will be worded slightly differently. Do all of this, and Matt survives Until Dawn. All rights reserved.

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