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I search female that loves Alistairs dark ritual

My planned storyline, is just us being the goofy couple so we appreciate each other's humor.

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Replaces the creepy candle scene with both pre- and post-ritual scenes between an in love Alistair and a female warden of any race and origin. File information Last updated 21 November AM.

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There in no other choice. In theory I have no Problem with such Dilemma and with such tragic decision. For a "happy endning" you Need to pay the Price. But what really bother me and make me feel angry is that it is only the case for a FW romancing Alistair.

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It is a Sentiment of injustice of the very different Treatment of Situation and playthrough I would like to Point out. I fell it like an unjustifiable relentlessness toward the character.

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For the last two if you romance them you have a way out: you can convince Alistair or Logain to do it. You can have a happy end your character or your LI produce no demon Baby. The price to pay for that is in my opinion more acceptable and not so high. Then if you Play a MW you can romance Leliana same principle as ly mentionned or Morigan and in this last case zhere is a big very unfair difference.

It is Jackpot: you can same your MWs life by producing oiut of love Alistairs dark ritual your LI even if it is a ritual. In no other playthrough the Wardan can have. And for the FW it is impossible in each playthrough. There is absolute no jusitification for such a huge difference in treatement. There is no Price to pay to have the most happy endning ever worse you are rewarding bya perfectly healthy and normal.

Really when you see it through her eyes wenn in love of course it is really heartbreaking. It is really cruel and harsh when you see on the other Hand how easy it is for a MW romancing Morigan. I do not know of Bioware care for waht can the Players can feel but I really wisch the next game fix this injusitice.

[dao spoilers] alistair romance, dark ritual.

Even more specially even an FM romancing Alistair deserve a happy ending. And it is apparatly not a question of ressources beacause the found ressrouce to create with voice and everything whom existence is optionable.

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And for the FW?!! Ah sorry the unresolved search for the cure! It is a joke it is? Am I the only on Feeling this injustice? Do you believe it is fair?

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Or should Bioware had handled the DR better? I have the impression that this post makes you a little angry or upset But that was originally not my point. But my problem was that it is only in this particular playthrough that it is the case.

Morrigan's ritual

For all others there is a way out. As for Alistair not hating Morigan I have a different opinion. For me he clearly hates her Alistairs dark ritual I do not this Alistairs dark ritual after the DR it would be perhaps even more worse. Dragon Age Origins Characters and Romance. Dark Ritual mechanic. Reply Dark Ritual mechanic.

Posts: Likes: Jul 2, GMT. Jun 14, GMT. Domakir N3. Jan 31, GMT. I'm a good person, but I don't practice it. Aug 1, GMT. I think it depends on how you see the whole situation. I agree that it is way easier if you romance Leliana or Zevran but I don't think it's that simple with Morrigan.

With Alistair You are either married or still together as Grey Wardens. Without metagaming, Alistair's romance ends better than Morrigan's in my opinion, since she leaves the warden regardless of what you did with the ritual.

And with metagaming, all romances have some kind of happy ending, so I personally don't see the issue. Apr 4, GMT. Dec 22, GMT. Yeah, I can never have Alistair do the dark ritual even excluding the romance factor. It seems cruel to make him sleep with a woman he hates, especially knowing his feelings on sex and love. Crueler still that this woman he doesn't trust will have full custody of his. Given his own childhood without his father, I hate forcing him to repeat the cycle with his own. When I do the dark ritual it's only through Loghain or a male warden. Posts: 5, Likes: 18, Jan 11, GMT.

Jun 20, GMT copper said:. Is it unfair to Andersmancers that he blows up a Chantry? Is it unfair to Solasmancers that he lies about his identity and involvement and then disappears for years? If that bint ruins our honeymoon, I will wear her Qun for a boot! Let's wrap it up, love. Iddy N5. Posts: 3, Likes: 3, Oct 20, GMT. Aug 7, GMT. Jun 20, GMT Domakir said:. Jun 20, GMT Iddy said:. I see it as a very good and happy endning. Jun 20, GMT vertigomez said:. What do you think was the real reasons for Morigan for not telling the Grey Warden sooner about the DR? Jun 21, GMT eliscous said:. Jun 21, GMT copper said:.

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Deleted Deleted Member. Oct 21, GMT. You know honestly OP I think you have a point.

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It is so much worse for a female warden in love with Alistair, but then I have to applaud BioWare for having the guts not to make every romance totally equal in every way. Thank god for the Alistair's Dark Ritual mod that changes the Alistairs dark ritual, it makes it way less sleazy. Elvis Has Left The Building.

Oct 31, GMT. Apr 18, GMT. I mean In what world is "sub-par sex vs. That said, I always make Alistair do it, primarily because Wardens are otherwise barren and it might be useful to secure a blood heir down the line for when he dies and Ferelden completely falls to pieces again. Yeah, maybe it is. You know what's worse? Letting a young man die when the means of saving his life is so incredibly, ridiculously simple. Imagine that scenario in real life: "My husband has terminal cancer, but the doctors say he can be cured by another woman's magical vagina.

"dragon age origins" (): the dark ritual pros and cons

I'm just going to keep that information to myself, because I would legit prefer that he died. I never saw Morrigan as "evil" or untrustworthy, and I do not see where people are getting the impression that she and Alistair hate each other.

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