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PARENTS are being warned off dressing their children in swimming shorts with netting after a little boy almost lost his penis. In fact it could be very dangerous. A five-year-old boy caught his genitals in the white synthetic netting that sits inside the outer fabric and had to go to hospital for treatment.

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Please see our Commenting Policy for more. The three kids swam for several hours that afternoon and were changing out of their bathing suits later that day when their aunt, Debbie Snow, heard a terrifying sound. It turns out that, while Ronan was swimming, his foreskin had somehow gotten caught in the mesh lining of his swimming trunks. The family rushed Ronan to the emergency room at the IWK, where doctors were able to carefully and delicately cut the five-year-old loose. Shannon MacPhee, the chief of emergency medicine at the IWK, said foreskin being trapped in the mesh lining of a bathing suit is exceptionally rare. But it usually takes quite a large amount of force for this to happen.

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For boys, the standard is swimming trunks with a built-in mesh lining in the crotch.

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As one mom found out, that netting was a nightmare come true. British mother Laura Collins and her 5-year-old son Jack spent some time in the pool while on vacation in Spain.

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Upon returning to their room, Laura attempted to help her son wriggle free from his swim trunks. In her words:. His penis became entangled with a hole in the netting, causing him agonizing pain.

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Laura carried Jack to the receptionist and asked for some scissors. She was unsuccessful at freeing him, so staff directed her to their health center. They too were unsuccessful at undoing the ensnarement and informed her he needed to go to the hospital. Laura rushed him to the local hospital where an anesthetic needed to be administered before extracting the mesh.

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Finally, doctors were able to stop the strangulation. Concerned about urinary tract damage, doctors kept him under observation for a few hours before sending him home.

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Swim trunks with netting have it to provide support in the crotch area. But it can limit safe and comfortable movement when in the water.

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One parenting site, Dr. Mommaurges parents to remove the lining from swimsuits because it can cause friction irritation, inflammation, or ensnarement. Should the worst scenario occur and the skin gets caught, their advice is to apply petroleum jelly to the site until you can gently remove the genitals.

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Submerging the area in lukewarm water can also relax blood flow to the painful site until first aid can be rendered. Other parents have shared harrowing tales of boys getting hurt from the mesh too. Daily Mirror.

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