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I would like look up chica that All the way through sex stories extream

Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Wed 5th of June Report.

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When I got to the mall at eight pm and the parking lot was practically full. I had to park on the next to last deck of the far away parking lot of Rifle square and take walk a long way to reach at the shopping mall. I hated shopping during the holidays. I hated the fact that I had delay so much that I had to go shopping the weekend before New Year and feeling like an amateur in rugby free for all. I shopped various stores, pushing my way through crowds of sour-faced, rude people as I picked up gifts for my family. Most of the cars had cleared out.

Years old: 29
I speak: English
My Sign of the zodiac: Virgo
My body features: My body features is quite muscular
Music: Dance
What is my hobbies: Collecting

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She slides up the matress and aims the head of my dick at her opening. Male unicorns do greatly resemble horses, but there are a few things that set them apart. One, they generally are very strong, fast, and agile by horse standards, are a little more elegant, almost with an elvish quality to them, they are incapable of impregnating a horse, are capable of impregnating a unicorn, and they can talk, but the easiest and most effective way to tell is the way they smell. We stand there, me still on her back, and still hard inside of her.

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All the way in, then back out, all the way in, and back out of her deep, warm, tunnel of a vagina. She somehow stays stable on her feet the entire time. Share Story. You're a horse!

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Sex scenes improved. You must to do that! No ? now! Story Details. It was dark out, just after dusk, but I felt unafraid. I knew these woods, and there was nothing in them more threatening than a fox, so I continued down to my spot down by the creek where I go to when I want to think. I reached the flat rock that was buried flush with the ground right up on the creeks edge, and started building up a small fire with some sticks and fire wood that I kept down there. In no time at all there was a nice fire going, and me there roasting a hotdog. My life feels boring, nothing ever happens to me.

As the hotdog is starting to sizzle, I hear something. For several moments, nothing happens, but as I take a bite out of my hotdog a light shines. I think. I start to get up, but stop as the light draws into the clearing of trees.


A unicorn just talked to me. There are only five unicorns left, and they are all female, like me. I fear we will die out before too long. If you accept, there will be no turning back, and the process itself will be long. Still, I suppose I must be dreaming, or hallucinating. What can the harm be? Besides, this might be sexy.

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Many great and terrible things have been done through the use of unicorns, and as a result of the demand for unicorn the s of unicorns dropped from hunting. Still, no magic user has discovered this secrete. Unicorn milk also has great magic potential, and if drunk by a human, who is not yet fully grown, it will turn them into a unicorn.

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You must drink my milk every night, until what I have is not enough to fill you, for until then you will not truly be a unicorn. I do not know how long it will take, but I am lactating tonight, and, unless you help me, tonight only. You need not worry about being hunted yourself, for the males of our species resemble horses, and do not have the distinguishing horn. We shall protect you and take you to a safe place once the transformation is complete.

What do I do. Indeed, there are two nipples under each of her rear legs. Reaching up in a sudden act of free will and carelessness I put my face against her fur, latched onto the nearest black nipple, and began sucking. Immediately gushes of hot, thick, and creamy milk start pulling out as I suck, now enormously hungry and thirsty. The unicorn sighs from relief as the pressure is released, but very quickly I start becoming full.

My milk is very nutritious, so you may not have much of an appetite, even though you will be experiencing a great deal of growth, and I would ask that you not eat anything so as to save as much room as possible for tomorrow night. I will see you tomorrow, little one. Go back to bed. I decide that I might as well sleep outside tonight, and I set my watch to wake me up early, so that I can slip into my bedroom before my uncle gets up. I had fallen asleep on the rock, up against the firewood.

That was a heck of a dream, I think.

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Standing up, I brush myself off, and kick the ashes from the fire into the creek. Quickly, I sneak back into my room, and head into the hall to use the restroom. A thrill of panic runs through me, was that dream real? Did that unicorn turn me into a woman?

The area around my penis his covered in quarter inch long, thick brown hair, as well as the inside of my legs. My ball sac has become leathery and black, as well as my penis, and my balls themselves have practically doubled in size, now the size of large walnuts. Damn, I think. How am I gonna piss? The angle is all wrong, unless I wanted to arch it into the toilet.

Maybe I can give myself a chubby, so I can have a little play to aim with. And so I start rubbing the head and thinking sexual thoughts. Shit, I think. I sit down on the toilet seat. Well, I guess I go with it. She did say I was her only hope, and I made a deal. And what do I have to look forward to in life except a low paying job? Heck, like I said, this could be sexy, correct that, is sexy. I look down at my shrinking cock, and I get an idea.

Might as well test the new systemI think, since I might not have hands for long. Taking out the hand lotion from the cabinet, I squirt a large amount into my hands after setting aside a pile of unrolled toilet paper. Rubbing my hands together, I start massaging my member, and it immediately responds to me by extending more and more. Very quickly I have a rock hard boner, and it has to be at least two and a half feet long, almost as thick as my wrist, and reaches up to my mouth. The head is huge, I have to open up all the way to fit it in, and then I start massaging the shaft while sucking the end, licking the piss hole and the head, and trying to deep throat it, though the angle is all wrong for that.

You in there? After a while I feel myself about ready to cum, so I quickly stand up, still sucking and massaging, and then grab the wad of toilet paper. The stream keeps going for a few seconds, running off the toilet paper and into the open toilet, then a second wave hits and fresh gust of cum fills the toilet.

The toilet paper had been woefully inadequate for the amount of cum, but luckily I had held the wad All the way through sex stories the toilet. I get to the local grocery store alright, and clock in for a long shift of selling and bagging groceries. I was doing fine until I started thinking about last night and this morning in the bathroom, and I start to get a boner. Oh no, I think, but my situation only makes me harder. I try to think about other things, but the presence of my new horse cock pressing up against my skin counteracts all my efforts.

The problem is, however, as it grows in size is starts to arch out, so I take the red tape that we use for marking items outside of the bags, pull out a long strip, and tape my penis to my chest.

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I lean forward a little too, to help disguise any bulge. Uh oh, I think, running out of shirt. And I really am. As my new huge penis is enlarging, its now working its way up my collar, and showing no of stopping.

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I turn off my light, indicating line closed, bag up the little old lady in line faster than I ever have bagged before, then I race off to the bathrooms. Just as I close the stall, my penis pokes out of the collar and keeps going, still not completely rigid.

All the way through

Could it still be growing? It finally levels off at about three feet, and is now just above my head. I need to have that cock in me. At her house, her mom and dad are obviously away. My cock has withered a little from the ride, but is still out of its sheath.

I notice that my balls too have become substantially larger. I have to lay down for her to keep at it, and right before she stops she sucks my dick into her mouth, taking me deep down into her throat. I tease her a little at first, flicking my tongue across her folds, then go for gold, digging out her clit from beneath her hood, and swirling my tongue around it. Immediately her back arches, pressing her snatch into my face, and she cries out from the sudden over stimulation of her little love button.

I begin multitasking while still keeping at her clit, with her jerking and rubbing her nipples, and I slip a finger into her vagina, then two fingers.

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She screams in pleasure, unable to contain herself, and thrusts her pelvis in the air with a humping motion, trying to trigger the overwhelming need to cum, and cum hard, but right then I stop, leaving her writhing on her mattress in a frightening amount of frustration. She reaches up and grabs me forcibly by the shoulders, digging her nails into me, and pulls me on top of her, my mammoth cock pressing against her hot skin and in between her breasts.