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The best feeling is when we can benefit from a thing that offers us pleasure.

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Some people enjoy oral sex, others do not. Some prefer performing it but are not very comfortable receiving it.

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So guys here is the thing, Not only sex, but a blowjob also comes with lots of health benefits.

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Some women make excuses not to give Blowjob to a man because they feel that it is terrible for their health. But they do not know the exact fact behind giving Blowjob to a man. Most men hope for their girlfriend to receiving a blowjob and a Blowjob also affects the relationship. Wanna learn from other girls how they satisfy their partner?

Create a free and verify it on this cam site and see them live in action. I will try to cover every interest of Blowjob. Some of the ificant hormones which are directly responsible for happiness and health benefits are found in semen and i. As you can see, there are many nutrients found in semen; you can say this is a complete pack of nutrients. Semen contains between 5 and 25 calories per teaspoon source: healthline. Breast cancer usually happens after the age of Doctors never find any link between blowjob and breast cancer but researched that happens at North Carolina State University says that there is something that relates to both of these.

What are the benefits of a woman sucking a man’s penis?

Women who perform the act of fellatio and swallow semen on a regular basis, one to two times a week, may reduce their risk of breast cancer by up to 40 percent, a North Carolina State University study found. In a study of over 15, women suspected of having performed regular fellatio and swallowed the ejaculatory fluid, over the past ten years, the researchers found that those actually having performed the act regularly, one to two times a week, had a lower occurrence of breast cancer than those who had not.

There was no increased risk, however, for those who did not regularly perform. If you are sick with your anti-ageing cream, then Blowjob is best for you. Giving Blowjob to your partner and using their sperm to your face can moisturize your skin, fight with your wrinkles, add protein to your skin and you Benefits of sucking dick look young and yes this provides comprehensive anti-ageing benefits.

Natural semen is more powerful and healthy in comparison to any anti-aging cream available in the market because anti-aging cream contains a chemical that sometimes harms your skin. Still, semen is natural and there is no side effect at all. Every woman tries to look young in comparison to other women.

Some women do not want to lose their virginity as they perform oral sex to their partner according to surveys.

Why blowjob is healthy and has magical benefits?

The doctor also says that oral sex is still sex because it carries the same diseases as sexual intercourse. So if you do not want to lose your virginity you can try oral sex as they are also sex. Blowjob can make your relationship healthy and your partner never complains that you are not loving him.

In this way, you can save your virginity and also keep your partner.

Types of oral sex

Some studies and evidence claimed that semen has the properties of natural antidepressants and stress healers. This works because the semen has the property of mood-boosting due to oxytocin and progesterone hormones. Life is hard in many ways and everyone wants relief at some point. If you face depression and do not know how to handle your stress, you can try giving Blowjob to your partner.

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As they act as stress healer you can do this to prevent any weight that can affect your happiness. So if you ever find that you are feeling low due to any reason you can do this. Pregnant women usually feel morning sickness. Pregnant women have used many natural remedies to prevent this morning sickness, they mostly used a teaspoon of ginger or mint. But now medical professionals say you can add another method to avoid this kind of disease and that is Blowjob.

Here is the reason why they suggest to give Blowjob to your partner because pregnant women need sperm to fight from morning sickness. But not just any sperm, it should be the sperm of the person who got you pregnant.

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Gordon Gallup also points out that pregnant lady gets morning sickness is due to the unfamiliar semen in their body due to the pregnancy. Whenever you feel that your body is heated up more and you do not know what should you do to get relax, you can give Blowjob to your partner can control your blood pressure. This usually happens because sperm is the best remedy to control your blood pressure and another reason is maybe that Blowjob excites your body.

It plays an important role when you pregnant and developing preeclampsia which is a blood pressure problem during pregnancy.

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Giving Blowjob to your partner satisfy their sexual needs in many ways. You might have some questions at this point Which gives more pleasure, Blowjob or Penetrative Sex for men? Many people like Blowjob and many like casual sex. But very few men who do not enjoy a blowjob, there are many factors behind why a boy does not enjoy a blowjob? Remember, sex is essential in a relationship, but there are many more things that are remarkable and matter to your Benefits of sucking dick. The connection is nothing but knowing each other happiness and how they enjoy your relation in each field and knowing their sexual desire and how you can develop and learn to satisfy your partner.

Check out: Watch other girls how she satisfies her partner on the free cam site? Performing oral sex can improve your memory. If you suffer from memory problems, you can improve by giving head to your partner. But here is a fundamental question you might ask yourself why Blowjob is responsible for competent and healthy mind this is because the semen has all the needed nutrients which help to boost your memory power. A survey that happened at New York State University, Scientists, compared the sex lives of nearly women.

They showed that semen contains a mind-altering drug that makes you feel happier, helps you sleep better and is generally good for your health.

16 oral sex advantages – for men and women

A blowjob plays a vital role in anti-depressant and stress buster, and whenever you think relax sleep comes naturally. Semen contains melatonin which is responsible for the best sleep-inducing agent ever. You might have observed whenever you feel relax; you feel sleepy. This method is natural in comparison to sleeping pills you take before sleeping, I know they work, but there are more side effects.

What is oral sex

Any pills can directly responsible for the damage to your health. If you live with your partner, whether he is your husband or boyfriend, you can use them. Blowjob is best for healing your wounds because semen contains oxytocin and endorphins that act as pain killers. Blowjob act as a pain killer and helps in relieving pain due to sperm contain all nutrients which are responsible for the pain killer. Whenever you have body ache, headache or period pain, you can give oral sex to your partner to avoid pain.

Most medical professionals say that avoid sex during pregnancy to avoid any infection.

The health benefits of swallowing semen

During sex on pregnancy, there is a huge chance that can affect the mother as well as the. But during pregnancy, sex urges increase in women and they want to performed sex. Not only women but men also want to have sex in pregnancy because men can not live without sex in a long time. So whenever you want to have sex with your partner during pregnancy, you can give Blowjob to him, in this way both of you enjoy sex without inserting the penis into the vagina.

It is also the best way to satisfy each other sexual desire without performing sex and it also increases closeness between both partners. As you know that semen contains vitamin C, this helps to prevent heart disease.

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Semen reduces the risk of heart disease as semen contains vitamin C. At last, not only women get benefits from blowjob but blowjob also benefits your partner too. That was true in several age groups.

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According to the above research, the more the man ejaculates in his life, there are fewer chances for him to develop prostate cancer. You can practice blowjob using our best hand-picked dildos specifically chosen for the blowjob practice.

There are risks too while giving Blowjob to your man. Ther are s of diseases may spread during oral sex are:. Using Condom and Dental Dam, you can minimize the chance to infect the above condition. If you want to enjoy oral sex with less worry, you can test your partner, whether he is infected with STD or not. For this situation, there is a kit available in the market called Oraquick HIV Test in Home, you can use a mouth swab, and it gives you the in 20 to 40 minutes.

According to the product, owner Home tests accurate At the time of writing this product has above ratings. Giving Blowjob to a man in the right way feels better than casual sex. So never underestimate the importance of Blowjob. Hopefully, I had covered every point regarding the benefit of Blowjob. If you do not know how to give Blowjob to your partner, you can learn from an expert.

Book appointment with top doctors for sex education treatment

Why expert plays a vital role while learning anything because of expert face and accept each challenge and find their solution in systematic order. So if you serious about your relationship and find the above benefits useful then you can try Our suggestion.

Is it save for u to suck ur patner who always scratch his penic And what could be the reason of the scratching. I am a gay man who lives part time as a woman and I love giving my partners blow jobs. I love sucking dick but I love being careful too.

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