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Hello friends, I am Shikher and I am 35 now and a married person. I am a sex lover and love experiment in sex. I am seeing blue films and reading sex stories since i was

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Hi everybody handshake for boys n boob shake for girls I am ram here this is my first story so please forgive if there is any mistake. This story is between me n my sister who is three years elder to me.

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Now i am going to describe about my sex mate who is none another than my sexy virgin sister her stats are which i came to know later. She is very fair,beautiful,sexy n damm hot tht any one would like to take her in bed.

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As she was my elder sister we were very much close to each other and we use to share one bed since i was small and but as the days passed my feelings changed for her i was fantasized about her body n feeling lust for her n i was willing to have sex with her. The thing which i liked the most was her breast n ass they both were in perfect shape n tone. I used to masturbate many times …after imaging her body.

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But as i grew older her attraction also increased towards me. I came to know this because while fighting or while playing i used many times touch her boobs she did not reacted. Then my feeling were getting harder n harder for her as the dick gets.

Whenever she got chance she use get closer to me this was al for me that she is also attracted toward me.

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On one fine day of this November end our parent went out of station for the marriage in our relatives and they left in the evening and there was me n my sister left alone at home. In evening she cooked food we had our food she was feeling sleepy so she went to sleep n i was watching some porn after she went to sleep n after watching porn i was really feeling horny n was willing to have sex.

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That night after watching porn i also went to bedroom she was perfectly dressed in nightly her bra was clearly visible in red color n her cleavage was also visible. As if it was inviting me her color was very fair she was looking damn sexy n really hot.

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I slowly started caressing her shoulder n was kissing her earlobes n neck then she got awaken but still she kept her eyes closed this i came to know n after playing for some more time with her boobs she slowly started moaning ahhhh!!! I was scared but then i thought that there is no one at home so sister cant do any thing and then i turned her towards myself and i started kissing her face n our lips also got stuck to each other we smooched for 15 min she also responded me very well n this was a green al for me n i thought that this night would be my.

We again smooched this time it was more passionately i was sucking her lips n she was getting aroused more then i removed her nightly now she was in bra n panty she was looking like an angel. I started kissing her while kissing i was caressing her back n unhooked her bra now my angel was only in panty n was covering her big firm boobs with her hands.

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I removed my t-shirt and we moved down from the bed still she was covering her boobs now catches her waist which was slim n i rested her back against the wall n took her hands from above of her boobs n raised them against the wall n now i started sucking her boobs really hard n bitted her nipples she was moaning ahhh uhhhhh!!!!

N was screaming bro suck them hard n she was pushing my head on her boobs. The size of her boobs was increasing n they were getting harder after sucking for more than 20 min i turned her towards the wall and now i was kissing her back,neck,earlobes which made her more aroused and hot now she turned around n started kissing me after kissing she pushed me on the bed and again started kissing me n she was on me.

Now i got up n made her lie on the bed n i was sucking her boobs n slowly i went down kissing her navel belly button. Now final destination was waiting it was pussy now i went down n parted her legs apart n started kissing her inner thighs which were milky white in color this made here aroused she was moaning aiii ahhhhhhh shhhh!!!!!

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Now i started kissing her pussy above her panty she was moaning after sometime i removed her panty now she was totally naked her pussy was very clean n shaved now i parted the pussy lips n started sucking them i was biting her pussy lips n my tongue was inside her pussy my hand was massaging her boobs to control her screams and console her i licked her pussy and she was pressing my head into her pussy n her hands were playing with my hairs n was moaning continuously after some time her body was getting hard.

I ran to kitchen n brought some butter n applied it on my penis n inside of her pussy now again i tried to push but after push my penis head was inside her she was screaming very louder and there were tears in her eyes.

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I was kissing n fucking her simultaneously it intense pleasure… She was Brother fucks virgin sister stories to cum her body was getting hard n while fucking she came n she lost control now i made her lie on the bed n i was on her mouth n made her suck my penis and now we came in my most favorite position DOGGY STYLE. I came behind her and inserted my dick in her pussy from behind i cached her waist n started fucking her hard she was looking awesome her boobs were hanging i cached those two melons and started pressing it very hard she was screaming n asking me to go slow but i was in no mood to go slow i was kissing her back n pressing boobs to console her.

Then we both slept naked for whole night in morning when i wake up my sis was not there then i went out of the room naked she was there in kitchen making breakfast she was in blue bra and panty she was looking very sexy. I hope that all might have liked my real story please post your comments on my id — [ protected].

If anybody interested in sex can contact me…. Any virgin girl can also contact me…for loosing there virginity. Home » Incest » A Great Fuck With My Virgin Sister Hi everybody handshake for boys n boob shake for girls I am ram here this is my first story so please forgive if there is any mistake.

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