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Dancer baby Batman x harley fanfiction guy to slappers

Originally posted by pyro-baby.

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Batman scouted out the factory where he had trailed Harley Quinn to and where she had been transporting extremely dangerous weapons out of and then they found themselves in the streets of Gotham which had killed numerous innocent people and being aware of his own past in dealing with guns this was to much to bear for the dark knight. He began slowlly but surely taking out Harleys goons by various stealth techinques learned over an exnteisve experience fighting and training to end criminals reign of terror.

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Beginning as a one-shot crackfic by Adrian Tullberg, Bruce Has a Problem tells the tale of what happens when Harley Quinn deduces Batman's identity and decides to leave the Joker for him.

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Bruce is in shock, Alfred is amused, the Bat-Clan is confused, and Harley's oblivious. Due to public affirmation of the idea's brilliance, this one-shot subsequently transformed into a Round Robin as opposed to Harley, who makes for a really Stacked Robinmoderated by Andrew J. Talon, showing the deepening of Bruce and Harley's surprisingly effective relationship and the often unpredictable effect it has on everyone else. Note: The above link is to a thread on spacebattles.

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You can find a table of contents that links to most of the story-posts here and here. The story is found on various thre.

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Fanfiction (harley quinn+batman)

You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. Joker: "What?!

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Where'd she go? She'd never been gone this long before!

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Or has she? Which Crisis event are we on?

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Mook Three: "I thought there were only two. Did that whole thing with Superboy Prime count? Mook One: "Do any of them count?

Batman fanfic #1: harley as an anti-hero.

Or do they just overwrite 'em? Harley: He used to be, but now he's just a creep. My new boyfriend's beating him up. Jenny: Like a backwards-daddy!

Mommy used to kiss daddy now she wants him dead! And you do it backwards!

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Gideon: — You will be dead and mother will stop rubbing my face into your accomplishments. Then your fat-bottomed, blonde whore will be mine to do with as I wish—.

Harleyquinnfanfiction stories

Damian: gives Gideon Death Glare as he points his baton at Gideon Gideon : I was created to be your better in every way! I was purified! I am what you should have been! Damian : You. Genetics aside, you are no brother to me.

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Joker face-first into the dirt again; earlier it had been because he'd objected to Harley changing him from "creepy ex who won't let go" to "regular Arkham Rogue," and that was her response to him interrupting her. Lian Harper: Kory?

Fanfiction from a big fan — coulrophobia 2 (joker!reader x batman headcanon)

Why is Daddy watching the pinwheel spin with his gun to his head? The Metropolis loudmouth, who was covered in plaster dust and bits of what used to be a chair, finally stopped gaping long enough to ask, "What the hell was that?! Moe looked the guy in the eye and said in a level tone. Show Spoilers.

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