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A breast was accidentally shown on Love Island during a scene that captured the women in the villa getting ready. Love Island viewers got more than they bargained for on Wednesday's instalment of the series.

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New research from the University of Warwick reveals that Queens and prostitutes bared their breasts in the media of thes to titillate the public, and that the exposure of a single breast in portraits and prints was common in portrayals of court ladies.

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While Janet Jackson's action of baring her right breast at the Super Bowl earlier this year was considered outrageous, such exposure in 17th century media wouldn't have raised so much as an eyebrow. In expensive portraits and cheaper engraved prints the exposure of both breasts tended to be restricted to court ladies who were known as mistresses.

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But, the exposure of one breast was a different matter- depictions of court ladies as St Catherine, for example, could involve the exposure of a single breast. While royal breasts were not usually depicted in high art, they may well have been shown. The study by Angela McShane Jones reveals fashions of women displaying their breasts were commonplace and breast baring was a style followed by many, from Queens to common prostitutes.

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High fashion was led by the court, and copied by all classes. These were the cheapest, most popular and politically charged media of the day. McShane Jones reveals that breasts - including the breasts of the Queen herself - were commonly depicted on ballad sheets to illustrate the text.

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Woodcuts were deliberately chosen to target buyers and to complement the context of the ballad. Just as today's magazines often depict scantily clad women on their covers, pictures of buxom women displaying their boobs on ball were a selling point for a male audience, and a female one, if the pictures described the latest fashions.

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Diarist Samuel Pepys' collection of nearly song sheets contains more busty ball than any other contemporary collection, and it's not hard to imagine that there was a certain preference in his ballad buying. Images of big-breasted women similar to celebrity tabloid pin-ups have appeared in popular media for centuries.

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However, the woodcuts could be used to depict innocence as well as immorality. For example the same picture of a fashionably big-breasted woman in the s was used in a of different ball to illustrate an innocent, a tempted and a fallen maiden.

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The fashions were initiated by court members and Queens, then replicated by ordinary women, and common prostitutes. The extremely low cut dresses were deed to encourage men to look but not to touch.

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They empowered some women to use their sexuality.