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Like the first BMZ, Blaster Master Zero 2 has many small nuances and tricks to the mechanics that you might not be aware of on your first playthrough. Some of these are explained if you talk to Eve but there's only a chance of her explaining it due to how the communication system works in this gamewhile others aren't explicitly mentioned at all, so I decided I'd make a list compiling some of these. Some of these won't necessarily be new or hidden info to you, but rather just things you should get in the habit of doing to optimize your gameplay.

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Inti Creates updated the Blaster Master Zero 3 official website with more characters. Leibniz is the pilot of the Metal Attacker Garuda. His home planet was destroyed by mutants that overran him. Although he was very hostile against Jason and Eve in Blaster Master Zero 2he helped defend Earth from a mutant invasion at one point.

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Blaster Master Zero and Blaster Master Zero 2 come to vinyl for the first time, bringing every track from the Inti Creates classics to wax with a brand new remaster suited for the format.

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The ed box set includes colored vinyl 2xblue,pink,red for both games, plus a ed A4 poster by Ippo Yamada. Black Box A2. Blaster Master Zero A3. The Underground Adventure Begins A4. Fire the Blaster Rifle A5. Encounter A6. Huge Mutants A7. Search the Ruined City B2. Moebius Engine B4.

Next Level B5. The Wretched Waterworks B6. The Abyssal Seas B7. Frigid Glacier B8. Full Acceleration Blast C2. Planet Eate C3. The Grotesque Labyrinth C4. Evil Unchained C5. Multidimensional World C6. Emerging Victorious C7. Tears Under the Night Sky. Memories of the Metafight D2. Shattered Bonds D3. Smiles Under the Blue Sky D5.

Expand the Arsenal!

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Pandora'sBox A2. Blaster Master Zero 2 A3. Flosante: Sky High A5. Flosante: Falling Down A6. Forboding Premonition A7. Cosmic Cataclysm A8. Inner Turmoil A9. The Mutant Pandemic. Interstellar Voyage B2. Planetoid: Meteorite B3. Montoj: Bamboo-Bladed Mountains B5. Montoj: Flow with the Tide B6. Another Light B7. Leader of the "Ikki" B8. Severed Bonds B9. Fates Forged Together B Planetoid: Shooting Star. L Missing Link C2. L Lost Frontier C3.

Leibniz C4. Stranga: Bewildering Flora C5. Stranga: Trippy Planet C6. Divido: The Split Planet C8. Disaster Dad C The Parasitic Death Star.

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Planade-G D2. A Future Out of Reach D3. To Where the Heart Desires D4. Eve Unleashed D5. Calamity's Cradle D6. Rally Together! Showdown with Drolrevo D8. New Horizons.

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