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Filipina baby pick men Adam and eve fanfiction relationship

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The Garden of Heden by me, not the guy who wants to steal it, ME Disclaimer: the bible is the most-sold book in the western hemispere I wish I did own it, think of the roytalties In the beginning there was once a nice place called the Garden of Eden.

Years old: I'm 35 years old
I prefer: I prefer male
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Originally posted by gameraboy1. Originally posted by lokisbaes. It felt good. And I wanted to share a bit. And at the moment, that is pretty much just Tom Hiddleston, Loki, and other Tom characters. It is no offense to the Sebbys, Buckys, Steves, and hundreds of Chrises out there. But if I am only going to have bandwidth to read fic for a few hours a week, I am reading what I want. Incentive To Work Harder by comfortscripts Professor!

So good, so delish. Fills my hot professor fantasies. No lie. Loki x Reader - This was fun and hot. Just a great little read! You have to read this.

fit bitch Ensley

I am addicted! Loki x Reader- Whenever I need a good dark! And this did not disappoint.

beautiful floozy Flora

Dark, dirty, filthy and fabulous. Ao3 link, but is also on Tumblr. Loki x Reader - Short, hot and teasing. I was left craving. So delicious! END ID]. Or do we make people en masse feel this way….

Nobody is a villain in their own story — adam/reader/eve, i'm hitting you with the dual

I might lose followers. Here we go. We need to stop liking, reblogging, and otherwise endorsing bad writing, bad behaviors, bad things. There is A LOT of amazing writing out there. Fantastic writers, gorgeous smut, heartbreaking angst and warm fuzzy fluff.

So why WHY would you read poorly written fic? And to be fair, poorly written may be subjective.

But with the bounty of fic out there, why continue to support the less than par stuff? In addition, why support blogs that only support negativity in the fandom, blogs who are unable to take criticism, blogs that help spread hate, fear, and divisiveness? Call them out. Demand better from creators.

And that includes me.

sexual asian Romina

I am NOT talking about those who write topics that while I may personally not care for but otherwise act like a responsible fic writer. Which means they tag their works, they include clear warnings, the block minors from explicit works, they tag their works. Those who shame and shout down and block anyone who might have a different point of view or anyone who might give any advice. What we should do is support each other. Those who take the time to do research to make sure their fics are coherent, well written and entertaining.

Those who create moodboards and playlists to enhance the experience.

sweet wives Denver

Those who create backstories you never hear about. To protect themselves and others against potential triggers. The ones who fight against trolls and haters day in and day out. There are so many good and amazing people out there. Support them.

horny females Phoebe

I know some have wonder where I went. I am still around, just not on Tumblr.

It got very overwhelming for me. A lot of my life has been in flux, work wise and personal wise. I am not writing. I am okay.

Just the hiddles — finally had adam in my dream, with eve. and i was

I am still around. I am just…not on here that often. I love my friends on here, I love my readers.

passionate miss Aliana

Because life is fucking hard. I was wondering if you could help me find a fic? If I recall correctly, it was a fic about a lawyer who went to comic con, found Tom Hiddleston and they went on a platonic lunch or was it dinner? And parted ways.

hot babes Giovanna

Thanks for your help! I think it was a fic by justthehiddleswrites? I live in sunny Arizona. He would never make it here. Also the whole fear of you know, dying because he fed on me too much. And he would hate my taste in music. The only thing I can think of is that I am married and it would make my husband mad. Otherwise, bring it on.

Adamandeve stories

And I was friends with them. I rarely have cool dreams any more. Until next time. Oooo this could be fun. Ao3 writers are the strongest Avengers. And I say that with love. And leave the bad apples to rot. To the secret lab! Always love when I see a Brianna Cherry Garcia work on my dash. Where I Went… I know some have wonder where I went.

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Anonymous asked: Hi! It is! I reblogged it from my main blog. But damn, I would work through those. See this in the app Show more.