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I liked searching friend who wants Asmr stories to read

Or at the very least bring about the soothing and calming feeling that you get and need before you get a good nights sleep.

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All books and short stories read are available in the public domain. I hope you enjoy listening!

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Is there anything more relaxing than sitting back and enjoying a good book? Yes, there might be one thing: ASMR book sounds. Or maybe you just want to know more about bookish ASMR.

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Either way, read on to find out more. AsI would be sitting in class and would suddenly feel a pleasant tingling feeling in my brain when my teacher was reading aloud or explaining something in a calm, soft-spoken voice.

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And then there was how relaxed I would feel when my dad would read to me at night in a slightly quiet monotone voice while gently turning the s of a book. But what is ASMR?

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InJennifer Allen coined the term ASMR autonomous sensory meridian response to refer to the relaxing tingling feeling some people get in response to certain triggers, such as whispers, tapping, personal attention, and, yes, book sounds. All we can say for sure is this: for those of us who do experience ASMR, the sensations can be extremely therapeutic, helping people relax, aiding with anxiety and depression, and often inducing sleep.

What sort of book sounds trigger ASMR?

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As with any ASMR content, your mileage may vary. Everyone responds to triggers differently, and you might be more responsive to different triggers on any given day.

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But some of the more popular ASMR book sounds include tapping on books, running fingernails over book covers, slowly turning through s, quietly reading from a book, and my personal favorite: roleplay and personal attention. Sometimes just looking at a stack of books is enough to cheer me up.

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So if there is a ton of ASMR book sound content available online, which ones should you watch first? Or if you love that crinkly sound of the plastic covers on library books, you need to watch this video from SouthernASMRSounds.

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Seriously, this channel has over 50 videos of just flipping through different books and magazines. Or maybe you just want someone to read you to sleep. There are videos for that too. Looking for some book recommendations?

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Me too. There are so many good videos for that, but here are a few of my favorites. Watch elo ASMR recommend some of her favorite books while speaking in a soft relaxing voice.

4 of the best asmr bedtime stories to help you fall asleep

Finally, my favorite kind of book-related ASMR: the bookstore or library roleplay. Leah Whispers does a great bookstore roleplay that has the added ASMR trigger of typing on a computer.

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Remember, this is all just a jumping off point, and there are so many more ASMR videos featuring book sounds to explore. What a great time to be an ASMR fan and a lover of books. The author of this website, Dr. So if you want to know the ins and outs of what ASMR is and how to experience it, this is a great resource.

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Or you might enjoy these Ambient Harry Potter Sounds. Relax, enjoy, and let yourself feel the tingles. Book Deals Newsletter.

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