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I Bets to make with your boyfriend sexually somebody who loves tourism

This article was scientifically fact-checked by Human Sexuality expert Dr. Laurie Mintz.

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AliceVel5 Xper 5. I mean if you loose you have to do something like go in the pool of your neighbour naked or what ever else. Not really talking about the game I am talking about the punishments. I don't mind the bets either but add punishments to them as well. It would be with my boyfriend anyway.

How old am I: 24
What is my nationaly: Syrian
What is my figure type: My body features is plump
I prefer to listen: Classical
What is my hobbies: Learning foreign languages
My tattoo: I don't have tattoos

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Life goes pretty well when there is a partner to support you… A partner to hold your hand in every situation and the belief that there is someone who will walk with you through all the summers of the rest of your life. But after a time, boredom can break through the doors and romance seems to fade due to the lack of fun in a relationship. What if I tell you a fun way to end these arguments in a way that can make you end up making out on the bed? Actually, a lot of them. You can be an old man married for years or a couple who has recently started dating, we have fun bet ideas for all of you!

Sexual bet ideas for couples! Especially if you are married for years and lost in taking care of your children, it will bring back your inner child and lighten up your mood! The stranger can be anyone — young or old. He may find it embarrassing… and awkward.

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You can even ask him to drop a few fake tears while describing it. But ever wondered how your partner will look while talking like her and acting like having no teeth? Ask her to twerk like your favorite pop star What about Miley Cyrus? This bet will do exactly that if done properly!

Your partner has to click a picture kissing your photograph while the coworkers are watching. Your loser partner who lost a bet has to do a difficult task — impersonate you.

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It should not be a big deal, right? After all, you both have spent enough time together to take this bet off with ease. Watching your date impersonate you can be funny as hell, it can also offer you the chance to know how you are perceived by them.

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The winner can add to the drama by pretending to cut a birthday cake and blowing out imaginary candles. Lifting up iron for months is empowering, and so can be a cheat meal for a day where you can eat whatever you want — from burgers, french fries to your favorite cheesy nachos. Instead, go for a long run and sweat it out with your partner who can hold you in their arms when you feel too tired. Keep things exciting for you and your date. However, the winner will ask the loser to not utter a single word and just kiss the favorite parts of your body 10 times It can be anywhere.

It can take things out of your hands so be ready for a new adventure wherever you are during this bet. If you are a woman and your man loses, ask him to pick five bras of yours and clasp it on your breasts. The most beautiful one in his eyes will stay or rather none of them will till the end. Your partner has to massage all of your back and has to pay special attention to those areas which turn you on.

The losing partner licks and kisses all of the body parts and explores each and every corner of the divine gift they have received. So the next time you lose a light-hearted bet, pull out the silk blindfolds and ask your partner to help you wear it. Close your eyes and enjoy the magic that the beautiful thing called intimacy has to offer…. The winner will enjoy a special poetry session while the loser throws their pants and sits on your lap half-naked.

Will you still hate it if your partner applies whipped cream on their most sensitive body part and asks you to lick it?

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Your partner will end up stripping for you without any provocation! But there is something else too from which you are never fully satisfied…no matter what. You know what it is, right? What a better way to have dinner while the loser who was fighting with you a few minutes ago sits on the chair naked with flushed cheeks…? Whoever loses the bet will have to agree to be present on your doorstep whenever it rains and kisses you passionately under it.

Ideas for sex bet punishments?

With hairs messed up all over the face and body clinging to each other, a kiss under the rain is the best kiss you can ever have. There is always that one song that reminds you of him. Wait for the time when he loses a bet, and ask him to write and dedicate a song to you. Your boyfriend may not be a professional lyricist. His words may even make you laugh. An oversized shirt never hurts a girl. She transforms into a cuter and bold version of herself in just a minute! Ask him to give his white shirt…if he loses. And if you are the loser, you can give him a scarf from your collection.

Your boyfriend has to arrange a romantic movie night with popcorn on the couch and candles that provide a dim light to the whole place. While you drool over your favorite Hollywood star, and when your boyfriend steals glances at your smile and falls for you more every time, you will realize it was the best bet ever! Had a fight with him over a silly topic? Freshen up. No matter who wins or loses, it will leave both of you feeling fresh and a lot romantic. Just prepare and bubble bath and wash your troubles with the bubbles.

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A long hot bubble bath can do wonders. The loser has to lie on a sofa and close his eyes as in deep sleep. Now he has to moan, move his hands to places, and convey through all of his body that he is enjoying rough sex. Wearing this… wearing only this. Can we ever forget these lines? Use this the next time you are winning a bet.

As much as your boyfriend loves working out, you love the sound of your name on his lips. Challenge him to do 50 pushups and shout your name each time. You can sit on his back to make it harder for him and funnier for you. Point to all of your body parts without uttering a word and let him lick them… Heavenly excitement is guaranteed!

I need some sexual bet ideas my boyfriend if he loses.?

And I promise you your cakes will taste more yummy when he bakes them with his cuteness and hard work. And as he lost the bet, he has to wear a nice apron and bake a creamy cake for you.

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You too are allowed to enjoy this pleasure. Put good music on the pen drive and grab some burgers. Not everyone wants a perfect boyfriend. Some just want a boy who will love you no matter what and sing stupid songs to you every night. This one is fun. Winning has its own gains. Now you can enjoy a whole show just by winning a bet. He has to lay on the bed, sofa, or anywhere and keep his legs and hands away from the ground.

Now ask him either to laugh or cry or do both like a baby. It can be frustrating for him. But who cares, till the sound of your laughter can be heard! Experiments bring change and vitality to a relationship. Couples should always try out new things together. Whoever loses gets to try a new sex position of their choice and spice up things to higher levels.

Must read: How does a man act when he is falling in love? So treat her with respect and if she loses, ask her to kiss you under the water. Go under the water and pull her by her waist till her mouth comes closer to yours and plant a kiss. The kiss will feel as deep as the ocean. Her voice sounds like a string of guitars playing slowly in the background. A sweet music that never fails to enchant you.

So if you have just won a bet, you can easily ask her to send a voice message each night for the next 7 days describing in detail how much she loves you and why she loves you. Stating her love for you every day will deepen her feelings and you will feel blessed to her in life. Men like to show off their women proudly to the world.

In return, they accept the same treatment from them.