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Wow, a new chapter already? Damn I'm not that bad.

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By: trixipixi Ichigo takes advantage of the fact that delicious Rukia is just a few steps away, sleeping in his closet. You've Been Warned! Ichigo takes advantage of the fact that delicious Rukia is just a few steps away, sleeping in his closet.

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Author's Note: Kaname is kind of on neutral hotness level for me. Like a little above a 6, but I know many people who would disagree, so I'm gonna do this. Make sure to comment, vote and follow me! I'm updating as much as possible! I hope you like this x reader! I was finally accepted into the Sereite, to squad 9. I wasn't ased a seat, but I didn't care about that. All I cared about was meeting the captain and lieutenant. I ran to the squad 9 barracks and met with the Lieutenant.

I apologize. I'm aware that you just got here, but something just came up. You have to go to the world of the living. We've heard of hollows prowling around there and the captain and I are too busy to step out. I went through Bleach lemon stories senkaimon and landed in a small town in the world of the living. I looked around for the hollow but nothing was in sight.

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I walked around, not lowering my guard. It could be anywhere. Just then, I heard a cry of a hollow in the distance. I started running towards it. It was an intense moment. I had never actually killed a hollow before, just dummies. This was my first. When I got to the next town, I saw the ugly giant, chasing a soul around a park.

I drew my zanpakuto and got ready to wield it.

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Well, this got interesting! It ran towards me quickly. I shoved my sword deep into it's skull. It's blood splashed over me, coating me in it. I pulled my sword out and saw it disappearing. I shook with horror. I didn't expect to feel so horrible about it. I put away my sword and walked up to the soul. I performed a conso and knelt down to my knees.

Tears welled up in my eyes and streamed down my cheeks. The feeling of killing a living creature was not a good one. I shook, looking down at my bloodied hands. Maybe being a soul reaper wasn't a good idea after all. Suddenly I heard the senkaimon open. The captain of the 9th division walked through it. I came to check on you.

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Is everything okay? I looked up at him with tears still in my eyes.

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I sniffled and whimpered. What's wrong? I took the hand and hoisted myself up. I threw myself into the captain's arms. I don't think I can kill hollows anymore. I'm just not suitable for killing. I felt awful," I said, letting tears pour from my eyes. He reached down and caressed my face, wiping away the tears.

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He held me tight against them. You were right to feel awful. I still do whenever I kill one. We need more people like you in the soul society. Please don't give up on being a soul reaper," he said, nearly begging.

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I thought about it for a moment then nodded. We had made it back to the Sereite and the captain had invited me in for dinner. He turned to me and smiled nervously. I smiled, cooking was my specialty. It'd be my pleasure," I offered, smiling at him. He pondered it for a minute.

Fanfiction readings - want! - nagisa x karma (lemon)

I'll get started right away! As I was cooking, the captain and I talked about random stuff, like the weather and things that were going on in the soul society. As soon as dinner was done, I laid the plates on the table and sat down across from the captain. I poured us some glasses of sake. We ate the chicken stewed with carrots and he enjoyed it immensely.

After the meal, I cleaned up the dishes and hung my apron back on the hook it came from. The captain came up behind me silently and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me towards him. I blushed.

Kaname tousen x reader (lemon)

He had a smiled on his face. Do you mind if I please my curiosity? I blushed harder and gasped. He leaned closer and locked his lips with mine. He pulled me tighter against him and kissed me passionately. He lifted me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. He carried me to his bed and laid me down gently, stripping me of all my clothing.

He started taking off his and then hovered above me. He fondled my breasts and kissed my lips hard. I moaned quietly in his mouth.

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He lowered his hand to my womanhood and started to rub at my opening, inserting two fingers. My moans were muffled by his soft, passionate kiss. He slid his tongue in my mouth and whirled it around. He kissed down my chest and suckled on my nipples a bit, making them hard.

I moaned out as he moved his fingers inside of me. He pulled them out and rubbed his cock against my hole.