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Erotik Blue beetle x reader mate seeking men to date

When Scarab was suspiciously quiet after you and Jaime had your wedding night, Jaime should have known something was up. Scarab was never quiet about anything. Scarab would have said something if I was.

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Jaime and you laid on a mesa far from the reaches of El Paso, gazing at the stars. Jaime had planned this outing for weeks, knowing you loved to look at the stars. You were looking at the stars, while Jaime kept his gaze on your beautiful hand.

A blush burned to his cheeks as the urge to reach out to touch your skin grew. Biting his lip, Jaime tried to focus on what you were saying. She was rescued by the hero, Perseus, who married her. You dropped your arm onto his chest, rubbing gentle circles into his skin.

His face burned once again when you lifted your head to look at him curiously. Jaime shifted uncomfortable before taking a deep breath. You mate saw through your lie.

Dc comics imagines — a suitable mate - blue beetle x reader - part five

He loved how you could make him as excited as he was the first time he kissed you. The kiss started out innocent, but soon became more heated. You crawled on top of Jaime as he worked to take your shirt off. Soon, you were only in your underwear, and Jaime was only in his boxers.

Jaime jumped away from you, quickly standing up. He ran his hands through his hair in frustration. You wrapped yourself in one of the spare blankets lying nearby. You buried your face into your knees. You nodded in understanding as Jaime continued. Jaime ignored him, blushing madly as he spoke his next words. Jaime thought you lost your mind. Your laughter was contagious making Jaime chuckle along with you. You quirked your eyebrow at him.

You gently rubbed Scarab with your finger. The talk went on for several minutes, mostly with you explaining how having at this time would be hard, and how it was important to wait until both you and Jaime were ready to be the best parents you could be. Jaime interjected once and a while when Scarab had something to say. Your mate is exceptional, Jaime Reyes.

You giggled as he pulled you close. Jaime lowered his face to yours. You kissed him back with just as much eagerness. He lifted you before laying you down on the blanket you used for stargazing. You both fell into utter bliss. Hours later, Jaime woke to the rising sun with you snuggled into his side. You had the most content look on your face, making Jaime smile.

Fool for you (jaime reyes x reader)

The blanket covering you both was able to keep you both warm throughout the night. Of course, it was not like you needed too much help with that. Jaime rolled his eyes before burying his face into your hair. Part One Part Two. Requested by Anon - Jaime Reyes imagine where he saves you from a villain you can choose who and then they make out. Jaime was flying above El Paso on a nightly patrol. He had just finished leading a mission with the team, and decided to take a flight around the city before heading home.

Everything was quiet as Jaime flew past your house, making sure everything was safe and sound. Jaime flies down to hover just outside of your bedroom window, peering in to see your empty bed. It was unusual for you not to be home, you rarely stayed the night elsewhere unless it was at his house. Jaime flew back up to look around your neighborhood. He was several meters above your house when a piercing scream filled the air.

He ended up at a convenience store around the corner from your house. Fear clutched his heart as he saw you running out of the store with ice shards striking the ground behind you, missing you by centimeters. He drops down to land in front of you, bring up his shield in time to block the shard. It shatters on impact. Jaime glance over his shoulder at you to see if you were aright. You nod at him, shaking from your near-death experience. Jaime shook his head at her while making sure you were still behind him.

Jaime narrowed his eyes at Killer Frost before gesturing you to hide behind a nearby car. You carefully and quickly crawled to the car. Luckily, Killer Frost ignored you. Killer Frost cocked her head at Jaime before giving him a cold smirk.

You hide behind the car as the sounds from their fighting echoed around you. This was never suppose to happen. However, halfway through baking, you discovered you were out of sugar. Thinking you could make a quick trip to the convenience store, you slip out of your house and made your way through the quiet streets. Unfortunately for you, the minute you entered the store was the same minute Killer Frost decided to rob the place, leading you to your current situation.

Closing your eyes and holding your hands over your ears, you waited for the battle to be over.

Writing young justice — jaime reyes x reader sentence starter #1

Curling up in a ball, you tried to shut out the world. A few minutes later, Jaime stood over a unconscious Killer Frost. Hearing sirens in the distance, Jaime turned towards the car you were hiding behind.

Sobs were racking your body while your hands covered your ears. Your eyes were squeezed shut. He knelt down beside you, gently placing his arms around you to pull you against him. You stop your sobs for a moment as you realize Jaime was holding you. You open your eyes to rest your gaze on his armored face.

Are you imagining this? — blue beetle: runaway

Jaime rolled his eyes before scooping you up in his arms as the first police cars began to arrive on the scene. He flew up into the sky, and headed towards your house. Jaime floated slowly down to your front door step. Jaime huffed in response to Scarab before carrying you through your front door, re-locking it securely behind him.

Shutting the door behind him, he gently laid you on the bed.

Falling - jaime reyes x reader

I thought I was going to lose you. You catch his chin with your hand, bring his eyes back to your face. He laid down on the bed next to you. Jaime grunted his refusal to Scarab while tighten his arms around you, turning your face to his.

The kiss deepened as you two began to feel the need to be together after almost losing each other. Jaime crawled on top of you, careful to keep his weight off of you. Your hands dug deep into his hair, holding his lips to yours. The fear you both felt before now turning into passion.

Your kisses began to become more heated as your hands began to explore one another. It was the first time you two had been this handsy. Your mate should be bearing your offspring by the morning.

Dc comics imagines — a suitable mate - blue beetle x reader - part four

You had already taken off his shirt and he was in the process of taking off your bra. He scrambled away from you as if you burned him. Jaime knew that if he went all the way with you, you would end up pregnant.

Neither of you were ready for that yet, no matter what Scarab said. Originally posted by fudayk. Part One. It was about a month after you had met Jaime.