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Scot baby Ball stretching before after boy especially for pleasures

Daily manual stretching should be added to the shower and bath routine. Do these exercises in the shower or bath, where the hot water can help keep the scrotum totally relaxed.

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Moderator: bigray Post by PumpMikey » Tue Aug 05, am.

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up below and come us. Tags: ball stretching. Most Liked Posts. When I started Ball stretching it was hard finding before and after pictures so I decided to take some pics of my journey Before any weights This was from a photo shoot I did and posted here on LPSG as you can see I had tight nuts back then.

Then I got my first 8 oz ring in November I wore it everyday for a month and noticed some stretching but I needed to up the weight. Great progress on your hangers! I really need to get back into stretching mine! I'm going to send you a PM. In all you look amazing.

It depends…

NoirFan01 Sexy Member. Thanks for the photos and captions. I really want to do ball stretching. What is the 8 oz model you started with? Well done OP! So I wear them as long as I can. I used to wear them at work but when the stretch got longer I stopped because I could no longer conceal it in my pant leg with out a noticeable bulge appearing.

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Then I thought if for my job we need to evacuate or rescreened then it will be horrible to explain. TrickPonyPThongNexolaris and 2 others like this.

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Pulling on them have become my favorite thing to do. Not the burning type.

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If you feel that type I recommend going lower in the weight. Also if you feel like pressure in your abdomen on either the left or right side it usually means one ball has slipped up and all the weight is on the other ball. This is the less than glamorous side of stretching.

Amassed over the 7 months 3 hinge collars from TheChainGang - 3 in varying weights. Keep them safe as you can always mix and match depending on how much weight you need at any given time. Like at the gym when you mix weights. I tried various lubes lotion, cocoa butter but the constant drying out after a few minutes and reapplying was too much.

Then I tried petroleum jelly under the notion it stays lubed for longer but that led to a scare when small bumps started to appear around my balls.

I thought I had an std and almost drove myself insane but turns out the petroleum was clogging my pores. Wish I knew that before I had an in-depth conversation about my sexual habits with my doctor. When I did that it was so much more comfortable to stretch. No chafing no consistent cleaning of dried lube just easy on and off Lastly I have a leg warmer in my kit I use the warmer while stretching at home because as your balls get accustomed to the Strech they can become cold.

However when I tried wearing the 8oz to workout one time I almost killed myself. Lol the strain from my nuts retracting against the weight was unbearable.

Before and after ball stretching

I never ran so fast to the restroom to take them off. Sleep then wake up for work. These last pics taken after the weight comes off. What the hell are you trying to do to me? KaxennoseboopStiffone83 and 16 others like this. Hehot33 Experimental Member. ed: Nov 2, Posts: 5 Likes Received: 3. Great stuff, definitely going to give this a try now. A great thread, lots of good info and great progress!

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Do you do any manual stretching? I don't want to wear stretchers a lot so I stretch the skin on ballsack manually a lot. It does make some progress as well but I'm thinking would it be faster to use more stretchers TrickPonyHotBulgesquibby and 1 other person like this. FengDD likes this. LowerCapeCod and glow like this.

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How does a guy get started if your a bit on the larger size. I've tried a few weights but they are almost impossible to get on even with a hot shower or soak in the tub. Is there some sort of weight that would wrap around to use for awhile till things start to stretch, then switch to heavier steel weights?

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I've looked at different places to buy weights suggested here but when I use their measurement charts they're not big enough, even when I stuff things in to the point of being painful. Been wanting to stretch for a long time but can find what I need to get started.

Great progress. I have also started getting back into stretching mine. Escarlata Legendary Member. SirBAO likes this. Mine are tiny and super tight. Your whole equipment is quite large compared to mine. Congrats SirBAO! Looking good. To the posters who said how do I start - I always recommend this article by an LPSGer: Secretleather ball stretching specialists They've broken the article into s now with no naughty balls photo on the landing search friendly?

To the guys who are too big or too tight For the 'big' guys, once you have some room - your weights needn't be so large as you'll only be wrapping around bundled skin, eventually your balls get out of the way. Chain Gang, Secret Leather, Oxballs - all great sources.

SirBAO - you really outlined it quickly, clearly, simply. Well done sir. PThong and Lookinginconshy like this.

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