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South girl pick friend for Accidental kiss on the lips

Top cyclist accidentally kisses journalist smack on the lips during an interview. The hilarious incident occurred as Belgian cyclist Stijn Steels was finishing his interview with Belgian journalist Linde Merckpoel Duo terrorising neighbourhood in clown masks run when police arrive.

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By Jack Elsom For Mailonline. This is the hilarious moment a professional cyclist accidentally kisses a journalist on the lips after she leaned in for a peck on the cheek. But what she thought would be a friendly kiss on the cheek escalated into a surprise smooch when Steels, 29, turned his head to accidentally plant a smacker on year-old Merckpoel's mouth. The pair were completely shocked after their surprise smooch at the Tour of Flanders.

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Cue fangirl Squee. Nothing can be simultaneously more embarrassing and more exciting than the Accidental Kiss. Tends to occur in three forms:.

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This trope actually occurs in Real Life, only not to the same extent as it is shown in fiction. Can turn into a Gay Moment.

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Toby : You accidentally slept with a prostitute. Sam: Call girl. Toby: Accidentally. Sam: Yes. Toby: I don't understand. Did you trip over something?

Hilarious moment tv presenter accidentally gives professional cyclist a huge smacker at the end of their interview

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Video: top cyclist accidentally kisses journalist smack on the lips

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The likelihood of the accidental kiss

Play Sound. Did she slip on a rug, and your lips broke her fall? Cyborg: Finally! Universal Conquest Wiki.