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Filipina Beast boy and starfire lemon fanfiction picking guy especially for life

By: HyperSonicAdam2 fourteenth lemon.

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She asks Beast Boy to show her what sex and love means for people on Earth, and the changeling ends up teaching the alien a few things.

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Beast Boy is now in the bathroom, inside centre of the bath which is the size of the swimming pool. Just then, Beast Boy's elf like ears has pick up the sound coming from behind. He turn only to have his face in between the green breasts. The owner of these breasts, move them up and down on his face before move back, allowing Beast Boy to see who it is. Miss Martian giggle, "Starfire told me you may have lost your memories last night.

I'm your bath toy. I use my breasts to wash you. Then you can do whatever you want with me. With that, Miss Martian move towards Beast Boy and began washing him with her breasts.

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During being wash, BB's green face glow red. Few minutes later, poor green boy has starting to feel good.

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Sit on my boobs? Sit on my butt? Or would you like to fuck me in the water? Beast Boy was in dream land but was snapped out by Miss Martain's questions, "No! I mean Don't bother, Miss Martian.

I just about to get out. Then after Beast Boy climb out, Miss Martian dry him up.

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Then she went to fetch Beast Boy's robe. After help her master putting on his robe, Miss Martian bow to him, "Hope you enjoy your bath time, Master. I'll be waiting here for your next bath. Beast Boy wondering through the hallway. He has passed Wonder Girl who's carry laundry basket, Wonder Woman who's taking crawling Cheetah who has shaved her boobs and rear and naked, and Kitten who's wears pair of gloves the were locked together that made it look like she had cat paws, a pair of cat ears and a butt-plug with a fake cat tail, for a walk and Power Girl and Blackfire, both work dusting the place.

Beast Boy arrive in the main room and see Starfire hoover up while Raven still only in apron, is cleaning the kitchen. Starfire notices her master, "Hello Master. I'll handle this. Raven smile as she made her way towards Starfire who set up the folding chair. Starfire open the tool box and took out pair of bondage mittens, handcuff, vibrating dildo and egg, a ball gag and a nice large wooden paddle with a word; 'Meditate' on it.

Starfire place the mittens on Raven's hands before turn Raven around and cuff her hands behind her back, shove the dildo in Raven's pussy then egg in her ass and then shove a ball gag in Raven mouth and lock it in place. Then Starfire help Raven lay over Starfire's lap.

Then she turn on the vibrating toys on, causing Raven to muffle moan. With that done and made sure her master is watching, hoping that will help him remember, Starfire began to paddle Raven's butt. BB is shock seeing this in front of him. What surprise him more is that Raven didn't move or make a sound. All she doing is close her eyes and just lay on Starfire's laps, taking the paddle.

As he watch Raven's butt turning pink, he felt hard between his legs.

She did try her normal meditate few times, but for some reason, it's not working. So, both you and fellow slave Raven come up with this. And it's working like a charm. When she release her white stuff, her meditate is complete. Raven slowly turn towards BB, "Thank you for the hard slap, Master. A few moments later, Beast Boy sat on the edge of the roof which has lovely garden.

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Just then, Poison Ivy who's naked save for the garden tool belt and leaves covered sun hat, knee behind her master and give him a massage on his shoulders. Just then, an alarm of his tower was heard and Beast Boy rush back in while Poison Ivy went back to work on the garden.

A while later, Beast Boy has arrive the main room where Bumblebee is tapping the keyboard of the master computer. Must be this world version of the Justice League. I'll let your ride know.

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Which ride would you like today? Car, bike or carriage? Starfire nodded as she fly off while Raven and Bumblebee lead Beast Boy through the hallway till they reach a door.

Raven gently grab BB's hand and place it on the scanner. A few seconds later, the door open and what seem to be his super suit only with arm blades, strong looking boots and what look like his old mask from the Doom Patrol. For in the driving seat's place is naked Batgirl save for her mask! Her legs folded under her and hold to the floor by two solid belts and a plushy, black and purple cushion was placed on her thighs, she strapped to the metal wall behind her, and a ball gag is shoved to her mouth.

Knowing that he's wasting his time and couldn't argue with his slaves, Beast Boy climb in the Ferrari, set his butt on the cushion and then drive off. Suddenly the robbers took out their guns and open fire at Beast Boy who doesn't have time to move, so his cross his arms in from of him and close his eyes, waiting for the pain Only there isn't any. BB open his eyes to see the bullets bounce off him, 'Buttle-proof suit! During the trip, BB's face glow red as he felt Batgirl's breasts pressing against his back and he starting to like it. This is not the world I know.

I need to find out what's going on and find my way back. Just then, something or someone has bump and tackle him to the ground. It's Elasti-Girl he remembers, but there couple different about her. One; she's wearing pink top with red words; 'Master's Cow' on the chest part, and purple shorts with orange words 'Spank me' on the rear.

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Two; her breasts are HUGE! Her breasts are G-Cup. I've hurt you, Master. I must be punish for this! Please Master, punish me? I'll never live with myself without you punishing me in some way. Elasti-Girl smile as she begin to lead Beast Boy through the hallway till they arrive near the big red door with the black words; 'Punishment Room' on it.

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Elasti-Girl open the door and she and her master walk in. This room has lots of furnitures and items from tickling to spanking. Elasti-Girl nodded before she head towards the desk near the wall.

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Then she lower her shorts and panties before she bent at the waist and put her hands on the desk. You've been punish. He was feeling proud of himself while the back of his mind try to tell him that it was not right but only been push far away even more. Then he see Raven humming along.

Beast Boy smirk as he made his way towards Raven. Then he sudden grab Raven and place her over his left shoulder before carry on walking while rubbing Raven's legs and bottom. And done! I hope you enjoy it.

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Thanks JP-Ryder for some suggestions. I had Poll on my profile. Please check it out. See you all soon! FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Teen Titans. Beast Boy woke up to find out that he's in the world where the ladies he knew are his slaves!

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What's going on?